Nurturing Nature is a series of work using interactive media, video installation and more traditional media that collectively allow the gallery visitor to experience elements of a very personal narrative. Working by-and-large with found media Rees Shad has created a group of works that act as lexia in the tale of his journey to familial discovery.

The Art Jerusalem Virtual Fairacts as a physical event, except that it is online and available to the visitors 24 hours - 7 days a week. A wide range of virtual booths, galleries, painters, photographers, sculpturers, mixed media artists, editors, agents and more, gathered together at one website. The visitor will be able to locate a specific artist or galley, "walk true" the virtual hall, or even search by techniques, names or free keywords.

Crown Fraud Trailer
Release date June 2008
Markets and Investments, UK.

In February 1897, the British Empire waged war on the old Benin Kingdom. At the end of the battle, Benin City was burnt to ashes. The Oba of Benin was deposed, most of his chiefs murdered, numerous innocent lives were lost. The war, apparently Obinali Egele, general manager of Markets and Investments, producers of Crown Fraud, said was punishment for the Benin people for not accepting the occupation of the white men who invaded their lands. The British invaders also looted over 3000 Benin artefacts of monumental cultural heritage, which held the secret to the events that shaped the history of Benin.
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