Black Romans: Emperor Constantine the Great – by Oguejiofo Annu

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This is the icon of Emperor Constantine the Great of Byzantium, the first Christian Emperor of Rome.

An icon is a religious depiction of the exact image of the subject. An icon not only captures the true physical attributes of the person, it captures also the spiritual essence of the person.

Here then is the Eastern Othordox Church’s interpretation of the physical apperance of Emperor Constantine the Great, the brother of Princess Anastasia, another saint of the church.

This icon of the Emperor Constantine, is modeled on the bust located at the Palazzo dei Conservatori in Rome….

Here is a gold coin of Constantine:

Here is a silver coin of Constantine:

Constantine was born in AD272 or 273 at Naissus in modern-day Serbia, son of the Emperor Constanius.

He was proclaimed Emperor in the Roman stronghold of Eboracum, now York in England in AD306 by his troops on the death of his father. They were both on a military campaign against Scottish tribe the Picts.

He founded Constantinople, as a new Rome and centre of empire, and died there in AD337.

And here is an orthodox church icon of Princess Saint Anastasia, Emperor Constantine the Great’s junior sister:

And here those who seek to suppress and distort Muurish History modified the face of Constantine to look more Nordic:


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10 thoughts on “Black Romans: Emperor Constantine the Great – by Oguejiofo Annu”

    1. You are wrong Dan. There is nothing in the picture you posted which indicates it was contemporary to Constantine.

      Second, the statue you posted appears to be a copy of an original piece. Here is the caption beneath the picture you posted, it reads:

      “Head of Constantine’s colossal statue at the Capitoline Museums. The original statue of marble was acrolithic with the torso consisting of a cuirass in bronze…”

      The Serbo-Croats are modern day immigrants into central Europe. In the days of Constantine, the hordes of Goths, and Slavs, and Serbo-Croats were still barbarians, kept at bay beyond the gates of Rome. The entire Southern and Central Europe was Roman Moorish territory. The barbarians were still on beyond the Danube.

      Don’t be carried away by the geo-politics of today.


    1. Thank you for acknowledging the rulership of the blaçk moors,..Black Royalty in Europe during the so called dark ages and I have determined the European Renaissance and beyónd. Including mixed race…which includes the great, ,great, great, great grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II… current reigning queen of the United Kingdom …. Queen Charlotte who was of African
      ancestry…married to King George, III during the American Revolution….4/28/2020…
      Gloria Jean (Worldsofhope)

  1. lol Are you telling me that a medieval icon is a better source than a roman portrait???? WTF!!!! If you want to look for “moorish” emperors go to the Severan dinasty or Philip the Arab. Constantine was illyrian. By the way he is not “of Byzantium”, he was a roman emperor, his first language was latin instead of greek.

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