Emily Vogel

The Philosopher’s Wife

Emily Vogel

Wednesday, February 8, 2012
7pm – 8pm

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"From my first encounter with them I have been struck by the ferocity of clarity and understatement with which Vogel shapes and controls and, in fact, intensifies the impact of these splendidly constructed poems. They bring to mind Berryman's enigmatically simple phrase, "the freedom of the poet. "I'm startled again and again by their authenticity, distinctiveness of voice, and the authority of tone, the dark fun, the sexiness and delightful adventurousness they display. One hardly knows what to expect next in one of her poems, but can be sure it will be both startling and, somehow, symmetrically inevitable. It is so heartening to know there is one more serious young poet out there-there are so very few." ~Franz Wright, 2004 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry

Emily Vogel, in The Philosopher's Wife, speaks to discovery. Discovery of the self, discovery of the other, and what the comingling of the two can do to create more than the sum of their parts. These poems speak to possibilities, revealing the mysteries of enchantment, the too-often fleeting moment of adoration that accompanies found love. If not first love, then love in that elevated state of being one experiences upon realizing this "other" that what one hopes for, lives for, and dies for. A love we imagine to be true and lasting, though experience tells us that is not always so. The cathedral of marriage here is not binding; there is no obligation, no forced responsibility. While not all things will be true or come true, adrenaline pulses just below the surface in the "giddiness of grass" the "attenuated light of the wakeful mind," and for a while it is in fact all true. ~Michael Foldes

Publisher: Chester River Press
: Poetry
: 2011
ISBN: 0983315914
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Emily Vogel
Writer and Poetry Editor

Emily Vogel’s poetry has been published in numerous journals, most recently in The Paterson Literary Review and New York Quarterly. She has published three chapbooks: Footnotes for a Love Letter (Foothills, 2008), An Intimate Acquaintance (Pudding House, 2009), and Elucidation Through Darkness (Split Oak Press, 2010). The Philosopher’s Wife, a full-length collection, was published in 2011. She has a forthcoming chapbook, Still Life with Man due to be released in December by Finishing Line. She is the poetry editor of the online journal Ragazine, and resides in Vestal, NY with her husband, Joe Weil.

The Deceived Ear

Emily Vogel

The call of one winter bird in the morning,
or the hinge of a rusty screen door opening.

The sound of digestion, or a snow shovel
scraping ice on the sidewalk.

A barren warehouse, or my cunt, or a mind
before it thinks in terms of words.

A disconsolate child sniveling,
or a distant train, or the sound of a coffee maker
in an otherwise quiet house.

What is this oblique musicology?
My renegade ear has deceived me.

What sound, do you suppose,
does outer space make?

Vast with improbabilities, I do believe
that it sounds like a breath held
just prior to something crashing,

that lull on a day sometime in July
between two buzzing crescendos of summer

brought on by the sun.

And the counsel of you sleeping beside me---

O, the sound of the body of Christ
on the tongue,

a story in the mouth.

The Philosopher’s Wife by Emily Vogel


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