Message from the Beyond

January 7, 2022

The writing came hours before Sidney Portier died.

Sidney is like the big mellow cat, comfortable to be around without ruffling your edges, He has played it too safe to get to where he is and is it worth it.

But he came at a time when there was too much compliance balancing the job and your ability to eat. He never ruffled too many or any feathers and that is attributed to his quiet and gentle presence in Hollywood.

He is like the black Santa Claus, there smiling and passing on whatever he could, but Sidney is getting there both in age and time, and time may not be what he has. So far he has enjoyed his kids, all of them, the one with the white lady keeps him busy and is always centered around his legacy, but she takes up space with him, occupies his thoughts.

He reflects on his life and knows he has had a good run and things have worked out particularly well for him. He is coasting, enjoying the breeze, and seeing what comes next.

Sidney Portier lived a great life. He was around the time that changes began occurring in Hollywood for black people. He has a long expansive view of that and can see what changes have taken up so far.

He is in old age. He is fantastic and has lived a great life. If he transitions that is the nature of life, but his reach and influence will continue. Papa Bear.