In the end, Africans escaped the blanket “Australasianisation” of their destiny by the Arab conquest, 800 years before the Europeans achieved this murderous goal elsewhere in the world. This was because Africans were continuously re-grouping and re-defining the future trajectory of their defence, existence, and development by utilising the flexibility occasioned by the sheer size of their (continental) homeland. In addition, they were successful in interweaving the arterial cultural fibre that bound their peoples in order to cope with the inevitable social stresses in regions that had become destinations for the migratory shifts of population, leaving any territories lost or severely threatened by the Arab/islamist emergency.

“They say that it can’t be true, I don’t have any black blood in me. One of the mothers was so shocked that she went and fetched her husband, her husband's parents and her own parents and brought them to the counsellors office and said ‘look, all my family going back generations are white. We can’t possibly have this sickle cell gene.’” Dyson said that associating the gene with Mediterranean groups distances it from African Ancestry, which makes it easier for white women to accept. But is this not perpetuating racism by pandering to their racial prejudices? This action is merely re-affirming the negative view towards blackness and people of African descent, not addressing it.

During the colonial war in the 1950s when many black Africans resisted colonial oppression, aside from the well-publicised Mau Mau resistance, the Maasai also fought vigorously to preserve their way of life and when other ethnic groups were recruited to fight on the side of the British, many of them found themselves fighting against powerful Maasai warriors. Many Maasai also fled to southern parts of Kenya to avoid British aggression and to avoid paying taxes that the British colonial administration imposed to fund the expansion of the white colonies. Today, of the 1 million Maasai that used to occupy the Lakipia Plateau, around 30,000 remain in the region. However, 65 per cent of the land that once belonged to the Maasai is today still occupied by whites, 44 years after independence.

Furthermore, there is some considerable awareness that ever since the days of slavery the U.S.A. is nothing but a vast prison as far as African descendants are concerned. Within this prison, black life is cheap, so it should be no surprise that George Jackson was murdered by the San Quentin prison authorities who are responsible to Americas chief prison warder, Richard Nixon. What remains is to go beyond the generalities and to understand the most significant elements attaching to George Jacksons life and death.

But on November 15 1987, Cuban President Fidel Castro had decided to send more troops and weapons to Angola -- his best planes with his best pilots, his most sophisticated anti-aircraft weapons and his most modern tanks. Castro's goal was not merely to defend Cuito, it was to force the SADF out of Angola once and for all. He later described this strategy to South African Communist Party leader Joe Slovo: Cuba would halt the South African onslaught and then attack from another direction, "like a boxer who with his left hand blocks the blow and with his right -- strikes".

In the tradition of the European explorers unleashed on the rest of humanity with letters from their kings entitling them to claim and seize the lands, treasure and inhabitants of all places not under the rule of white Christian princes, the US patent office began in the 1990s, granting American corporations exclusive "patents" for varieties of rice produced in Asia for thousands of years, for beans grown in Mexico centuries before Columbus, and for all the products which were or might be made from trees, plants, roots and molds growing in the rain forests of Africa and Asia. Indian courts, under pressure from their citizens, rebuffed for now American attempts to collect royalties for the production of basmati rice, which farmers in India and Pakistan have cultivated for centuries. But every developing country can't bring to the table against the U.S. the power that India, with a fifth of the world's population can.

Ah, lest I forget, there is also another slight difference. I do not go to superhuman lengths to deny my origin, to distance myself from it. I am not in any way implying that you do not have the right to distance yourself from your own humble immigrant origins with missionary zeal. I share your grief and I'm unhappy with your father who did not have the good sense to be born a pure Aryan in France. His poor sense of judgment has created a situation in which annoying words like "Hungary" and "immigration" will always hover like a shadow over your attempts to become a Francais de souche, a pure bred, by redirecting your narrative towards Gaullist ancestors. You see, a tree trunk may spend twenty years in the river, it will never become a crocodile. And to think that Leopold Sedar Senghor and thousands of colonized Africans of his generation received thousands of Gauls as gifts from the benevolent Mother-Country to replace their own uncivilized African ancestors! The same gift you now seek so frenetically to replace your own less dignified Hungarian ancestors! Life can be so unfair.

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