Happy 2018! It has been a very great while since we wrote. We have been enjoying the benefits of yoga at Africa House gallery.

Yoga helps with your physical health, releasing tensions that are calcified in your joints, strengthening your body, and massaging your internal systems through breath and deep-tissue breathing. Stress, anxiety, and fear all have a way of impacting our health negatively. Whether it is our job, personal life, we all have burdens, expectations and responsibilities we carry. Yoga can lighten our load and help us see the blessing of each day while staying present at each moment. Through yoga, we can go back to the curious child-like state, full of laughter and possibilities, mixed with a gleaning optimism where everything is possible and within reach.

We are opening our yoga session to the public so that you can enjoy all the benefits yourself. Our yoga is done in an environment that nurtures you. After each session, you will feel restored and renewed.

To join the yoga session at Africa House, email us for date and time.

If you know someone that can benefit, do let them know.