Lucky Philip Dube was born on the 3rd of August in 1964. After a few failed pregnancy attempts by his mother Sarah, Lucky came into the world. Giving birth to a boy was considered a blessing and his mother considered his birth so fortunate that she aptly named him 'Lucky'. His birth took place on a small farm outside the town of Ermelo, a dry, unspectacular area some 150 kilometers west of Johannesburg. Born into a single parent family, times were tough for a black boy born into poverty and with the Group Areas Act and the Pass Laws of the time, many families relocation was restricted, therefore children grew up not knowing their fathers at all, as they were often forced to leave home to find work in the cities.

The new United Nation Deputy Secretary General is the notable law professor, Dr. Asha-Rose Migiro. Dr. Migiro is the First African Woman to hold this prestigious post. During her tenure as Foreign Minister, Dr. Migiro spearheaded Tanzania's engagement in the search of peace, security and development in the Great Lakes Region.

Professor Isidore Okpewho is an expert in oral history. His areas of specialization are in African and comparative literatures, with a specialist emphasis on comparative oral traditions. He was named a distinguished professor in 2004.

Florence Margai is associate professor and co-chair of the Department of Geography at Binghamton University. With a Ph.D. in geography from Kent State University, Florence focuses on environmental justice and equity, spatial analysis methods, environmental pollution, and health hazards.

Professor Sadik is a professor of Chemistry at Binghamton University who is doing groundbreaking work in the microelectrode biosensors. Prof. Sadik specializes in Bioanalytical, Materials & Environmental Chemistry. One of Prof. Sadik's patents include her innovative work which enabled doctors to provide HIV results immediately rather than the long wait. She heads the Center for Advanced Sensor Research & Environmental Systems (CASE).

Chemist Patrick Obukowho created Advantage Research Lab LLC in New Jersey to specialize in ethnic beauty development. Mr. Obukowho holds several patents for his work and is seen as an expert in the beauty industry.

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