Bantu Origins of Ancient Egyptians

Y-chromosome haplotypes in Egypt

Scientists filtered Y-chromosome haplotypes in the Nile River Valley in Egypt in 274 unrelated males, using the p49a,f TaqI polymorphism. These individuals were born in three regions along the river: in Alexandria (the Delta and Lower Egypt), in Upper Egypt, and in Lower Nubia. Fifteen different p49a,f TaqI haplotypes are present in Egypt, the three most common being haplotype V, haplotype XI, and haplotype IV. read more

Hooray! South Africa’s Boers farmers are running back to Europe! – So-called south African white farmers go home to Caucasus!

Boers back in CaucasusMOSCOW – South Africa and Georgia have little in common aside from a tradition of wine-making and a turbulent recent history.

But a group of white South African farmers say starting a new life in the former Soviet state could be the solution to their troubles at home. read more

The Nigerian Police and State make Economic War on Innocent Farmers and Traders

The police in Auchi, Edo State have arrested an unnamed aide of a member of the House of Representatives from Zamfara State with bags of cannabis.

A statement from the Edo State Police Command on Wednesday said the aide was arrested in a 407 Peugeot car with registration no NASS FL 142 REP. The statement said the suspect was the lone occupant of the vehicle, which was conveying 10 bags of weeds suspected to be Indian hemp. read more