By Tamunobarabi Gogo Ibulubo

misty and misty sky
a wavy cloudy movement
of water and of water
sharing the colour to black
mixed into a rainbow arc

come it may only but a delay
until earth agrees
to a caress in tender strokes
and pet it into expectancy
for the need of fertility

green must grow green
so earth succumbs to alluring
when sky blink in two eyes
coming first in soft tender strides
by counsel so wrong

sky brushed the pecks
with torrents and current
transplanted rivers on farmland
a stubborn stagnancy with its rush
Streams grow on foot paths

a day giving birth to an unhappy child
where moody expression soils the soil
that dints the new friendship
leaving the pangs of cold on
forcing for more gulping beyond capacity

in time sun comes with laughter
so warm,bright and cuddling
bringing a sap to flowers in well scented
lawns verges and the colour full paths
a healing embraced to remain

for plucking on glamour garden lanes
wrong counsel planted discord
that furrow photosynthesis on the forehead
painting it with the same inept akin to independent power
energy flow that emit wrong hotness

to sap the sap away from the glamourous array of plants
descending heavy slow opening night darkness
to make leaves fall dry or fresh in created wild nakedness
in the open squares where uncouth horticulturists
dis-empowers the defenders of the wind

august 8, 2003