The first-ever course on Google and Yahoo in the United States.

Googled and Yahooed
Azuka Nzegwu

Course Proposal 

The Internet is becoming the first destination of all academic and non-academic searches. The simple logic behind such search principles are: if it is not on Google, it does not exist; whereas the principle should be, if I can’t find it on Google, I need to modify my search, as well as search their arch rivals, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, Altavista, LookSmart, etc. There is no question that Google has a formidable search engine. Its simplicity has sparked a revolution in the search engine industry, as well as an assortment of social and cultural changes. Google’s search engine has become a necessity and required tool for many corporations, businesses, individuals, governments, and students whose need for accessing, gathering and processing gigabytes of information on the Internet have increased significantly over the years. Even though the main business of Google Inc is search, the company has strategically expanded its growth potential by treating the Internet as one giant database. For this course, we will look at the limitation and possibilities of Google’s search engine, its effect on other engines as well as its cultural impact.