Fela, a saxophone player, was born in 1938 in Abeokuta, about 50 miles north of the capital, Lagos. He started out as a jazz musician but shifted toward pop and reggae while studying at Trinity College of Music in Oxford, England, from 1959 to 1962. He also spent time in Ghana and the United States, where he developed a strong interest in politics and civil rights. Returning to Nigeria for good in 1973, he swiftly became a big star. His top albums included Zombie, Army Arrangement and Vagabond in Power.

A Nigerian novelist, pharmacist, broadcaster, forester, teacher, administrator, short-story writer, and children's author, Chief COD Ekwensi was born in Minna, Northern Nigeria in 1921. He attended Government College, Ibadan and Achimota College , Ghana.  He later studied Pharmacy at the Yaba Technical Institute, Lagos . He read Forestry at the School of Forestry , Ibadan and worked for two years as a forestry officer. He also taught for a couple of years at Igbobi College, Lagos. He graduated from the Chelsea School of Pharmacy, UK in 1956.

South African born but globally revered, Lucky Dube was one of the country’s most toured and beloved artists ever. His music touched millions around the world, primarily through his 22 recorded albums - in Zulu, English and even Afrikaans - many of which have been record breakers with phenomenal sales from around the globe. With his long-time sound engineer and best friend Dave Segal, he created some of the most legendary pieces of reggae music ever recorded, including the tracks Prisoner, Taxman, Slave, Victims, Together As One and Respect - all social anthems that garnered him the adoration of the people of his country - and across the globe.

With an incredible 15 albums under his reggae belt, he has proved himself one of not only South Africa’s, but also the world’s greatest reggae superstars. A man not only of superb musical taste and genius, but an artist with a message, a reason and a rhyme behind everything he does. Following in the incredible success of his last album ‘Soul Taker’ Lucky has once again outdone himself with his latest release ‘The Other Side’ - a thought provoking musical journey bound to once again make enormous waves in the music industry.

At the age of 18, Dube joined the Love Brothers, a band formed by his cousins which performed the traditional Zulu music known as Mbaqanga. While still a schoolboy, Dube and the band recorded their first album at Tear Records in Johannesburg (now the Gallo Recording Company). When the album was released, the group called itself "Lucky Dube and the Supersoul." In 1984 he released a mini-album called "Rastas Never Die" but it did not sell as well as expected. However, he continued to release commercially successful albums - in all, he recorded 21 albums in Zulu, English and Afrikaans and became South Africa's biggest selling reggae artist.

Bin Adam, who was born in Tanzania, joined the then colonial German East Africa services when he was 10 years old and served with the army. He emigrated to Berlin in 1929, where he immediately got into trouble with the authorities by walking into the Foreign Ministry and demanding his outstanding service pay. Although his request was refused, he decided to stay, working as a waiter in hotels and taking small parts in films. He had roles in more than 20 movies with stars such as Zarah Leander, Hans Albers and Willy Birgel, even after the war broke out. He also taught Swahili at the Oriental Workshop.
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