Across the borders of mental rage,
Our eyes open to a new life like a flower
On a gentle summer morning
And fear becomes only a state of mind.

When memory brings back to us,
Our own words of wisdom lost,
Only then shall we read sorrows Written in our history's eyes.
To see that glory lies beyond our fears Beneath our courage.

And that our wishes will always lives
Much longer than our dead.
And that our hunger for knowledge is,
A venture towards wisdom.
And even in our dying dreams,
We sing the glory of our future’s might
Just to heal our spirits.

And behold, the old and the new
Shall come together in a sacred pact of life
To save the Earth from this inhumanity.

If we realise that the faithful
Always journey in loneliness
When the angels are far-gone
Then come, in wisdom,
We become true heroes.

Like thunder,
We leave footprints
Even on the sun.

Bologna 29/03/95