Dr. Wilson Orhiunu (Babawilly) works as a general practitioner in Birmingham UK. He has published his poetry on various internet sites. In May 2005, his first collection My Time was released. Wilson has a deep interest in the use of Nigerian Pidgin English in literary works. Currently, he is working on a paper back version of his web based dictionary – Babawilly’s Dictionary of Nigerian Pidgin English words and phrases and on his second poetry collection.

Uchenna Hilary Chime works as a website designer in Lagos, Nigeria. He graduated as a painter in the Fine Arts Department, of the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu. A traditional artist to the core, who gradually has transformed into the world of digital arts. He trained as an interactive multimedia developer, his works span from illustrations to image, video and audio editing. He has worked extensively on several multimedia CD titles, he exhibits occasionally, and have his works in private and public collections.

Born in 1985 into a busy African community known as the city of Warri, raised in an economically viable mobile family of ten; Toris Okotie had his pre-high school education in not less than 3 African schools and his high school education in more than 4 schools including Francis Lewis High School in NY. Inspired by the diverse experiences from socializing with people of deferent educational, social and cultural background, and reading several poetry books especially Shakespeare. The author took delight in poetic writing and sharing his experiences with others.

Tony Tokunbo Fernandez was born on the 7th of August 1969 in South London. This upcoming poet, playwright and novelist started creative writing at the age of nine, a habit he expressed with keen enthusiasm. Tony attended the Federal Government College in Azare, Northern Nigeria, and later went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree in English language and Literature at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. Much later he went on to complete a programme in Teaching English as a foreign Language at the Frances King International Training Institute in South Kensington. His writing later then began to become a fusion of Poetry, Graphics, Sounds, Spectacles, Animations and Music. Tony then went on to study Web design and Programming at the City University in the Heart of London UK.

Toluwalope Gbenga Ogunlesi was born in Scotland to Nigerian parents but lived most of his life in Nigeria. He studied pharmacy at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He writes poetry and short fiction. His poetry has appeared in The Times Arts Review (Nigeria), The Guardian (Nigeria), and online. His first collection of poetry, Listen to the Geckos Singing from a Balcony, was released in 2003.

A renowned poet, Tanure Ojaide has won major national and international poetry awards, including the Commonwealth Poetry Prize for the Africa Region (1987), the BBC Arts and Africa Poetry Award (1988), twice the All-Africa Okigbo Prize for Poetry (1988 and 1997), and also twice the Association of Nigerian Authors' Poetry Prize (1988 and 1994). Ojaide's poetry publications include: Labyrinths of the Delta (Greenfield Center, NY: Greenfield Review Press, 1986), The Eagle's Vision (Detroit: Lotus Press, 1987), The Endless Song (Lagos: Malthouse Press, 1989), The Fate of Vultures (Lagos: Malthouse Press, 1990), The Blood of Peace (Oxford, UK/Portsmouth: Heinemann, 1991), The Daydream of Ants (Lagos: Malthouse Press, 1997), Delta Blues & Home Songs (Ibadan: Kraft, 1998), and Invoking the Warrior Spirit (Ibadan: Heinemann, 1998).

Siendou A. Konaté is from Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) in West Africa. It was there that he earned his Bachelors and Masters degrees. As a fulbright fellow to Binghamton University, his area of specialization is on comparative literature, translation theory, and criticism. He came to poetry reading the works of African writers like Léopold Sédar Senghor, Aimé Césaire, Léon Gontran Damas, David Diop, Birago Diop, and Bernard B. Dadié. Most of Siendou’s poems are political though his work is centered on Africa and he is especially interested in Africa’s relation to the world, and with her sons and daughters in Africa and abroad.

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