A profile of Caribbean artists for the Black Aesthetic exhibition.

Wilfred Daleus, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Typical Haitian Wedding, Petionville

Wilfred was born and raised in Cap Haitien, north Haiti, from a peasant lifestyle. He attended catholic schools and where he perfected his art talent. His work has been displayed at the Haitian Art Institute, Eastern Caribbean and Miami, FL.

Fritzner Alphose, Gonaives, Haiti

Typical Haitian Fruit Market, Gonaives; Waiting for Love; Carnivals in Port-au-Prince and Jacmel

Fritzner Alphonse was born in Port-au-Price, Haiti, July 1938. His parents were from Jacmel, a coastal township in southern Haiti – mother a merchant and father a tanner. After leaving school Fitzner learned his father’s trade and worked at it until age 36, then through the influence of a boyhood friend, Calixte Henri, he began painting, which came naturally to him. Alphonse’s work has been shown throughout the Caribbean islands, at the Haitian Institute in Wash. D.C., the Organization of American States (OAS), France, Mexico, Japan and Miami, FL.

Phillip Outten, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) BWI

Village by the sea

Village by the sea, a coastal town, With and accept ional deep sea diving training facility. Phillip was born on the island of Grand Turk, TCI and after art school in Jamaica, Wes Indies (WI) he branched out on his own. He sees life through the oceans of the Caribbean-the view of life view.

Nicholson Simpson, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Banana Harvest in Cap Haitien, Haiti

Nicholson Simpson was born in north Haiti to farmers. His childhood dream was always to be an artist, so between working in the fields and on the streets of Port-au-Price he became an accomplished artist. His works are displayed in Port-au-Price, Jacmel and south Miami, FL.

Jean A. Seide, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Rice Field below sea level

Once a poor peasant boy selling peanuts on the streets Haiti. Seen as an up and coming young artist, an old village elder encourages to take his talent down to the seaport of Port-au-Prince and use it as a financial tool to help his poor mother raise his younger siblings. Today his art work is viewed as model for young artist to follow. His works and exhibited in Cap Haitien and South Florida.

D.J. Paillant, Gonaives, Haiti

Fish Market

Fish Market represents the north central Highlands of Haiti. D.J. Paillant was born Gonaives, Haiti. He became an accomplished artist while living in Port-du-Paix, Haiti. His art work is seen in various parts of South Florida.

Sylla Llyod, Bottle Creek North Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islands

Super Time

Super Time depicts rural indigenous life Turks and Caicos Islands of people living in Turks and Caicos. Sylla was the son of Haitian immigrants, who grew up in TCI. There, through high school education, he developed a unique likeness for art and learned to portray the realities of life in their local environment and circumstances.

T. Noel, Pont Benoit, Haiti

Co-operative Food Market, north east Haiti

Noel was sugar cane worker during the day and an artist at night. A native of Pont Benoit, he spent most of his adult life in Porta Plata, Dominican Republic. His work is showcased in Santiago and Santo Domingo, DR. He’s famous for his image of many faces. His works are exhibited in Santa Domingo, DR, Pont Benoit and Port-au-Prince, Haiti.