Let’s be clear. American democracy has always coexisted with vicious, state-sponsored racism. The nation’s first presidents worked to establish an innovative, flexible, radical democratic republic while simultaneously codifying enslaved blacks as a fraction human and relegating them to intergenerational chattel bondage.After emancipation, as blacks helped make America the greatest industrial and military power on earth, the country stripped blacks of the right to vote, segregated public accommodations, provided inferior education to black children, and allowed and promoted the terrorist rule of lynch-mob violence.  This week Barack Obama was pressured to denounce Jeremiah Wright.  But in the hundred years following the end of the Civil War more than five thousand African Americans were lynched and not a single president denounced the atrocities. Because of this history, black patriotism is complicated.Black patriots love our country, even though it has often hated us. We love our country, even while we hold it accountable for its faults.

And here begins this outrageous story. The west has wasted its youthful generation and they do not hold any promise. The system makes it so hard to have and raise children so many millions opt out due to economic considerations. The western population is on the decline. There is little prospect of any natural increase in birth rate to offset the population loss. Immigration is used to maintain the population balance. At the same time, millions of westerners are sick. Sick from the decadence that daily marks their life. Sick from the over use of active chemicals and mechanicals which they thought had provided them with this great advantage over the rest of humanity. In the western world there is a health crisis of a gigantic proportion. The rich and middle class of the western world especially are sick from their over self abusive life style. They are wasted with cancers and organ failures. They are laid low by internal decay which threatens their significant internal organs such as livers, hearts, kidneys, even testicles etc.

“If it’s in the desire and the interests of our African partners in that regard then we’ll look for an opportunity to do that where it makes sense to do so, but only obviously where we’re invited,” Moeller said. The caution stems from the unwelcoming reaction of several African nations, including regional powers South Africa and Nigeria, to the notion of Africom setting up on their patch. Africom found itself having to justify its ambitious mission — in Bush’s words, to promote peace, security and “our common goals of development, health, education, democracy and economic growth in Africa” — in the face of widespread opposition and skepticism.

That the state is inferior to its peoples, irrespective of race, continent, region, religion/ belief system, is irrefutable. As a result, and graciously for that matter, Premier John Major of Britain, back in 1992, did not utter some obscenity during the period, à la his predecessor 25 years before, of willing to “accept” the death of “one half million” Serb or Albanian or Croat to keep Yugoslavia “intact”; neither did Major dabble into some nonsense of the “inviolability” or “indivisibility” of the Yugoslav state, an artificial assemblage concocted at the same time in 1918 as the equally inchoate Czechoslovakia and Soviet Union. Pointedly, these two oft-repeated vulgarities just quoted were a favourite of James Harold Wilson’s on Nigeria in the 1960s as well as by Nigerian genocidists whose state, cobbled together by Britain in 1914, also shares the same non-organic kinship as the central/east European examples.

So, if Africans do not recognise 1807 and consequently the 2007 event, why did Britain continue in the staging of the latter regardless? Nothing more than to persist to promote the lie of its own narrative. But this was until it was spectacularly interrupted by the dignified, solemn and gracious testimony of Toyin Agbetu during that 27 March 2007 abbey service. As he faced the variegated template of the British establishment, Agbetu rejected the British “account” unequivocally: No! You know, as I know, that your narrative is a lie … I will not be part of this … Africans will not be part of it … 150 million of my lost ancestors are not part of this … You, yourself, should not be part of this … Own up to your crime against Africans, a crime against humanity … Abandon the lie of a narrative that Africans do not accept and will never accept…

The driving force behind WWII was IG Farben’s ambition to achieve control of the global oil and drug markets and eliminate, by force, any competition. The IG Farben companies financed the rise to power of the Nazi party and the transformation of German democracy into a dictatorship. The Nazi/IG Farben coalition’s plan for world domination had three stages: first, the conquest of the Eurasian continent; second, the take-over of Great Britain and all of its colonies; third, the military defeat of the USA and the rest of the world. As everybody knows, the Nazi/IG Farben coalition’s plan for world domination was destroyed by the efforts of the great majority of nations of the world and the extraordinary sacrifices they made.

In the light of the above, Young cannot fail to contend with the distinct possibility that instead of his business associate heading for the European city with the spelling that starts with the alphabet “o”, Oslo, to collect his coveted “peace prize” later this year, he could well terminate his journey at a different city further south – still in Europe but name beginning with “t”, The Hague: to answer charges at the international criminal court house situated there for “crimes against humanity” committed during the Igbo genocide of 1966-1970. Given Young’s three decades of friendship with Obasanjo, it is not unlikely that either the prosecution team or indeed the Obasanjo’s defence panel might wish to summon Young to The Hague to testify as witness during proceedings. So, as Young prepares his Obasanjo-support dossier for the Nobel award committee, it is unthinkable that he would omit the cardinal features of the Obasanjo legacy in 40 years of public life deeply embedded in the Igbo genocide.

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