African Roots of Ireland – Oguejiofo Annu

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The Fomorians

There are many oblique references to the presence of Black people in ancient Ireland. Ancient Irish mythology refers to the original inhabitants of the island as being a giant, sea-faring people called the Fomorians (Fomors), which means “dark of the sea”. According to the ancient lore, they were a cushitic people from the African continent. Often depicted as demons, they defeated the first few incoming waves of invaders, but could not defeat the Firbolgs, who settled the land and lived side-by-side with the native Fomors.

Those myths may have a factual historical basis. It is proposed that the Formorians were a real people who were in all likelihood sailors from the African continent.

Two more invasions, the first led by the godly Tuatha de Danaan, and the second by the Celtic Milesians, took control of Ireland, mixing together with the Fomorians until they were no more.

There are credible sources for the African association with Ireland. The most likely of these is that they were Phoenicians and/or Egyptians. The Phoenicians were Canaanites, which came from the line of Ham. Ham is the mythological ancestor of the Black nation.

The Phoenicians were also well-known for their sailing skills, and are said to have traveled to the British Isles, which they called the “Tin Islands”. Perhaps, before Ireland was a Celtic domain, which it wasn’t until a few centuries BCE, the Phoenicians colonized it. It is noteworthy that the name Fomorians sounds a bit like Phoenicians.

There is also a legend that an Egyptian princess, Scota, left Egypt with some followers and journeyed to Ireland. Legend has it that Egyptians left many ancient tin mines all over Britain but especially Ireland which was their major source of the valuable metal.

Another idea is that they were Taureg Berbers. The Berber language is Hamitic, and the Berber people live in an area from which travel to Ireland would be easily accessible. The Berbers perhaps set sail from western Morocco, and settled on Ireland before the Celts, making it their new home.

Moorish Science Temple founder Drew Ali teaches that Ireland was once part of a Moorish empire, and that the Irish are a Moorish people. Perhaps there is a common root between the “moor” sound in Fomor and the word Moor?

Selkies and Half-Breeds

Another Irish legend tells of the Selkies, a sort-of “wereseal” that is a seal during day, but a human by nightfall. Sometimes, in an Irish family of fair-skinned, light-haired people, a child is born with dark hair eyes, and skin, and is called a Selkie.

The concept of the Selkies appears to make subliminal reference to the half-breed children that resulted from the extensive miscegenation that occurred between the Celts and the dark skinned original inhabitants that they had met upon their arrival in Ireland.

Many people of Irish descent have distant and recent African roots, and these features can still be seen in the people and in the culture. There are some Irish people with Afros (just like Andre the Giant a late continental European wrestler with afro-hair). In Southern Ireland, some people, referred to as “Black Irish”, are noted for their strikingly dark features, as opposed to the fair-skinned, light-haired north.

Although many Irish descendants are particularly pale, they do have pronounced Africoid facial features, as well as dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair that is sort-of kinky, especially in moist conditions. A sub race of the Irish called the Bronn are noticeably Mediterranean (read: African) in features especially their hair.

In addition to all of this, Celtic music is distinctly different from the rest of Europe, and easily comparable to African music.

Black, Viking and Irish

Unlike Scotland and England, Ireland was never colonized by the Romans. As a result, Ireland remained relatively isolated.

The Vikings established port cities like Dublin. The Viking texts left stories and descriptions of African soldiers captured in Ireland whom they called blaumen[blue-men].

Most Viking references to ”black” in Norse would have signified having black hair as opposed to skin color but blaumen meant black skinned. Most of these blaumen were captured soliders from Moorish Spain. It was observed that:

“A prominent Viking of the eleventh century was Thorhall, who was aboard the ship that carried the early Vikings to the shores of North America. Thorhall was “the huntsman in summer, and in winter the steward of Eric the Red. He was, it is said, a large man, and strong, black, and like a giant, silent, and foul-mouthed in his speech, and always egged on Eric to the worst; he was a bad Christian.””

“Another Viking, more notable than Thorhall, was Earl Thorfinn, “the most distinguished of all the earls in the Islands.” Thorfinn ruled over nine earldoms in Scotland and Ireland, and died at the age of seventy-five. His widow married the king of Scotland. Thorfinn was described as “one of the largest men in point of stature, and ugly, sharp featured, and somewhat tawny, and the most martial looking man… It has been related that he was the foremost of all his men.””

What about Scotland and Wales?

“Any comprehensive account of the African presence in early Europe should include England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Scandinavia. The history and legends of Scotland confirm the existence of “purely Black people.” We see one of them in the person of Kenneth the Niger. During the tenth century Kenneth the Niger ruled over three provinces in the Scottish Highlands.

The historical and literary traditions of Wales reflect similar beliefs. According to Gwyn Jones (perhaps the world’s leading authority on the subject), to the Welsh chroniclers, “The Danes coming in by way of England and the Norwegians by way of Ireland were pretty well all black: Black Gentiles, Black Norsemen, Black Host.””

Ogu Eji Ofo Annu


Ancient And Modern Britons, by David Mac Ritchie
Nature Knows No Color-Line, by J.A. Rogers

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487 thoughts on “African Roots of Ireland – Oguejiofo Annu”

  1. Dark skinned being the key in Ephorus work not black. I doubt claudius used the term blackmoor as that is not a Latin word. I can not explain Pliny’s statement and will have to research it and view multiple translations but again there discriptions can still be countered by the genetics.

    1. MUUR is a word which came into the modern European languages from Latin. Do a check for the etymology of the word MOOR.

      It means Black people, like Mauritanians, country full of MUURS.

      Claudius the Roman historian said the Celts were Moors. We gave you a citation and with page number and you are still babbling about being in shock. Ofcourse you ought to be in shock they never taught you the truth in school.

      Pliny said the CELTS looked like Ethiopians.

      You make a fool of yourself each time you mention DNA. You don’t know that science so just don’t go there.

      I will however use this occassion to give you MUUR lessons on the different types of DNA:

      Y-DNA genetics do not determine looks or race. That is why R1B is found both in Africans and Europeans. It is a chromosomal DNA.

      Autosomnal DNA like MC1R, OCA, KTIG, those determine skin and hair colour.

      In population genetics, the scientists track Chromosomal DNA not the autosomal DNA.

      Africans, African-Americans, and some Europeans all carry that same R1B Y-DNA.

      Is that sinking in?

      1. I’ve not mentioned DNA governing appearance only the chromosomal DNA. Look at the first link I gave you.

  2. Archeology is another good proof of my point. If the ancient Irish were of African origin they would have left some evidence of there culture or left some evidence of there ‘Celtic’ culture in the place they came from. As far as I’m aware nothing of the sort has been found.

    1. The hall mark of the Celtic Culture, the bag pipe comes from Africa.

      The Kilt (the male skirt) comes from Africa.

      I told you you are new to this…

      1. A still of clothing can’t develope in multiple places. Same argument for the pipes really. And actually I wouldn’t say the pipes are a hallmark the first time there mentioned in the British isles was some time in the 15 hundreds if I recall correctly. Remember my comment on being a fiddle player? I know music pretty well. So sure the scots prob adopted the pipes. They were played all over Europe and yeah in northern Africa. That still doesn’t mean that the were African just cause the wore similar clothing and had similar tastes in odd musical instruments. Sorry I’m not a fan of the bagpipes myself.

        1. And again because maybe someday you will get how to properly support your arguments, source?

          1. Again you link me to another article on this site. Remember what I have already said about that. And again the article has only the source were it got the article not any citation or links to proof of its claims.

          2. For one here is another link. Go learn something. http:// www. britannica. com/ EBchecked/topic/101778/Celtic-languages
            Two ok so there are similarities in sentence structure I doubt highly and self respecting modern scholar has made the claim that the Celtic languages are from Africa though. As modern linguistics shows us they are Indo-European. I mean really you don’t even have to look hard to find this information. The link to brittannica was just one of the first that popped up and goes into good detail on the family tree so to speak. I feel like now your just grasping at straws.

        2. Ok, how about languages? Note Tunisia and Algerie and Mauritania were all one country in the past:

          “Linguists say a study of Irish and other Celtic languages has produced possible evidence that when the Celts invaded Ireland and Britain there were already Afro-Asiatic speakers here. Celtic languages – Irish, Scots Gaelic and Welsh – incorporate grammatical traits found in Afro-Asiatic tongues that are otherwise unrelated, according to research published last week in Science magazine.

          Other Celtic languages that were spoken in continental Europe and have since died out did not have these grammatical quirks. Afro-Asiatic languages are currently spoken in countries across Northern Africa and the Near East. This points to the possibility that there was early contact between Celtic and North African populations in the British Isles.

          Orin Gensler, of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany, said the similarities would be explained if, when Afro-Asiatic people learnt Celtic from the new immigrants, they “perpetuated aspects of their own grammar into the new language”. Gensler has studied many grammatical features found in both Celtic and Afro-Asiatic languages. He found many of the shared features were rare in other languages.

          Linguists have discovered surprising differences between Celtic languages and related languages such as French, while seeing striking resemblances between Celtic and Afro-Asiatic languages that are spoken in countries including Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.

          Gensler examined features of the languages such as the order of words in a sentence. In Gaelic and Welsh the standard sentence structure is verb subject-object, which is a rare sequence. This is also the case in many Afro-Asiatic languages. Celtic languages that used to be spoken in continental Europe had the verb in the final or middle position.” – The Science Magazine

          1. Where the hell did you find that? Gaelic is a Celtic language which comes from proto-Celtic which in turn is Indo-European in origin. There have been countless studies on that. Do a simple google search. So again wrong.

          2. Stephen, Stephen, now you are actng like a complete illiterate. I cited you the authority right in the article. Did you not read it? The book it is discussing which raised all of that synthesis was written by Orin Gensler, a renowned scholar, so-called white man like you, just waaaay more intelligent. Look him up, he is a University scholar. Here click here:

          3. Your post actually doesn’t even say the celts were black. It hints that there may have been people there that spoke an Afro-Asiatic language. In the case of Ireland we know this is not the case as the Irish are decended from the basque who migrated to Ireland after the last glacial maximum.

          4. Also we know that the Gaelic languages are from the Indo-European language family. You can find more articles on that than I care to post just by doing a quick search. Similar sentence construction does not prove a common origin. Once again your basically trying to say two people can’t come up with the same idea unless they are somehow connected.

          5. And the reason why Celtic saints like Columba, Aidan, Brigid, were Black people is because they maintained link with their families in Africa.

            In the book The Coptic Church and Egyptian Monasticism by De Lacy O’Leary, the relationship between the Egyptian Ethiopian monks and the monastic traditions of the Irish church was laid bare.

            Egypt was the teacher and the source of inspiration for the establishment of the Church of Ireland.

            Add that to the Black images of the Saint I showed you in British churches.

            Add that to the testimonies of Ceasar, Tacitus, Pliny, Claudius, etc about the Black Celts.

            Add that to the Afro-Asiatic language base that underlies Irish language.

            Add that to the bag-pipe which comes from North Africa.

            Add that to the kilts that came from Africa.

            Add that to the Y-DNA R1B of African Americans.

            Add that to the testimony of Thomas Shore, David MacRitichie, Godfrey Higgins…

            Etc, etc…..

            LOL! Stephen I trust you are learning MUUR about your so-called country.

  3. You keep restating the same points I have brought up contradicting evidence for our out right debunked. Pulse you keep harping on Africans also having Rb1 which I have explained and offered you links explaining. You can keep making your assertions and all I’m going to do if refer you to my above arguments that you don’t seem to be reading. Some say the diffintion of madness is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different out come.

    1. You are one joke, Stephen. You accepted that lots of African American males have the same R1B as the Spanish and the Irish people.

      DNA does not lie. Are you denying that position now? I can recopy and paste your own words if you want.

      I give you one task: Find me one ancient writer from the Greek or Roman period claiming that Celts found on the British Island were white. Find it.

      We are waiting for you. All of Rasta Livewire. Find it and come.

      Welcome again to Rasta Livewire, where we blaze out ignorance.

      1. Fair enough. Here is Tacitus since you were so eager to quote him before.  
        “But their physical characteristics vary, and their variation is suggestive. The reddish hair and large limbs of the Caledonians proclaim a German origin; the swarthy faces of the Silures, the tendency of their hair to curl, and the fact that Spain lies opposite, all lead one to believe that Spaniards crossed in ancient times and occupied that part of the country. The peoples nearest to the Gauls likewise resemble them. It may be that they still show the effect of a common origin; or perhaps it is the climatic conditions that have produced this physical type in lands that converge so closely from north and south.”
        [Agricola II]

        Another little bit of interesting evidence. I can do you one better than showing you paintings. How about photographs and the facial reconstruction of an iron age Gael? Ever heard of bog mummies also know as bog bodies. Look up Clonycavan man. Or just follow this link. 
         http:// humanremainsfromthhdawnofhistory. weebly. com/clonycavan-man .html
        to bad his skin didn’t maintain it’s original color or he could settle the debate once in for all. His hair though is pretty important. It’s been examined a good deal. Does his hair seem like that of a black mans? 
        I’ve already told you the logical way an African American would carrier the irish subclade of Rb1 so I’m not going to repeat myself again. 

        1. Admittedly the quote from Tacitus does say they are white but I thought it had some relevant Information to my argument. I will find a reference from classical sources discribing the ancient inhabitants of the British isles as white in a moment and post it if it’s even necessary at this point. You will have to forgive me for taking my time with this as I am looking through my physical books.

          1. Stephen, sure you don’t have a reading comprehension, do you? Tacitus used the word swarthy and curly hair. He contrasted the dark Silures against the pale Germanics and Gauls…exactly like I told you. Where did you read that Silures were “white”?

            Remember your task. Find me one acient writer who ever claimed that white Celts lived in Britain. I have shown you 10 ancient writers and 10 modern writers who claimed that Silures were black people.

            Put up or apologize and then go learn a bit Muur about the Melaneos.

        2. I asked you one question, and you ignored it. I will repeat it again:

          Show me an ancient author from the Greek or Roman times, one eye witness who ever claimed that Celts of Britain were pale skin in skin colour. Just one. We are all waiting for you.

          But it seems you cannot. LOL!

          1. Actually I don’t recall seeing 10 quotes that said they were black most of what you have shown me says dark skinned which you interpret to mean black. The one I recall claimed they were Ethiopians which I have not been able to find yet to see for myself. Perhaps you can give me the source of that one again?

          2. Show me one quote where the CELTS of BRITAIN were described as PALE SKINNED….


            You need to study some MUUR history.

        3. Look again my friend. He speaks of the Caledonians as having red hair. Hardly a trait you would find in a black man. The caledonians were a tribe from Scotland. He compares them to the Germans who were white. Also he does not say the the Silures were black he uses the term swarthy and compares them to the people of Spain which makes since when you consider the DNA evidence. I see you also ignored poor old Clonycavan man. Nothing to say about him? Maybe you have a ‘reading comprehension’ lol

          1. Sir, please don’t change the question. That would be using the logical fallacy of strawman’s argument.

            All I asked you is the following: Show me one quotation from THE ROMAN OR GREEK PERIOD WHERE AN ANCIENT WRITER CLAIMED THAT THE CELTS OF BRITAIN HAD PALE SKIN.

            You replied by telling me that the Caledonians were described as red hair.

            Is that an admission that you cannot do the impossible?

            Find it, before we forcefeed you MUUR European history…. Search the grammar books like you did this morning, search the dictionaries and encyclopadia, ask your grand-dad…go ahead… search today’s newspaper you will not find such a thing.

            Are you really from Britain??? The ancients claimed that the CELTS OF BRITAIN were black skinned like the Ethiopians and the Moors. But here you are so pale skinned and straight haired and claiming to be from the ancient British Celts. See Pliny, See Claudius, see Tacitus, etc… above.

            And yet you deny that the swarthy so-called Ethiopian (aka African) American Moor of today with his curly hair and R1B Y-DNA could not be a Celt.

          2. No it is a statement that the caladoniaians had red hair and were compared to the white Germans. Therefore, the are being indirectly discribed as white. I trust you can read cant you? I am beginning to doubt it as you keep referring to me as British when I have clearly stated I am Irish. You know the island next to britian. I have also stated I live in Galloway which is in the republic of Ireland which again, is not part of the united kingdom. Once more I will say that with the exception of one almost ever discription of the inhabitants of the British isles you have have discribed most of them as having a darker complexion, not being black. You do realize that there are people with varying different skin tones and not everyone is black or white? So congratulations you have shown that the greeks and Romans saw some as being darker than themselves. Which as I have said before can be explained by taking into account the DNA evidence that says the Irish and some of the other people’s of the British isles are closely related to the Basque. I am still waiting on you comment pertaining to the bog body known as Clonycavan man.

  4. This is really enlightenning and I daresay quite entertaining as I witness the burning of Stephen the Irish. So stubborn yet so feeble when hit with new old facts that has completely destroyed the notions he was socialised to embrace and hold dear. Just above he brings out another of his frantic denialist hilarities:

    That Greeks and Romans (who are the DARKEST OF “WHITE” PEOPLE) describe (in contemporary time i.e real/ancient time-not fangled imaginations latter day EUROCENTRIC bigots and sundry rotten peepsqueaks) that the natives of Britanica were dark/swarthy/silures!

    This should have given him pause…instead, he knee-jerked in utter panic.

    There is no white race darker than the Greeks & Romans so if they have stated that the ancients of Britain were dark-skinned-it means they WERE DARK SKINNED aka BLACK otherwise known as AFRIKANS. They even described their hair and said they were ETHIOPIANS.Period.

    Its a major cognitive dissonance that has shattered your smug ignorance.

    Even as you reel around in a dazed stupor, find a way of being thankful. At least now you have a real choice to make: Whether are an authentic fool or a manufactured (white miseducated) one.

    Before this event in Rastalivewire you did not have this choice as you took it for granted that the universe was all sorted out thanks to your devious universities.

    @Jahdey & the team and all here (including little stephen!) asante for the knowledge.

    Babylon must crumble in this life, in this generation. Peace.

    1. So do you people just distort or ignore ever piece of contradicting evidence or is just a speacial thing on my behalf. I’ve disproven that the preceltic people of Ireland were black with DNA evidence. I’ve now shown you an iron age Celt. And if we want to keep this going I can show you dozens of discriptions from Irish myth referring to the Gaels as fair haired and skinned. I have debunked one of the painting you showed me and if I didn’t feel it would be a massive waste of time I could probably do the same with the others. I’ve explained the difference between dark skinned and black. ( just for healthy measure, I’ve been told the native Americans have dark skin. They must be black huh?) i even found you a bloody refrence from Tacitus describing the caledonian celts of Scotland as white like the Germans but I have somehow been ‘burned’? You seem to be under the impression I’m confused or something. Yes I’m confused as to why I’m arguing on an Internet forum over the skin color of people who’s decendents are in the room with me, next door, in my mirror, and all over my country. But hey if what you say us true guess that means I’m black. Better go tell the wife shes black too and the neighbor as well though I have a feeling he will give me a black eye. On second thought I think I will just stick with reality. Although, if I agree that my ancestors were black does that mean I can call you guys my (insert n-word here pending approval)?

      1. Hahaha… you also debunked Tacitus, then you debunked MacRitichie, after that you debunked Godfrey Higgins, and Massey, and Julius Ceasar, etc on and on and on. Were those authors that you have been busy debunking Afrocentrists?

        You have been unable to produce one piece of citation from an ancient writer about pale skin Celts of Britain or Ireland.

        You are a sore loser. Go ask the wife, I am sure she will tell you that you are the descendants of Germanic invaders.

        You are not related to the dark skinned Silures and the Picti, who were the aboriginal Moors of Britain.

        1. Again, nope. A few years back I had my DNA tested when my father and I where doing some research into our family history. I have the Irish form of Rb1 and my last name is one of those old Gaelic ones I mentioned before. If your argument is true I’m decended from you black celts. How exactly have I lost? Your still ignoring my arguments? The Caledonians were discribed as white, though as I admitted before in directly. And your still ignoring clonycavan man. You can also look up Lindow man if you or any number of the big bodies found across Europe. Some have had DNA testing done and some have had facial reconstruction done.

          1. Firstly, what are the SNPs of your DNA as revealed by your test result?

            Secondly, put up the citation of one ancient author who ever claimed the Irish Celts were Pale or LIGHT Skinned as you claimed or apologise for mouthing off racialist lies. Go ahead, I am waiting…

            See what you said:

            November 3, 2013, 2:17 am Stephen says: Actually there a massive amount of contemporary discriptions of the Irish as having LIGHT skin.

  5. Jahdey, your interest in the hundreds of tiny details of the Irish race seems excessive, it is very unlikely that you are motivated by great love or respect for the Irish people. What good is there for you in all the effort that you are putting in? “This is not a game” you have said more than once, if not a game then it must be a serious business. Why is Irish identity such a time-consuming business for you?

      1. Jahdey, my guess is you have talent but are currently short of money, and so are obliged to work for a globalist factor. Mr. Kissenger outlined the difficulties the globalist agenda was having with certain European countries, those countries which had the strongest sense of independence and non- dependence on manufactured “culture”.
        It would interest you know that the ffCouncil on rrForeign ttRelations have a large annual budget to de-stabilize established European culture, I guess that some of that money is in your pocket.


        1. malachy

          If I told you that modern Europe is the root and cause of all evils on earth today, would you believe it?

          Modern Europe is the Babylon not the Zion. We are here to tell Jah children that Zion is in Ityopia. Take it or leave. He who feels it knows it all.

          I don’t have Kissinger’s money. yet. If I get hold of some eventually, I will let you know.

          1. Thanks for that. Before the internet was even thought about my older brother told me about the great culture of Ethiopia, he told me to take it seriously, that was in the 1960’s, when we had rarely seen any Africans, and no Ethiopians at all. So he was right.

            I would far prefer to see Ityopia and the Jah children as the new Jerusalem and Zion, rather than the nuclear armed Zionism that now prevails.

  6. Mcmalaky you are also amazingly petty and obscurantist. What an odd query from someone who is in doubt and totally ignorant! Overwhelmed by the detail presented on the fact of Black priority in Britannica-your stupid eyes glaze over. This is not twitter where you can get by-infact thrive with tHe concentration levels of a gnat! No game.. You are childish and thought this was just for laughs. Now you have turNed resentful on finding that in order to deal you must be humble and with concentrated mind. At the end the day most pedestrian run of the mill racists are just ignorant and ill-educated.
    It the cynical nefarious manipulators that continue to bamboozle you and steve Irish upon Galloway that we must expose and set aside.
    This is news. This is school. Pay attention or wallow away in a white haze of unsettling contradictions.

    1. Jahrateng, you have no understanding of the meaning of the term “petty and obscurantist”, you use it exactly the opposite to its intended meaning.

      Jahdey is the skilled writer, he might give you some night classes on English in current use.

      “You are childish and thought this was just for laughs.” No, I did think this was a good humoured discussion site for those interested in understanding the interaction between early Black and early European culture, a dispassionate discussion between informed people.

      You say it’s “No game”, so it is a serious business, the business of “cynical nefarious manipulatiors”, – your words. Why would any honest person want to associate with people like you ?

  7. McMalachy quit being silly, petty and obscurantist.

    You cant teach me this bloody inglish lingo of yours. Anybody can see that you should not be accusede of being into detail. You suti twitter and facebook. This is not a dumbing-down-the-masses kind of place you see. I just found your moaning about the details unleashed to you and stephen irish amusing and felt moved to point out this to you. What do you really want Mr. scottish? Throwing red herrings about grammar will not hide your cowardly, lazy attitude. Your whole worldview is in question and it IS A DREAD upsetting.

    The substantive issue here is BLACK PRIORITY in little Britannica to which evidence and references have been laid out for you to mull over. Not inglish grammar. Twit.

    Do you know what you are?

    Ultimately you are a peasant-serf, turned factory-slave turned incidental beneficiary of your masters’ nefarious grip on the world economic system living in a bubble of manufactured ignorance:

    Everyday your corporate “news” channels feed your stupid lazy eyes with negative images of Africa and black people worldwide in order to keep you grateful for being at least a well-fed (junk food mind you) whitey living in a civilization. It is a well known fact that you people need the “other” to be in conditions of desparation and depravity just for you to feel real. Its difficult to come up with a word or expression that can sum up such a sorry psycopathology. This is why I laugh at liberals who say “I am not racist”. They are just jiving themselves. We watch their actual actions and they reveal themselves every time: Even these nice people need to be doing nice things to people who are down-and when the latter grow wings? Ha!

    The fact that you have been here for days albeit with an arrogant posture shows us that your white machine lacks something. Open your heart and blast delusions away.May save you yet.

    Perhaps you did not read me well as there appears to be a typo. I meant to say that you are just a cog in the wheels run by your nefarious leaders-many who know exactly what Jahdey is saying but would never reveal it to peepsqueaks like you. How will it serve their purpose of domination, acquisition, easy living without reciprocity if ALL BLACK PEOPLE KNEW THESE FACTS? It may even make the more reasonable hoi polloi of your “civilization” uncomfortable in supporting this sham. Truth is power you see.

    Stephen Irish is at least trying though he is quite feeble now after undergoing the first real lessons in British history since he was born. It will take time. He now knows that he has a choice to be an authentic fool (faced with facts and truth, ignores it all) or a real truth seeker. So far, it has been fairly easy to classify you…

    1. Asante, my lord!

      You said:”It is a well known fact that you people need the “other” to be in conditions of desparation and depravity just for you to feel real. Its difficult to come up with a word or expression that can sum up such a sorry psycopathology.”

      In German the word is Schadenfreude. Meaning, being gleeful over the misfortune of others.

    2. I am very much against all the Kissinger types and the nefarious leaders of the organization “with secrets” that you pointed out to me, (I misunderstood your sentence.). We can both agree on the need to rise above the lies of this cabal.

      My resistance to the lies coming from these global bodies is whole-hearted and not in the least bit petty, very many Europeans and others now resist their agenda. Since your agenda is obscure but seems similar, it can seem that you have the same purpose.

      The fine detail debated at length between Jahdey and Stephen is of great importance, and I wil study it. It could be supportive of a final conclusion on the debate. If Jahdey’s argument was supported by a clear time frame of when Black people ruled (approximate dates and locations), and by references to indigenous black people in Britain or Ireland by early visitors such as Julius Caesar, or the Norman invaders, or by the Pope, or early missionaries then he would have a strong case. The absence of such a clear time frame or the references by reputedly white authorities (who would definitely comment on a Black nation in Britain) would be harmful to Jahdey’s argument.

      I can’t even guess how early association with the ancient British or Irish promotes modern Ethiopian interests or Rastafarian culture. Once the bigger picture is clarified, then all the fine detail can be put in place.


      1. Rough Time Frame (still a work in progress):

        The first people of Ireland:

        One of the oldest texts composed in Ireland is the Leabhar Gabhla, the Book of Invasions. It tells a semi-mythical history of the waves of people who settled in Ireland in earliest times. It says the first settlers to arrive in Ireland were a small dark people called the Fir Bolg, followed by a magical super-race called the Tuatha de Danaan (the people of the goddess Dana).

        The second wave: The Celts were not one people. Keltoi was the name the Greeks and the Romans used to describe a series of barbaric tribes they encountered in Europe. They were different people with different origins. Among them were dark skinned Celts one would describe as Moors or today’s Africans. They settled in Ireland with other types of Celts and Germanic peoples.

        The third wave: This was during the period of Christianization of Ireland. The first Christians to successfully settle Ireland came from Ethiopia and Egypt. The established the first fellowships, built the first monasteries, established the now defunct Irish Othordox Church. That is part of why you have so many Black Saints in Irish Christianity.

        The fourth wave came with the invasion of Ireland and Wales by the Vikings and the Danes, I believe in the 8th, 9th and 10 century AD. These Vikings and Danes were described as coming in two shades, black Dubhgall, and pale skin the Fingall.

        Then the Moors came. Moorish Christians settled on the Island from Spain during the 7th to the 14th century. Some hid out there when their Spanish Empire fell. Recall that in Spain there was Jewish, Muslim and Christian Moors.

        Some Normans who immigrated to the Island might have been Black people. At least I know that in Scotland, certain families like the Douglass claim to have migrated from Normandy via England. It is worth noting that the Douglass tribe of Scotland was renowned for their dark skin, i.e. “the black Douglass”.

        So far so good that is what I have. I know that by the 14 century the English and Scottish crown were pressuring Irelaand. By the 15 century, they were carrying out land confiscation, slave raiding, slave/serf plantations and slave trading in Ireland. This accelerated in the 16th and 18th century even to the annexation of Ireland.

        The 19th century was marked by massive expulsion of the Irish people from the land via the use of biological warfare known today as the Irish famine caused by the Irish potato blight.

        All these centuries there was a Germanization policy as well. To bleach out the black Irish, or kill them or slave them, was the basis of various Royal policies. Finally, after years of miscegenation, brainwashing and divide and rule, in the late 19th century the left over Irish was admitted into the so-called “white race” created in the 17th century via racist laws.

        With this admission they were given so-called white privileges, like blue collar jobs, police, fire-fighting, factory working in the Americas i.e. Canada and the United States. This supposedly was an improvement from the wretchedness they had known under the British misrule back home.

        They were told they had to protect their newly won rights and privileges. Their job was to check the other Moors now known as the so-called black people or Negroes as designated in the Negro Code Slave Laws of the 17 century Americas.

        The sad part of the story was that they took this new role too seriously. They barely knew better, after centuries of so much miseducation. They became the most avid defenders of the racist policies of their masters. Their price was a bowl of porridge and some crumbs of bread from the master’s table. While they and their brethren suffer the consequences of their own racist selfish presumptions and self-sabotage. It is now a generational illness.

        1. American president John F Kennedy openly warned the American people about the secret organization ruling and ruining the leading civilized nation of the world, he was the only president to ever do so, it was unheard of for a president to betray this unholy cabal, he was Catholic and not a willing member of the organization “with secrets”. He was working to expose the secret government of America when he was assinated. He was Irish, he actively ended segregation for Blacks. The Irish are very well represented in the flotillas to free Palestinians from Zionist captivity, and in very many other projects to free trapped people all over the world, so plenty of good and plenty of bad.

          Your idea that the English government purposely killed nearly a million Irish people by starvation is very interesting, supported by the fact that no significant potatoe famine happened in Britain at the same time. You idea is challenged by the fact that France too had famine at this time, whether potatoes also failed I don’t yet know. Potatoe blight often occurs naturally, but nowadays it doesn’t spread far, due to modern farm sprays.

          Best wishes with your work in progress.

        2. Really good synopsis of Irish History. I’m curious if you’ve noted any religious practices that were noted as arriving with the Tuatha De Danaan and also in the book, The History of The Irish, by Seumas Mc Manus, it stated that the people that came with the Tuatha De Danaan were Fomorians, a group of African sea rovers, probably the group that you mentioned as the Firbolg. Are there any ideas as to what part of Africa these Dark skinned people were from ?

          1. Scotland is named after PHerus’ daughter, Scota. The genes-of-Isis our Genesis went everywhere.

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