By Dr. Ejine Okoroafor-Ezediaro

Just like mud lying in wait
Post torrential downpour
Waiting for whom to trip
You wait, lurking at corners
Your mosquito harbingers hovering
With proboscis ready to pierce
And inject a venomous malaria dose

This time, I’m determined to evade you
Sunday, Sunday prophylaxis
Insecticides sprayed
Nap underneath a net

Ha, see if you can catch me now
For once, I refuse to fall victim
Yet I rouse, weary to the bone
Worse than the farmer
Returning home after anOvernight toil at Enuigbo Abatu
Head feels heavier than a ton of lead
Body hotter than coal,  a bowl of soup could warm on my forehead
Yet I shiver, shaking like Igbokoro masquerade
Dancing to the beat of akanka drums
Hallucinating and gibbering
More eloquent than Ojugo
Entranced and haunted by the spirits

You win, bloodshot eyes plead for mercy
Bitter quinines contrive a cure
I surrender and fall into deep slumber to await verdict

Copyright © Dr. Ejine Okoroafor-Ezediaro 2007.