Uchenna Hilary Chime works as a website designer in Lagos, Nigeria. He graduated as a painter in the Fine Arts Department, of the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu. A traditional artist to the core, who gradually has transformed into the world of digital arts. He trained as an interactive multimedia developer, his works span from illustrations to image, video and audio editing. He has worked extensively on several multimedia CD titles, he exhibits occasionally, and have his works in private and public collections.

Uchenna Hilary ChimeTo him poetry comes naturally, he believes it is an extension of his canvass and 'paint' he must, either with colours or in words. He draws his topics from his immediate environment and imagery from Igbo folklore. He is currently preparing a collection of his poetry and short stories which he hopes to publish soon. Chime, Hilary Uchenna is the secretary of United Artists For Environmental Protection (UAFEP) and, a founding member of Digital Artist in Nigeria (DAN).

Poems by Uchenna Hilary Chime


(to africans in diaspora)

africa here i come, africa
africa of the black soul
the soul of an ancient culture
the culture of your timid tribes.

its your voice i hear africa
your voice of the talking drums
your beaded drums and the royal trumpeter
the metal gong of your town crier

i have come to see your music dance
i have heard of your ageless minstrels
have i not heard of your swinging hips!
i have heard enough and have come to watch
wouldn't you dance for me africa

africa here i come africa
would you not show me to your tribes
the timid tribes of your sweetened tongues
the varied tongues of your valoured men

africa, black soul africa
tell me about your gods
your gods of the sky and of the mother earth
your gods of the hills and of the rivers abound

show me to your kings africa
your kings of the ancient dynasty
the ancient dynasty of rusted spear and shield
africa, here i come africa


Beast, Made Man

I saw a beast
clad in army green
short and stout
at helm of affairs

face of monster
goggled; dark as ever
stony as gibraltar
quick to scorn

I saw a beast
whose heart has died
long before he was formed
...loosened to a nation

and, the beast lives
in the heart of the nation
in the heart of aso rocks
short of mans grip

sought him, his victims
beast against man
man against man

and man with beast
raped the nation;
lent her wealth
...to their distant accounts

27th dec. 1998


My father,
out of your seeds
emerged i,
millions of us swarm across the eggling waters
looking for her, that harbours
and, i the chosen morphed into fluids
...the races of life began at conception

dear mother,
days stumbled into months
egglings, from your womb harboured me
and the fluids formed into being
enshrouded in you, body and soul;
eating and sucking all day long
...this, is the making of me

11, 2000

. . . Detention

distanced we sat, barred from
spoken words
masked, our lives became one
volume of thoughts race
our troubled minds
morphed into forms
flow among us

we had said volumes
neither by mouth nor scribbles
of our dried fountains
we have rocked minds;
and shared unchained thoughts
...who can seal or hold in captive
a troubled mind


Dotted Verses

- in memory of sesan ajayi

acidic soul of pains
for echo of geckoes
in a distant ghetto
in arms of time: the long waited...

laid a disciple, sesan
as sea sands dissolves in time
trailing thy paths, so dotted
in verse

...as much
as man has dreamt
visions: missions



tensed we watched
as our fathers before us, has done
we watched as dawn streaks across the neighing sky
another day has come
with it, hope that lingers

we watched as the crops, whither
as the herds stifle by the river beds
we saw the cracks all around us
and, the sun
scorched harshly upon us

we watched as the skies refuse
to fall its tears and to succor our parching thirst
the field has broken, in piece!
to welcome our weakening bones


lingering images
looking feverishly in the cold
holding on silently
on it's only begotten

shadowy figures
deeply has the night slumbered
woke it not
in your whispers

black lonely soul
tell me
most sorrowfully
why thou'st flee
at this hour ungodly


Glittered And Burnt

-in memory of jibunoh, nnamdi

body and soul
drifts apart
at its wake
emptiness, hard to fill

beads of stinging tears
trickle lines of swollen faces
in dark web of mysteries; enshrouded

has thou glittered and burnt!
sooner than an eye, winked
...exit of a gem, lost in whirlwind of life

stretched, your canvass remain wetted
who will make the paintings;
and splash the colours of a creative mind
who will etch the epithet;
now, that the wood is still wet

memoirs of all still lingers-
that you have strolled;
and will be back soon
days have trickled to weeks
...leaving shadows, at its wake

adieu!, brother man

12th Feb. 2000

Heavenly Guest

heavenly guest
heralding thunderously
in its own awake
pelting on men
as well, the gods
gathering itself
drop by drop.

as rivulets you flow
passing on slopes abound
it's rhythm goes -
romancing all corners
cutting out its lonely paths
along our farmstead's.

beside your gathered pools
we stand
with tears of joy
we danced
we played
making mounds of wetted soil
little you, unto us

seasonally guest
you have grown -
at length,
in breath,
we are in you
you in us


-for victims of jesse fire disaster

smoky twigs
heap of bones, uncounted
mass of human debris
ashes to ashes

a week
and three dreadful nights
a whole week of thousand deaths
death, not of a person
...death of a generation

virgin; violated
divulged of sins not hers
bare as the barren
mourn her sorrows

your children are gone!
no, not to the cities
roasted alive
in streams of death
...the rivers of fire


stealthily, it paced ahead
abreast, the darkening shadows
dancing fervently
on thorns of deep thicket;
afloat the hearts of the
roaring rivers

the twirling shadow
our lead, has faded tint
its peace acclaim apiece
have we, and for once cast
a glance!
and made a glimpse of its vanishing trail

now, come the paradise lost
whilst, in our open arms
laid the glittering future
upon which-
ripped us, the wailing soul
out of earth; was made the flesh

Lost Tomorrow

drop not, these tears
hold on to heart
in bones, bear it.

cleanse not, my tears
leave them as wetted
bit by bit
let them dry.

tears of sorrow
who can bring it back
amidst, of all these-
my lost tomorrow.

memoirs of yester dreams
bet if my tomorrow comes
real as i willed.



i appreciate
the habitats called man

i worship
God, that created man

i'm disappointed
in the very nature of man



to 'nyere onuigbo with love

beautiful mermaid,
eyes, of mine solitary soul
out of depth of your heart;
cast a glance!
and, let your rolling eyes
fall upon me

let, your wavering smile
awaken desires long dead
lost in watery presence of
love and lusts
...infatuations and dreams
of the wild west roses

quivers of your smile
has set me aglow, and
has healed the wounds of
infatuations past
the fire of a new found love, blaze!
drying the waters of bitterness



lines of wavy black
wieldy and hazy!
directions undefined

sands in folded palm
man and metal
at crossroads
like soldier-ants on rampage

We Watered The Desert

-to mosop and to all the people of niger delta

we have a cause
we all have a noble cause
we had a dream,
we all dreamt a hopeful dream

how long shall we wait
as they bulldoze our fields
for how long shall we watch them,
destroy our farm crops

they mixed granites in our
corn meal
we complained not
but, savored it all

they said
we have streams of oil field
and, gave us hope
that would sustain us
that could have turn us into a new africa

we gave up
the fields; our crops
cleared out path for the oil rigs
yet, hope
has sustained us not!

now, we are weary
our hands are bare in wants
our dreams were drowned
and the noble cause, thwarted against us
we shall no longer posses the

no longer
shall we see the new tomorrow
never, shall we again posses
our possessions

we complained not
but savored it all

in our sweat
we worked the rigs
in our oil fields
we gave them gold
we gave them gold that watered their deserts
they built up castles
and, lived our dreams

we have a cause
we all have a noble cause
we had a dream,
we all dreamt a hopeful dream

6th nov, 1995

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