African Roots of Ireland – Oguejiofo Annu

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The Fomorians

There are many oblique references to the presence of Black people in ancient Ireland. Ancient Irish mythology refers to the original inhabitants of the island as being a giant, sea-faring people called the Fomorians (Fomors), which means “dark of the sea”. According to the ancient lore, they were a cushitic people from the African continent. Often depicted as demons, they defeated the first few incoming waves of invaders, but could not defeat the Firbolgs, who settled the land and lived side-by-side with the native Fomors.

Those myths may have a factual historical basis. It is proposed that the Formorians were a real people who were in all likelihood sailors from the African continent.

Two more invasions, the first led by the godly Tuatha de Danaan, and the second by the Celtic Milesians, took control of Ireland, mixing together with the Fomorians until they were no more.

There are credible sources for the African association with Ireland. The most likely of these is that they were Phoenicians and/or Egyptians. The Phoenicians were Canaanites, which came from the line of Ham. Ham is the mythological ancestor of the Black nation.

The Phoenicians were also well-known for their sailing skills, and are said to have traveled to the British Isles, which they called the “Tin Islands”. Perhaps, before Ireland was a Celtic domain, which it wasn’t until a few centuries BCE, the Phoenicians colonized it. It is noteworthy that the name Fomorians sounds a bit like Phoenicians.

There is also a legend that an Egyptian princess, Scota, left Egypt with some followers and journeyed to Ireland. Legend has it that Egyptians left many ancient tin mines all over Britain but especially Ireland which was their major source of the valuable metal.

Another idea is that they were Taureg Berbers. The Berber language is Hamitic, and the Berber people live in an area from which travel to Ireland would be easily accessible. The Berbers perhaps set sail from western Morocco, and settled on Ireland before the Celts, making it their new home.

Moorish Science Temple founder Drew Ali teaches that Ireland was once part of a Moorish empire, and that the Irish are a Moorish people. Perhaps there is a common root between the “moor” sound in Fomor and the word Moor?

Selkies and Half-Breeds

Another Irish legend tells of the Selkies, a sort-of “wereseal” that is a seal during day, but a human by nightfall. Sometimes, in an Irish family of fair-skinned, light-haired people, a child is born with dark hair eyes, and skin, and is called a Selkie.

The concept of the Selkies appears to make subliminal reference to the half-breed children that resulted from the extensive miscegenation that occurred between the Celts and the dark skinned original inhabitants that they had met upon their arrival in Ireland.

Many people of Irish descent have distant and recent African roots, and these features can still be seen in the people and in the culture. There are some Irish people with Afros (just like Andre the Giant a late continental European wrestler with afro-hair). In Southern Ireland, some people, referred to as “Black Irish”, are noted for their strikingly dark features, as opposed to the fair-skinned, light-haired north.

Although many Irish descendants are particularly pale, they do have pronounced Africoid facial features, as well as dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair that is sort-of kinky, especially in moist conditions. A sub race of the Irish called the Bronn are noticeably Mediterranean (read: African) in features especially their hair.

In addition to all of this, Celtic music is distinctly different from the rest of Europe, and easily comparable to African music.

Black, Viking and Irish

Unlike Scotland and England, Ireland was never colonized by the Romans. As a result, Ireland remained relatively isolated.

The Vikings established port cities like Dublin. The Viking texts left stories and descriptions of African soldiers captured in Ireland whom they called blaumen[blue-men].

Most Viking references to ”black” in Norse would have signified having black hair as opposed to skin color but blaumen meant black skinned. Most of these blaumen were captured soliders from Moorish Spain. It was observed that:

“A prominent Viking of the eleventh century was Thorhall, who was aboard the ship that carried the early Vikings to the shores of North America. Thorhall was “the huntsman in summer, and in winter the steward of Eric the Red. He was, it is said, a large man, and strong, black, and like a giant, silent, and foul-mouthed in his speech, and always egged on Eric to the worst; he was a bad Christian.””

“Another Viking, more notable than Thorhall, was Earl Thorfinn, “the most distinguished of all the earls in the Islands.” Thorfinn ruled over nine earldoms in Scotland and Ireland, and died at the age of seventy-five. His widow married the king of Scotland. Thorfinn was described as “one of the largest men in point of stature, and ugly, sharp featured, and somewhat tawny, and the most martial looking man… It has been related that he was the foremost of all his men.””

What about Scotland and Wales?

“Any comprehensive account of the African presence in early Europe should include England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Scandinavia. The history and legends of Scotland confirm the existence of “purely Black people.” We see one of them in the person of Kenneth the Niger. During the tenth century Kenneth the Niger ruled over three provinces in the Scottish Highlands.

The historical and literary traditions of Wales reflect similar beliefs. According to Gwyn Jones (perhaps the world’s leading authority on the subject), to the Welsh chroniclers, “The Danes coming in by way of England and the Norwegians by way of Ireland were pretty well all black: Black Gentiles, Black Norsemen, Black Host.””

Ogu Eji Ofo Annu


Ancient And Modern Britons, by David Mac Ritchie
Nature Knows No Color-Line, by J.A. Rogers

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487 thoughts on “African Roots of Ireland – Oguejiofo Annu”

  1. Ok Jahdey, once again I hoped you would bring up that last bit on halpogroupe Rb1. Yes there is indeed a large population in the Chadic speaking parts of Africa that are part of that group. There are two main families in the Rb1 tree. One (R1B1a2) is found in western Europe. Some of the highest instances of it are found in the irish and the Basque. The other branch(R1b1c) is found as I said before in Chadic speaking areas of Africa. The two do share a common ancestor but the two populations split as they migrated out of western Asia.

    Also I apologize, I was wrong about the redheaded gene I guess I misread something.

    Again the pictures you have shown me are NOT primary sources. Every single one I researched has been modern depictions and not a single one made while the person in question was alive. As to the comment on being decendents of Germans, again genetics do not lie friend. The modern day irish closest relatives in Europe are the Basque who, again as I have said before, have been in Europe since the stone age. I am beginning to get irritated with your high and mighty attitude.

    It is unwise to assume you are the elder when you have no idea how old I am or anything about me other than what I have posted so far. As to the sources and citations anyone can find them with a simple web search but to avoid being called a hypocrite   I will gather my sources together and post them in my next post. You will forgive me I am using a mobile device at the moment and multitasking is not its strong suit. In the mean time maybe you could give me the source that discribes saint Maurice as “patron of the holy roman empire” I know some priests who would be interested to know who declared him as such. And again I still don’t see what he has to do with the Irish.

    You keep quoting MacRichie even though I have told you time and time again he is not a valid source. Why is this? For one the man had no academic training, he was self admittedly self taught. Two he made his claims with nothing to back them up other his interpretations of folklore. The point of asking for a primary source is that I don’t have to read someone else’s report on the subject and I can see it for myself. If you could show me where MacRichie got his information(his sources) we could get to the root of it. 

    1. Whoops I got the info on MacRichie being self taught confused with another author you mentioned I guess. He did in fact get some education if not a degree. Though he was a certified accountant.

      1. Keep up googling. Keep on reading the same Wikipedia you outrightly rejected. At least it shows you are trying to learn, but be honest about it.

    2. Stephen

      You just admitted being wrong on DNA evidence relating to R1B. Even more it is found in many other African population other than the Chadic.

      Black skinned, African Americans and Moors carry R1B1a2. They brought it from Africa as well. Some brought it from Europe, via the Black Europeans whose pictures we have shown you. Click here:

      According to you, DNA evidence does not lie. Pictures are more effective than a thousand stories. Sorry…

      You have nothing to apologise about being wrong on the red hair gene. It just shows you are another novice pretending to know about areas in which you are actually ignorant. Otherwise you would have known that chromosomal DNA is different from autosomnal DNA. Sorry…

      You know the age of the pictures I showed you. Ok, just show me one source or two that demonstrates conclusively the age of the pictures of the Black Irish Saints I showed you. You had also boasted about your ability to confirm the colour of Saint Coleman. Are you done yet? Can you post your result? Put up or shut up.

      You have also avoided citing me a study where any scientist claimed that the Black Silures of Britain were sampled for R1B. This is not children’s games. Put up or shut up and go study some MUURZ.

      You wanna know MUUR about St Maurice? Then click here:

      I did not only quote MacRichie. I quoted Pliny, Roman Philosopher, I quoted Tacitus Roman Philosopher and eye witness. I quoted Ephorus, Greek Philosopher and eye witness. I quoted Shakespare, English man and eye witness. I gave you addresses of Churches in Gloucester, and more. MacRitiche was way more educated than you would ever be. He wrote a classical book well acclaimed in his time.

      I gave you books from Goddfrey Higgins, search for even Thomas Shore.

      I have reeled off half a dozen authors for you and yet, you who fucked up on DNA argument that you claimed to know, now want to challenge the contents of Books that you admitted not to have even heard about? Is this some joke?

      You are a sorry novice, full of hubris and noise. I wipe the floor with your types.

      Go study a bit MUUR of the articles on Rasta Livewire and the sources I gave you before you come here buzzing like an ignorant fly.

  2. I actually find it interesting to see how hard you fight to maintain your delusions Jahdey. It reveals a lot about you as a person. You are extremely emotionally invested in proving your self right. The zeal with which you attempt to disprove me is commendable but I wonder why it is you feel the need to lay claim to my people’s culture. Is it because yours was taken from your ancestors? Wouldn’t it make more since to reclaim the culture of your African ancestors.(assuming of course your of African decent)

    1. Actually I am continental African Muur!

      Talking about ancestors, were yours serfs or slaves as was the case with 95% of the population of Europe? Do you realized the number of Irish people who were sold in America as slaves and so-called indentured servants. Here click:

      You are a novice living in a fantasy world as a result of the historical lies you should not have been taught in elementary schools.

      Welcome to Rasta Livewire, here your hype goes deflated!

      1. Jahdey, supposing for discussions sake that the Irish had been slaves for two thousand years, would that make them in any way inferior in quality to the enslaving race, “Their masters” ?

        Enslavement would prevent the proper transmission of their high culture and their priceless folk culture from generation to generation.

        Enslavement would destroy the sense of self worth and the self confidence of most of the Irish people.

        The Irish would, for a few generations of new freedom, be ill at ease with those who had little experience of slavery.

        Hopefully, after several generations of relative freedom, the Irish would recover their cultural purpose and their place among the community of nations.They could be stronger and better than before they were enslaved.

        “Their masters” would cringe with shame each time a recovered victim looked them in the eye.

  3. I wonder does Rastalivewire prefer verbal conflict to constructive discussion? It seems so, since both of my last comments have been deleted. If this comment is deleted I will be moving on to a website that values understanding more than conflict, and delete Rastalivewire from my favourites.

    1. Mine are being deleted as well. I was going to post my sources and a few more links to prove my point but I suppose this site will not allow me to prove them wrong.

      1. Liar. None of your post has been deleted. You have been beaten into confusion by reason. Put up or shut up. We have been waiting for your comments but since you have none you want to start yelping like a wounded puppy. Put up or shut up like a real man. We are still waiting for you… No dramas please

        And none of malachy’s posts were deleted as well. He is just crying wolf like you. No dramas please.

    1. Liar. Cheap Mrs Drama O’Liar. Noone is deleting your post. You just have nothing to write and nobody on Rasta Livewire deleted any of your posts. I personally confirmed with the Web Master. You are a confused beaten liar. Nobody on Rasta Livewire is afraid of a lil boy who does not know about DNA yet began an argument about DNA. Put up your arguments and stop the melodrama Mrs Dramatics. Put up or shut up! We are waiting…

      1. If your so knowledgable and have a way of contacting the web master then maybe you can find out why ever time I try and make a post containing links it does not appear and if I try and repost it the site tells me it is a duplicit? Now your insulting me and you presume to much. I am have not been beaten yet if i can actually make my post I will gladly continue this little debate and hopefully end it.

        1. You were beaten into confusion intellectually and now you resort to lying like a little boy. No body deleted your posts. You have no logic or reason which any one on this site would be afraid of. We are way ahead of you in this business. This is not a game.

          When you come to Rasta Livewire be prepared to back up your point or just shut up and learn.

          Insult?, you deserve a kick not an insult, for attempting to pass yourself off as something you are not. Made a mess of yourself with that DNA argument.

          Now don’t be a nuisance, put up or shut up like a man…. and go read some MUUR articles from Rasta Livewire!

          1. My posts with links still won’t go through. And 1) how exactly did I muck up the DNA evidence again? 2) what exactly have I claimed to be that I am not? 3) you do realize your not spelling “more” correctly. Right? Does that pass for wit wherever your from? It was cute the first time now it’s just kinda annoying. 4) a kick? Awfully hostile aren’t we. Maybe I touched a nerve there somewhere? 5) in your infinite wisdom did you find out why my post won’t show up or are you too caught up in narcisism to believe that I believe I actually have evidence to show you?

    1. LOL. I guess that is all you have to say now. No MUUR huff n puff. No more grandstanding, after you were crushed by citations from Pliny, Tacitus, Julius Ceasar, MacRitichie, Godfrey Higgins, Massey, Thomas Shore, Shakespare etc.

      I have nothing to hostile against a novice whelp like you. I enjoyed roasting your ass dark brown with knowledge. Now go study some MUURS!

      Muur Irish Saints – St Finian of Clonard:

      Welcome again to Rasta Livewire where we blaze and burn out ignorance.

  4. Educate yourself… Just remove the spaces. And add the http
    www. isogg. org/ tree/ ISOGG_HapgrpR. html
    www. irishside. com/ tis/ content/nyt/128. htm
    hubpages .com/hub/Irish-Blood-Genetic-Identity
    I assume from there you can do your own research from there. Yes Tacitus described them as dark skinned in comparison to the Romans. That does not mean he saw the as being black he would have said they where black. He discribed them in a way that one would discribe someone of Spanish decent today which makes since since they are decended from the Basque. Once again the painting prove nothing. The on from the article was done in 2005 look it up. And even if you can show me one that isn’t a modern creation if it wasn’t made in the subjects life time how can it be an actual representation of the person. A reason the might have been depicted as black is the same reason Christ is sometimes depicted as black for that matter the same reason he is dipcted as white.
    You can find MacRichie’s claim about the gypsies on pages 367 and 368 of Ancient and Modern Britons: A Retrospect, Volume 1 
    Anything else?

      1. MUUR references:

        According to the Welsh chroniclers, “The Danes coming in by way of England and the Norwegians by way of Ireland were pretty well all black: Black Gentiles, Black Norsemen, Black Host.” See Gwyn Jones.

        Ali, Ahmed, and Ibrahim Ali. The Black Celts: An Ancient African Civilization in Ireland and Britain. Cardiff: Punite Publications, 1992.

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        Skene, William F. Celtic Scotland, 3 Volumes. 1876; rpt. Freeport, 1971

        1. Would you like me to go through those and pick out the ones written by well know Afrocentric writers. Example of why those make bad references? What if I referenced hitler to explain that the Jews are evil? Do you see my point? They have an agenda. A reason to misrepresent the facts and a bias when interpreting them.

          1. Yes do so. And pick out the ones written by Europeans as well.

            And while you are at it, please show me how Tacitus, Pliny, Godfrey Higgins, Julius Ceasar, Shakespare, Ephorus, Claudia, who all claimed that Celts were Ethiopians, or Moors were Afrocentrist?

          2. History has no color, but we read Eurocentric material as if it were the only real history (which the red sciggly indicates that it is not a word, but Afrocentric is a word) stuff everyday in all settings, in every academic subgroup, on every inch of this planet, all from birth to death, cradle to the grave. Most historians are Eurocentric, europeans were aware of their eurocentricness early own and used their perception and modification to history as an advantage. Yet you talk about Afrocentric writers.

        2. A lot of the are also rather outdated. Many wouldn’t stand up very well in light of modern archeological finds, gentics, and other recent discoveries. I also knowticed some myths and such like the The Mabinogion. What could you hope to prove by citing a myth. Isn’t that how this all got started? This article citing the myth of the Fomorians as if it were historical fact?

          1. You asked for citations and authorities. I have given you close to 40 citations by acknowledged scholars covering a time span of 2000 years from Ephorus of Greece to 2012 authoritative citations on genetics. Now you don’t want to hear about authorities. Oh, poor you…. LOL!

            I told you I would force feed you with the right and correct knowledge if you pushed me. Now you are feeling sorry for yourself. You are feeling so sore you cannot think Spanish men are blacker than Italian men…LOL!

            The only man with melanin on the land of Europa yesterday, today and forever was the Muur, also called Africans, Ethiopians, Celts. The rest of you all are pale skin.

          2. You do realize that every human being on the planet has melanin don’t you? Now your talking crazy. Are you mad my friend?

          3. If you claim so and it does good for your soul then fine.

            The Latins and the Greeks described Ethiopians as Melaneos (Melanopodes), from Melanin.

            The same people described your pale skin tribes as Albinus (absence of melanin).

            Do a Google Check if you think I am joking.

            Thus when you heard an ancient Roman like Ceasar or Tacitus described a people as Melas, Moros, you know they are talking about the so-called Black people of today. Many of them as I have shown you are indigenous Europeans. African American men today have the so-called Euro-specific R1B Y-DNA.

            On another note, here read this and go look at the image of the Black man discovered in Britain:

            Dr Hella Eckardt, senior lecturer in Roman Archaeology at the University of Reading, said: “Our analysis of excavated skeletal remains of people living in Roman Britain such as the ‘Ivory Bangle Lady’ and others like her show that multicultural Britain is not just a phenomenon of more modern times.”

            By analysing skeletons facial features, skull measurements, the chemical signature of food and drink and burial goods, archaeologists were able to learn more about Roman times and migrants of African descent who came to Britain.

            The ‘Ivory Bangle Lady’ was a high status young woman of North African descent who remains were buried in Roman York (Sycamore Terrace).

            Dated to the second half of the 4th Century, her grave contained jet and elephant ivory bracelets, earrings, pendants, beads, a blue glass jug and a glass mirror.

            Dr Debbie Weekes-Bernard, who is leading the Romans Revealed outreach project, said: “The University of Reading research results showed that people came to Britain from many different parts of the Roman Empire, including North Africa. In some of the larger towns like York and Winchester, up to 20 per cent of the Roman Britain population may be classed as ‘non-local’ or ‘incomers’.

            “This research is really important, providing evidence to challenge the current curriculum as taught in schools and highlighting the diversity of Roman Britain.”

            According to the National Archives, the official archive for the UK Government, people of African descent have had a presence in Britain for the past 2,000 years.

            In Roman times, black troops were sent to the ‘remote and barbaric’ province of Britannia – the ancient term for Great Britain – with many settling permanently even after the Roman legions left.


          4. Actually science says so. Are you rejecting biology as well as genetics? Ok what’s your point? That black people some black people came with the Romans? How does that help you case exactly. It is interesting I will give you that and I have heard that kind of thing before. Also I never denied that black people have been coming to Europe for many years. I denied the fact that Gaels were African and that there was ever a large population of Africans in ancient Europe. Oh and could you show me where you got that bit of entomology?

          5. Go and study the sources I gave you. Ephorus said so in 500 BC, he said that Celts were Ethiopians. Claudius said so, he called them Ethiopians. Tacitus said so, he described them as dark with curly hair. Pliny saw them, he described them as melaneos.

            These were the earliest records of the physical description of the Celts of Britain.

            Do you have a contemporary description which claimed they were whites, or blonds or albinus? Please provide if you have such source.

            As a gift, I am posting for you a link to Saint Aidan another Black Saint of Ireland: Icon of St. Aidan:

            Icon of St. Aidan presenting the gospel to King Oswald at the Church of St. Aidan, Bamburgh:


            Is the image Afrocentric?

            Is that church image false?


          6. Sigh. We are going in circles my friend. See my argument on the genetics of the Irish. You still couldn’t show my any etomology that links the terms to melanin.

          7. Actually there a massive amount of contemporary discriptions of the Irish as having light skin. Maybe the word you were looking for was classical. I have already given you some. Casear’s and the Greek word for the gauls Galatians meaning something like milk people. I believe there are a few more should I go look for them? It’s really kinda irrelevant at this point since the genetic evidence still stands.

          8. Stephen, Gauls are different people from Celts. Yes there were so-called white Gauls. But the Celts were always described as black.

            Now I have given you many citations describing Celts as blacks. You only gave me a citation describing GAULS as whites.

            Again Gauls and CELTS were different peoples. Understand?

          9. What the hell are you talking about.. The Gauls were Celtic look it up. They were the celts living in France and such. Archeology and roman accounts will tell you that. I believe it was Caesar that said they discribe themselves as keltio. Wow..

          10. I will be MUUR specific if you choose. Celtica was divided into three Celtica, Belgica, and Aquitania. The Belgicas correponding to modern day Belgium and northern Germany were known as Gallatia Beligicas. They were pale skin. Ceasar indicated that they were different from the Celts, in law, religion custom and ancestry. According to Ceasar Beligca Gauls were of Germanica descent. See Julius Ceasar: Commentarii de Bello Gallico (English: Commentaries on the Gallic War) Book 2 Belgica.

            The British Celts were described as Ethiopians by other Roman and Greek eye witnesses.

            “To take a physical characteristic alone, the more Celtic districts of the British Islands are at present marked by darkness of complexion, hair, etc…” – See the map of comparative nigrescence given in Ripley’s “Races of Europe,” p.318

            “In France, however, the Bretons are not a dark race relatively to the reit of the population. They are composed partly of the ancient Gallic peoples …” – Celts in History Chapter 1

          11. I wish I could say I’m surprised as to just how utterly wrong you are. Here is a link read it. http:// www. ancient. eu. com/gaul/
            The Gauls were celts once again archeology shows this.

          12. Myth is the factual story painted as liars by those who hate the truth. How come many archeological findings came about due to myht told by the native. Lol

    1. Have you ever heard of Tacitus until I brought him to your knowledge? Have you ever studied him?

      Have you ever studied Pliny?

      Have you ever studied Ephorus?

      Have you actually studied MacRitichie or you are just reading some Wikipedia summary?

      Do you really believe a Spanish man is darker in skin colour than a Roman as you claimed above? LOL!

      Would you ever today describe some so-called “white boy” from today’s Spain as dark skinned?

      Is the texture of the hair of a Spanish boy any different from yours or from a so-called white Italian’s?

      Was Jesus white? Was he not from Palestine North Africa, one of the hottest parts of the world?

      Oh, poor boy. You have been completely miseducated.

      Why would Europeans make pictures of so-called Black people and claim them as Irish saints? You initially claimed it was Afrocentrists that were representing Irish saints as black people, do you want to apologise for that lie?

      And one last question, what is the name of the Doctor who did the DNA testing of the ancient Silures? Put up or shut up…

      1. Actually yes I have heard of Tacitus. He and cesaer offers valuable looks at the celts of Britain. Which has been useful, when taken with a grain of salt, in my effort to put together the pieces of my faith. Admitably I never bothered with the other classical writers because the don’t mention much about the religion of the celts. I have also heard of MacRichie as well. His theory on the origin of the Faeries is discussed and fairly well debunked in the ‘Fairy-Faith in Celtic countries’ by W. Y. Evans Wentz. Actually I would discribe some Spanish as having a darker complexion then mine as I’m really damn pale. I’m not sure about the hair thing as I’ve never inspected a spainards hair. Was Christ white? Your guess is as good as mine I never saw the man. I would assume based on the area he was reportedly from he would have looked like a middle eastern person. Then again he was supposed to have been a Jew so I guess whatever ethnic Jews look like? Who said Europeans made the modern dipictions of the saints as black? Once again if you can show me evidence that one of those paintings is authentic then we can move from there but lets not get ahead of ourselves. Maybe the Miseducated comment should be dropped. It may be a based on point of view. From where I’m standing your the one who has been miseducated by the ridiculous claims of this website and those like it perhaps you should use your mind.

          1. How would I know what either of the two people’s looked like and yeah since in the pictures you just showed the Spanish king and queen do have a slightly darker complexion than the random “Italians” in the other search.

          2. LOL…what a joke. Now Stephen, you an Aryan Irish does not know how the Aryan Spanish and Aryan Italians look like. LOL

            What a joke.

            This is General Franco of Spain, former leader of Spain click and admire his pale skin:


            Click here to see Berlusconi the most famous Italian of the 21st century…

            This is too funny…LOL!

          3. Jahdey my friend I’m beginning to worry about you. You can tell the difference between a photograph and a drawing can’t you? You understand they are not the same media? How are you going to show me Franco’s complexion through an artists dipictions of him? Wouldn’t it make more since to show me someone of Basque ancestry compared to an Italian? That would be closer genetically speaking to the comparison of a ancient Irishman to a roman wouldn’t you think?

          4. It is you who appears insane in claiming that Spanish men are blacks relative to Italian men. That is an entirely new theory to me. LOL!

          5. I never claimed they were you either misunderstand or you twisted my words. I said they were darker in complexion. Which doesn’t mean black only darker. Do you only see the world in terms of black and white?

      2. Oh and as to your Silures. I don’t recall having said anyone did. I think I said something along the lines of the Irish, some scots, and some Celtic brits like those decended from the Silures have are closely related to the Basque. Or at least that’s what I meant anyways.

        1. But you did not descend from the Silures. You attacked the Island and killed off the Silures. You descend from Goths and Vandals iinvaders. Do a check…lol!

          1. I never claimed to in fact I have stated I’m an Irishmen. You know the blokes from the other island to the west? Actually fun fact the saxon’s (the guys that did invade England after the Romans pulled out) weren’t able to wipe out all of the Celtic British. The did drive most off to the western parts of the island. There what most people call the Welsh now. The rest they just breed with and thats part of the British racial makeup. Oh and on an odd note I’ve heard somewhere that the possible historic king aurther was a Silures. To be fair there isn’t much to go on with that one though. Some say he was roman, some Irish, some Scottish most just say welsh.

          2. Do you want me to link you again to the story on Irish hunting and enslavement? The Saxons hunted down almost all the black Irish, killed them or deported them to United States where many of them are mistakenly called African Americans though they have the R1B Y-DNA to prove their roots, and have the written history of Black Irish to back them up.

            The ones the Saxons failed to enslave, they raped them and made into half white breeds, who have been indoctrinated into self hate by a fake educational system.

            Maybe you are really some Aryan-Celtic half breed, who has forgotten his other history replaced with self hate and self-negation, believing you are schooled, while you have been had and fooled.

            At Rasta Livewire, we show the other half that was not told.

            I posted you a link to a Church sanctioned image of a Black Irish Saint and you went suddenly silent. Did you miss it or are you musing…lol!

          3. Even so are you still claiming that whole I’m actually decended from Germanic people thing even though I’ve told you otherwise and proven the Irish are not?

          4. What the fuck are you talking about? America hadn’t been discovered when the saxons invaded and even I was referring to them conquering britain. How did the hunt down ‘black Irish’ in England? And again the DNA evidence does not lie. Basque is the closest relative not German.

          5. Ok yet again you show me an article that makes claims but doesn’t tell me where it got its information. Granted the English have done some pretty screwed up things to us but I’ve never in my life heard anything like that. Sure there was plantation and foreign rule and stripping away most of our culture but I wouldn’t go so far as to say slavery. And maybe I’m just missing it but what does that have to do with the ancient Irish?

          6. After the Saxon and Germanics invaded the Island in 5th century AD, there came a 1000 year period of non-stop warfare and ethnic cleansing initiated by the Germanics. That led directly to the invasion and occupation of Ireland. It also led to the enslavement of Ireland and Irish people. Ask MacMalachy about it, he is aware.

            What is the ancient cause of the was in North Ireland today?

            What caused the Irish potatoe famine? English Saxon biological warfare.

            Where does that live you? It means you should be more humble when you hear stories about Black Europeans. It means you need to push beyond the limits of the history the English Saxons have fooled you with.

            It means you need to search for the African Roots of Ireland….

          7. The cause of the wars in the north has to do with the northerners identifiying as British mainly because there Protestant while most people in the Rebulic are Catholic. As to the bit about ethnic cleansing where did you read that?(please gods don’t say another source less article on the web) and I have as I’ve said more times then I care to count that I have shown proof against the “African roots of Ireland” maybe you should look into the Basque roots of Ireland. I have accepted that there are numorious examples of black people in Europe the only thing I have argued these past few days is the claim that the ancient Irish were African which again I have disproven with modern genetic studies plus the fact that archeological evidence does not back up such claims.

          8. You mean you disproved the eye witnesses who saw and wrote about the Celts of Britain? The classical writers? I repost:

            Ephorus the Greek Historian saw the Celts of Britain. He wrote that they were dark in skin colour.

            Pliny the Roman historian saw also them, and called them Ethiopians. See – Vol I P 45: Pliny where he described them as AETHIOPIUM

            Roman historian Claudius also found black people in britain – Vol I P 46-47 : Claudian described them as blackamoor.

            I await your response.

      3. You are my hero

        You have provided more than enough

        Unfortunately society has put such a negative cloud over being black (or anything that isn’t Caucasian ) that so many absolutely refuse to see the truth . It’s so funny the way we are taught at least in American history books that pretty much everything came from white culture. ( and that is supposed to be OK and acceptable ) but the moment you show proof of contributions of darker skinned people or their civilizations or what they conquered or even what they were defeated in ….. People get their panties in a bunch Lol. They say that it is just black people writing these articles to push their agenda instead of doing the actual research . ( as if Whites don’t push their own agenda ) ……. But you are doing so well in backing your points , this other person doesn’t like this and trying hard to go against you.

    2. A historical fact that is largely ignored, or unrecognized, is that many white people (tribal Hebrews) used tribal customs in ritual such as covering themselves with gray, or black ashes in purification ceremonies, or as in preparation for warfare. It is much more likely that these “natives” (whether as Christian Jews, or Jews)as being described by foreign exploration were the same white people, that at large still inhabit these islands to this very day, just like Africans inhabit the places where they have had Ancient conquest or voyage as well, or whomever.

  5. On the note of melanin I stand corrected as my wife just reminded me some albinos have no melenin or at least very low amounts of it. That being said its not just a human thing either animals have it. In this I have to bow to her she’s the one who’s a nurse and had to take biology.

      1. Ok enough with the saints already. That one is clearly a very worn depiction and doesn’t mean he was black. Show me the original color and wither or not the artist used a darker color for an artistic reason or for reasons of realism or whatever. Now your just acting desperate.

        1. Is the image you saw pale skinned like you? I assume you live in Britain and interested in your history? Why don’t you visit it. That makes it now two Church addresses I have given you.

          40 citations.

          10 classical writers…

          and counting…

          1. No the image is worn and faded. Britain? I live in Galloway. Though I suppose next time I’m in England I will check in on the churchs you’ve mentioned and let you know what I find out.

          2. And genetics triumphs the whole lot plus the discriptions I’ve shown you and the argument as to why the ancient Irish would be considered darker than ‘insert classical persona here’

          3. You make me laugh when you mention genetics. Ask your wife who took a biology course to teach you MUUR genetics.

            African-Americans have a high incident of Y-DNA R1B, same as found in Ireland.

            As I showed you, the words the ancient writers used to describe the ancient Celts were ETHIOPIANS. That leaves no room for doubts.

          4. Ephorus the Greek Historian saw the Celts of Britain. He wrote that they were dark in skin colour.

            Pliny the Roman historian saw also them, and called them Ethiopians. See – Vol I P 45: Pliny where he described them as AETHIOPIUM

            Roman historian Claudius also found black people in britain – Vol I P 46-47 : Claudian described them as blackamoor

          5. You still didn’t read my link did you. Yes Africans are part of the same family tree but are a different branch of it. Look at the link that shows the tree for Rb1 and all of its sub clades before you confuse your self. It is a rather confusing system but you will see the western Europeans have a different subclade than the Africans. The two split off and went different ways on west out of Asia eventually to western Europe wear you find the highest instances of it and another into Africa where you find the highest instances of that one. Geneticist can distinguish between the two groups. Read the damn link if you don’t believe me. I won’t bother to repeat this again.

          6. I read it Stephen. I know waaaay MUUR than you on genetics.

            What I am asking you to go confirm with your wife is this:

            About 30% of African American men have the same clade of the genes as found in Europe. Some Aryanists like you would want to claim that those men are descendants of some slave masters, which is just wishful thinking.

            They are the descendants of Black Celtic men, and other European Moors who were ethnically cleansed from Europe.

            Pliny spoke of them, Claudius spoke of them, even Tacitus spoke of them.

            I showed you their ancient pictures and I show you now their living descendants.

            DNA does not lie. It proves Pliny, Claudius, Ceasar and Tacitus spoke the reality which is Ancient Black Britain.

          7. And yes African Americans may very well have the form of Rb1 found in the Irish. I told America is kind of like a big melting pot. And I’m sure the Irish and African Americans could have married. From what I understand they were treated about the same during the earlier years of the USA

          8. I never claimed that was the case see the above comment for my explanation as to how the might have come to carrier that gene. Unless you can show there ancestors had the gene before going to America it would make more since that it came to them from marrying Irish immigrants to America.

          9. Illogical reasoning.

            Some slaves came from Africa, Europe, India and China too to America. It was global slave trade.

            Many of the ancestors of today’s so-called African Americans came from Europe as their DNA proves.

            Their DNA showed you that their ancestors the Black Celts, were ethnically cleansed by the pale Germanics and sold in Americas.

            For your information, the Y-DNA remains unchanged from father to son.

            Y-DNA R1B found in many African American men came from their fathers. The same black celts that Pliny spoke of, Ceasar spoke of, Claudio spoke of.

            You asked for the DNA evidence as proof. Now you have it, you still feel the need to shift the goal line?

          10. So again if a Irishman marries a black women and has a child the boy would have the Irish subclade of Rb1. Which explains how an African American would come to have it regardless of which side of the pond the union that produced said child and his decendents took place. As to your “proof”, one two words source please.

          11. The original Celts did not need to marry black women to become black because they was already black. Pliny told you so Ceasar told you so, even Tacitus told you so. They came to America black. Are you crazy? Did I not show you evidence of Irish slave trade?

          12. Yet again no. We no from the DNA evidence that the Irish are decended from the Basque who have been in Europe since the stone age before the migrated some migrated to Ireland at the end of the last ice age. No one could have been in Ireland before that as it was covered by glaciers.

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