Message from the Beyond

December 26, 2021

Hi nice one, I see that you are writing so take a few notes for me.

I am well was a bomb siren, but that is not all my life, but it is what was projected on me, in the company I kept of powerful men. They lust after me, my life was one big party but it was a terrible one and I often felt sad and lonely. Can you believe it?

Someone that has everyone around and was a bit lonely. Hollywood is not always a nice home for beautiful girls who have not learned how to compose themselves. It is as if you are cotton, being picked on all the time.

I know my family was a sharecropper and not all my secrets are out. To survive, you have to literally grow new skin, tough skin is not enough. Oftentimes it is like doing business with the devil and its mercenaries that are sent to pluck the girl one at a time.

It has been a long time since I passed. I don't know what the fuss is all about. Their fussing did kill me, their rules killed me, their way or highway killed me. Little Jon Bennet died a tragic death, at least my story was that I killed myself.

I have to say to be relieved of all that nonsense regardless of how I looked, I am a person, a human, a mother. What terrible thing happened

Marilyn Monroe is my stage name, the name I adopted as I struggled to become integrated into their Hollywood lifestyle. Everything that I was had to be gone while I carved out a new image, a sex bomb, and a siren to navigate in their new space where there are lights, cameras, and motion. It was all made to believe the biggest film is the one that is being narrated in Hollywood, but I prefer my name, that little girl Norma Jean, that is my name, my essence.

Marilyn was how I made money, how I fought in my own way, but Norma, that is my name, myself before I changed. To all the women try to find something you love, cherish it and amplify it because that is your gift to this beautiful world.

Still powdering my nose, dressed in a silken white gown, almost like almond white, and I say to everyone:

Don’t rush to that destination sometimes it is death, and sometimes, it is an undoing

Always powder your nose so that your face is not shiny

Put a nice red lipstick or one of primary color, go out and declare you are the boss

Being nice is underestimated so be nice with no attachment

Always take care of your need first (something I had to learn)

Be your own hero, you don’t need anyone to rescue you (Joe tried, but I was damaged goods)

And whatever you do, always be yourself

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