By Tamunobarabi Gogo Ibulubo

each time we walk
each time we swim
each time we sit down

at the sea side

we see the breeze blows cool
we feel the ocean,
not in the cup that we hold
in our hands

not in the cans of
zobo reddish drinks
that we sip with
great comfort

but our eyes stay
on the ripples we see
they turn over and over
in a folded water of waves

they approach us
at the shore as we sit
we see the reflection of the skylines
as glitters on the crystal balls

which make the surface silvery
as the water roll over and over
in the open river spaces
we see it so clearly

but the peering sky surges hard to eat up
the moist we feel and the soul’s comfort
in the resurgence of a strolling nature
that attend to all that abide