An evening of dynamic drumming, dance, and devotion.

Where: Indian Community Center (ICC) building

Address: 1595 NYS Route 26, Vestal NY

When: Wednesday June 15th from 7:00pm

Admission: $15 at the door / $12 in advance by calling Cheryl Kindt @ 232-6189

“Our music is infused with emotion, with passion, love, playfulness. We’ve grown up with it. We live it,” says Vish. In the past year they have played on 6 continents.  “Rhythm is a universal language,” explains the Mayapuri drummer, Bali, “It transcends all external barriers. Everything. Race, religion, tongue, creed, culture. It’s the heartbeat of the universe.”  Mayapuri drummer, Vrinda says, “It doesn’t matter where you come from, what language you speak, your cultural background. This kind of music speaks to everyone." All three of them attended boarding school in India where they learned the fundamentals of mantra music. Their group is named after the holy village of Mayapur, where the kirtan movement started. Their album is named after the Mridanga, a clay and leather drum from Mayapur.

The Mayapuris - a beat-driven band breathing fresh, vibrant life into sacred ancient Indian musical and dance traditions.

Preservation plus Innovation! Get ready for an evening of dynamic drumming, dance, and devotion!

They weave dance, spoken word, and irresistible rhythm  into their shows creating an incredible impression on audiences.

Fans of all genres of music love what they do. Their sound is an ecstasy booster, a party, a musical bridge between everyday life and something greater.

Rapidly ascending as one of the most popular mantra music groups in the world, The Mayapuris have performed in diverse venues, from the inauguration-inspired Chant4Change event, to Bhakti Fest, to Beloved Festival, to Burning Man to Wanderlust. In just the past year they have played on stages on 6 continents.

The Mayapuris are always eager to elate crowds with pulse-surging music as they roll along to the thunder of their drums.

Here are a couple of their video clips: