South-South Cooperation: 100 Nigerian doctors to return from Cuba

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100 Nigerian doctors to return from Cuba
Tuesday, June 26, 2007

ONE hundred Nigerian doctors are to graduate from Cuban medical schools and return to Nigeria in August.

The Cuban Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Elio Olivia, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Abuja that the students had been studying in Cuba for the past seven years.

He said it had always been the policy of the Cuban government to train people in different fields, especially in the medical profession.

“Nigerian medical students are graduating this August and they are very happy about it,’’ he said.

The ambassador said despite limitations brought about by decades of economic sanctions by the United States, Cuba had sent doctors to 70 countries.

Olivia said Cuba had also provided modest amount of scholarship to some Nigerians in careers such as engineering, sports, telecommunications and agriculture.

On sports, he said about eight Nigerians had benefited from Cuban scholarships with two more to be trained in Physical Education at the Cuban International Sports Institute.

“They are trained as trainers so that when they come back to Nigeria, they can train others from their wealth of knowledge and experience,’’ he said.

Olivia said although Cuba had a population of 11 million, it had emerged as the 10th best in the Olympics.

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6 thoughts on “South-South Cooperation: 100 Nigerian doctors to return from Cuba”

  1. Does Cuba offer postgraduate medical training to Nigerians? how does one apply for it? which professional exams does one have to do? thanks

  2. yes Cuba does offer postgraduate studies but it has to be by convention with the ministry of education in nigeria and cuban embassy. you wont av to pay.

  3. I’m an undergraduate medical student. I study at the University of Ilorin and I am currently about to start my second year. I would like to know how i would go about applying for studies in Cuba.

  4. Cuba don’t give individual scholarship, it only gives the country, so you can’t directly apply to the cuban authority.

  5. Cuba presently don’t offer postgraduate scholarship to individuals except does who graduated from the Latinamerican school of Medicine project because there are large number of undergraduate who are staying behind for their postgraduate studies.

  6. Pls am a student University of Nigeria, I would want to know if there is scholarship for students who want wants to enroll into Masters programme.

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