You know how something bugs when you know darn well it should not. Instead of dropping it, somehow you can't, and just like a child who insists on eating candy instead of food, you keep at it. That thing, whatever it is, becomes magnified. It occupies you in a way it should not, and sometimes can affect the people around you. Many times, the thing that bugs you is not a problem, but your perspective frames it as such. You are looking for a resolution to this thing. And then you go to sleep, wake up the next morning, and everything is A-okay. Oh yeah, I think we have all been there at least once or twice.

I knew my yoga class was this morning, but I did not get enough sleep so was a little tired. After drinking my apple-cider water this morning, my face must have produced the look of someone who took medicine. You know that look? So, I packed myself up like a pillsbury and headed to yoga. My yoga teacher must have sensed it and tells me after I came to class.

Oh boy, yoga was what I needed but I did not know it. My yoga session was hitting every point today with its own flow including some guided relaxation (pratyahara), breathing (pranayama), and postures (asanas). My bones and joints, which carry the flesh, bent and inhaled deeply. With each deep breath, I was lubricating each joint like the way the grease of a neck bone coats the pan. As the music perfumes the art gallery in a sonic bliss, I wanted more. My body was rejoicing, singing Hallelujah. As I stretched, I let go of the old and welcome the new. The heat my body produced was pulsating. I felt like one with the element and with the energy that gives us life and fire. It was as if I was being misted in the breath of the Gods. As it cascaded over my body, I felt anew. This yoga was life affirming. At the end, I was beaming, awake, alive, and ultra happy. I really needed this.

To practice yoga with a heart-centered person as Cheryl is a wonderful gift and a beautiful experience. Our yoga session is from 9AM to 10:30AM on Tuesdays and Fridays at Africa House. Come whenever you are ready.