The slaughter of the innocent: Pharma-medical sellers of death are killing Ugandan children with trail vaccines

Uganda’s Children are Dying! Are Pharmaceutical Trials to Blame?

By Mary Romaniec


A little background is needed here. Uganda is located in East Africa in an area known as the African Rift Valley along Lake Victoria and Lake Albert on the western side. The northern part of Uganda borders the Congo, Rwanda, Kenya and Southern Sudan. What makes this area unique is that it is considered a place of great natural wealth in the form of minerals ranging from gold and tin to copper and cobalt. It also has untapped reserves of natural gas and crude oil. The paradox is that this vast source of wealth, along with regional conflicts, has led to complete impoverishment as people crowd into a small area of usable land, their mineral resources sold to foreign interests and their forests decimated to make room for more farm and grazing land to cope with the soaring population. Along with this population increase a whole host of diseases grew in proportion, making northern Uganda ripe for disease research, including HIV and Ebola. read more

More Africans are exploring the Moorish history of Italy and Sicily

Nigeria Commissions the Lagos Black Heritage Festival 2012

Governor Tunde Fashola

GOVERNOR Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State yesterday commissioned an ultra modern art gallery and Exhibition Centre at the Freedom Park, Lagos Island and named it after Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, in recognition of his role in preserving African cultural heritage. read more

the necromantic (aka roman) catholic church and black majick: the living dead series

The relic (a part of the dead body) of Pope John Paul II has been brought to Nigeria to offer the Catholic faithful and other interested individuals in Lagos the opportunity of venerating and touching it for possible miracles. At the Our Mother of Perpetual Parish, Amuwo Odofin, the relic was exposed on Monday, and after series of prayers and songs, people filed out in twos to venerate and touch the relic. read more