A Hymn To Goddess – An Invocation to Womanity

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“To be chanted at dawn, just before the Sunrise.” – Chief Chorister

A Salute to Goddess – An Invocation to Womanity

Woman, Goddess, my Mother,
Nneka, the greater reality;
my flute floats in this morning mist
so mystical,
intuning invocations,
salutations to ye, O Nnenna*
the mother of God
Queen of the Heavens
resplendent in her dazzling majesty.

Mystery Sister,
Wisdom, the Mother of matter,
Your milk nourishes and sustains
your love dissolves all the pains.
You are as beautiful as the morning flowers
deeper than the depth of many waters.

Woman who is sweeter than honey,
richer than money,
the heavens and earth all shake at your passions
my soul knows that you are my gratification:
Pray look on me with favour,
Your sweet love is all I wish to savour,
on earth there is so much fight and strife
but your compassion is my hope and relief.

My devotions, and my heartfelt adoration
shall be with she who commenced my creation;
my love, my fire, my desire
Goddess, the height of all my aspirations;
my song rises on this morning mist so mystical
intuning invocations, salutations to the Mother of God
Nneka*, the greater one
Yemaya! Anikamadu*,
She who is greater than all humanity.

Yaa Ashentewa

Jide Uwechia

Nneka*, Nnenna*, Anikamadu*: Names of Goddess used among the Igbos of Nigeria.
Yemaya! : Name of Goddess used among the Yorubas of Nigeria.
Yah Ashentewa: Name of heroine and Goddess of the Ashanti of Ghana also recognized by early Rastas as a praise name of the Mother aspect of the Divine.

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