The Art Jerusalem Virtual Fairacts as a physical event, except that it is online and available to the visitors 24 hours - 7 days a week. A wide range of virtual booths, galleries, painters, photographers, sculpturers, mixed media artists, editors, agents and more, gathered together at one website. The visitor will be able to locate a specific artist or galley, "walk true" the virtual hall, or even search by techniques, names or free keywords.

Celebrating Israel's 60th anniversary, the Jerusalem municipality and Engel Galleries invite Jewish artists and art galleries world wide, to take part in an exceptional event – a Jewish art fair which will be held in the Underground Prisoners Museum, during the festival of Sukkoth 2008.

Art Jerusalem Fair is a unique project for jewish artists. The project will include exhibitions by individual artists and galleries as well as shows curated by Israeli and foreign curators. Our vision is to promote Jerusalem as an important international art arena, and to produce a long tradition of contemporary Jewish art Biennale.

The fair will take place within the fascinating compounds of the Underground prisoners Museum in Jerusalem and will showcase various plastic arts media: Painting, sculpture, installation, photography, video-art, and digital art.
A select number of artists will have the opportunity to present their work at the Mayor's Sukah at Jerusalem's City Hall Plaza, where other festivities, attended by 100,000 people every year, also take place.

The fair's website provides all the information and the registration possibilities. Virtual booths may be rented for the display of artwork. A lavish catalog will also be published with a full page for each participant. The catalog will include personal details and a selection of works. The catalog will be sold on site and circulated throughout Israel's embassies world wide.

Online:  Art Jerusalem Fair