By Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

At thirty-five, and almost past the age most Nigerian women would have settled into matrimonial homes -- with one or two kids -- she was just starting out. Well read, well mannered and with an array of diplomas from two Ivy League institutions, she was steadily climbing the American corporate ladder. She is also unusual in that she is one of those who had not had her heart severely broken, and her faith in men shaken. However, how she got into the traps and tricks of a run of the mill Nigerian remain the talk of the town in my neighborhood. Sadly, she is not alone. There are thousands of men and women like her who get taken, and used as a free ride to the UK, Canada and the US.

By Mike Akpan

The Society is not so visible in most countries where it exists but its members are men of immense influence and wealth

Freemasons rule the world. This  assertion appears controversial but the facts are revealed in a recent book on Freemasons written by H. Paul Jeffers. In the book titled: Freemasons: Inside the World’s Oldest Secret Society, Jeffers states that most of the Freemasons who are the movers and shakers in various fields of  endeavour, live in the United States of America, USA, the world’s  only surviving super power.

The Case of Homosexuality

By Chris Ihidero, Akin Adesokan, Deji Toye, Damola Awoyokun, Rotimi Babatunde, Afolabi Akindolire

The health of any civilization, of every society is determined by the way it treats any of its minorities: the unborn, the physically challenged, the sick, the prisoners, the aged, the pensioners, the ethnic and religious minorities, the nonconformists, and the sexually different.

Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda

By Kezio-Musoke David

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has stressed the importance of African media telling their own story in an African context.

Addressing his monthly media briefing, the Rwandan leader warned the media against being “mentored by Western minds” while covering Africa.

During the Tuesday briefing at State House in Kigali, President Kagame finally broke his studied silence regarding his electoral intentions when he announced that he would stand for a second term in the August election.

By Isabel Adonis

I read William Faulkner's Light in August in my early teens and I scarcely understood it.  But I understood something and many years later a woman at a party mentioned that she had read the same novel at college.  For a while she talked about miscegenation and on my return home I decided that this was something that I wanted to look into.  I wandered down to the little second hand bookstore in Bethesda where I used to live and it was the first book that I found there, as if it had been waiting for me to claim it. I am mixed race, my mother was Welsh and my father was from the Caribbean.  Many people treat me as if I am black, an exotic, and a foreigner. But I have lived a life like the character in the book, lonely isolated and forever going round in circles searching for my authentic self. And just as in Faulkner's deep south I live in a society which is determined to make me bad, determined to make me take the role of scapegoat, to make me 'the other' of themselves.

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