Message from the Beyond

December 26, 2021

I am known as the man that sold the Iraq invasion but I am so much more. A man is a sum of his life and not parts, and yet I am Colin, a great general, but America has a hard time taking orders from Niggahs, from black high ranking officials.

I was able to do great things and go to places, but at the end of the day, I am a great black general, colonel of the army. You call me when you need stuff done and when you can’t do it yourself. Courage under battle is my motto and my saying, not easily waffled or changed.

Let's see, Covid is really something, and while I had health issues, covid took me, a little bug, but it was my time to go and I have had an excellent run.

And to my wife, I do miss you. You were my light, warmth of a smile, and my solder. I love you and can see you. Do pick up the clothes from the floor in the bedroom.

And to my daughter, my children, you were all wonderful and it gives me great pleasure to say I am your dad. Apart from all the things I did for the country, you were my greatest achievements and rewards and I rest knowing that the Powell family, (not the white one) will carry on. My dog Sadie is pretty cool.

As I sit here and remark at all the things I have done and the relationships I created, I came and gave what I could in a way that I know best and that is the duty as a man, as a father, as a husband, and servant of this great country of ours (yours) the USA. Greetings to Dave and to all the strangers I met along my humble journey. It has been great.