We proudly welcome our musician of the month, Ikem Mazeli, a masterful crooner who skillfully blends Onitsha (Igbo) cultural rhythms with modern musical instrumentation. He began his musical career in the famous market city of Onitsha, and created a distinct mellow sound.

Once in a while, a musician comes along, whose talent and connection is rhythmically intertwined and spiritually rooted that you are forced to stop and take notice. This artist is Bukola Elemide, better known as Aşa. It seems that at times, we have forgotten what music is, and should be. Aşa reminds us. She infuses Yoruba and English in an effortless manner to create captivating sound that nourishes the soul, and reminds us of the invigorating real Africa we all know. Listening to Aşa is a mind blowing experience. Her music draws you in, the artistry, and masterful lyrics clinches your soul. Aşa sound is organically intense, yet mellifluous. It is a representation of soulful music with purpose and message. Aşa is a rising musical treasure in a trove full of over-produced-hyped-and-soul-free-music. She brings Africa to us in real and simple terms to all of us. This is a much needed and welcome sound from this multi-talented, beautiful African woman. This is what makes Aşa the AfricaResource Musician of the Week. - Editors of AfricaResource.

The incredible James Brown rises from Augusta to international superstar and innovative beat maker.By this time, Brown had become the de facto leader of the group, now called the Famous Flames. Guided by Universal Attractions director Ben Bart, Brown created the James Brown Revue, complete with opening acts, his own emcee, and a stage band - the James Brown Band. The show was precisely choreographed, with Brown pumping his hips, twisting on one foot, and doing splits as the troupe executed their own intricate steps.

It is best to listen to Fela himself as he describes the process of his transformation after one evening of argument. Says Fela: "... I must have said something because she said, "Fela, don't say that. Africans taught the white man. Look, the Africans have history", I said, "They don't have... No historym man. We are slaves'. She got up and brought me a book. She said I should read it". "Sandra gave me the education I wanted to know. She is the one who spoke to me about Africa. For the first time I heard things I'd never heard before about Africa". Thus, the genesis of the myth. The new knowledge that Fela acquired, he would try henceforth to translate it into the medium of his music. He would set a whole generation ablaze.

Fela, a saxophone player, was born in 1938 in Abeokuta, about 50 miles north of the capital, Lagos. He started out as a jazz musician but shifted toward pop and reggae while studying at Trinity College of Music in Oxford, England, from 1959 to 1962. He also spent time in Ghana and the United States, where he developed a strong interest in politics and civil rights. Returning to Nigeria for good in 1973, he swiftly became a big star. His top albums included Zombie, Army Arrangement and Vagabond in Power.

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