Another unfortunate development was that support for AMIS from Western donor countries began to weaken just as the going got rough. The N'djamena Ceasefire Agreement had involved a formal collaboration between the AU, the UN and leading Western powers. According to Anyidoho, 'Canada was to provide aircraft and maintenance, the UK vehicles, the US camps, and the EU soldiers and police.' Donors eager to be seen to pledge money early in 2005 were reluctant to release it once the mission ran into difficulties. The US had promised $50 million to support AMIS at the donors' conference in May 2005, but didn't deliver. By November the following year, Congress had removed the funds from the 2006 Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill. Around the same time, the EU announced that salary payments would be made only on a quarterly basis and demanded proper financial accountability before releasing funds for the next quarter. When the paperwork didn't arrive, the EU suspended the provision of funds.

There is a massive experiment being performed on thousands of primarily African American children in New Orleans. No one asked the permission of the children. No one asked permission of their parents. This experiment involves a fight for the education of children. The other half of public school students, over ten thousand children, have been assigned to a one year old experiment in public education run by the State of Louisiana called the “Recovery School District” (RSD) program. The education these children receive will be compared to the education received by the first half in the charter schools. These children are effectively what is called the “control group” of an experiment – those against whom the others will be evaluated. The RSD schools have not been given millions of extra federal dollars to operate. The new RSD has inexperienced leadership. Many critical vacancies exist in their already insufficient district-wide staff. Many of the teachers are uncertified. In fact, the RSD schools do not yet have enough teachers, even counting the uncertified, to start school in the fall of 2007. Some of the RSD school buildings scheduled to be used for the fall of 2007 have not yet been built.

From its headquarters in the Zambian capital of Lusaka, officials of the outlawed A.N.C. charged that the South African government was behind the murder of September, a "colored" (mixed race) native of Cape Town and longtime political activist. Her killing, said A.N.C. Spokesman Tom Sebina, was part of a "new campaign by South African death squads." In Paris French leftists organized a parade of 5,000 marchers in September's honor and led a window-shattering attack on Pretoria's tourist office.

The Darryl Hunt case and the candid views expressed in Justice Brady’s concurrent opinion illustrate why such a diverse group of North Carolinians, including many who support capital punishment, is now calling on our lawmakers to enact a moratorium to examine our death penalty system,” said Duke Law Professor Jim Coleman. “The errors in the Hunt case and in the case in which Justice Brady concurred were not inadvertent. That is the tragedy; they could have been prevented.

Sudan's main oilfields are in the south and disputes over oil prolonged negotiations to end 20 years of civil war there. In contrast, the presence of oil in Darfur comes as a surprise to many in the humanitarian community. The big question now is whether oil will give a motive for warring parties to speed up moves towards peace or make the conflict even harder to solve. "The issue of oil in Darfur isn't very different from the issue of oil anywhere else," said Mike Aaronson, director general of British NGO Save the Children. "It's potentially a tremendous blessing, and potentially a tremendous handicap.

The discovery of oil in Darfur would explain why "a seemingly barren wasteland" of Sudan has ignited such a fierce war, the paper suggests. It quotes a Khartoum analyst who says oil is what's really motivating interventions from the United States, the United Nations and Libya. And it quotes rights activists who say the hunger for oil is what's made the Khartoum government so keen to crack down on rebel demands in the region.

"The 2003 elections, though massively rigged, had at least the semblance of an election. In contrast, the 2007 elections did not have such a semblance; they were not an election at all in any acceptably meaningful sense of the word; they were simply a complete desecration, a palpable travesty of the concept of a democratic election. The desecration was so monumental in its completeness that words, even the word 'rigging', are inadequate to describe it. It would simply be an abuse of language to use any of the epithets 'free', 'fair' or 'credible' in connection with the charade that took place in Nigeria on 14 and 21 April, 2007."

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