Master Justice Novisi Y. Dzitrie or simply Novisi as he cherishes to be called was born in Kakata (Liberia) on February 21st in 1980 but has since the age of four spent his life in Ghana his homeland. He is a young poet who discovered his love for poetry whilst summarizing his first ever written play at the beginning of January 2000 (the millennium). His love for poetry keeps growing with the tick of the clock. Currently he has to his credit a collection of poems titled: Beats of the Sahara, which he hopes to publish soon. He recently performed some of his poetry on Radio Universe the University of Ghana’s FM station. Aside poetry, Novisi has published five short stories in the Ghana’s most popular weekly newspaper The Mirror. He believes the arts cannot be taken out from the society-its part of us, more or less as feed for our innermost. He is presently pursuing B.Sc. Computer Science and Physics (Combined Major) at the University of Ghana where he is a member of the Commonwealth Hall’s Magazine’s (Echoe) editorial board.

Poems by Master Justice Novisi Y. Dzitrie


Master Justice Novisi Y. DzitrieThe earth I have walked
The heavens I have traveled
The universe I have searched

The Milky Way galaxy

Stars I have met
Yet meeting you
I met a star

A pearl in my sky
Sparkling crystal bright
That my heart sets alight
And my mind aright

Drumbeats start
Adrenalin sparks

A feeling in me stirs
Pulsing waves
Sea waves
You make my heart beat

This feeling
Like frangipani in the air

Forget Me Not

Not the flower
Like the flower

I do not equal
Only I compare

When in your courtyard
You sat under mother’s shade
And enjoyed my sweetness

Freely I gave
And out you breathed me in
Till now I lay drawn
Perfume without

I can offer no more
No more!
Yes me

Soul Of My Rose & Rose Of My Soul

(11-14-2002 at 02:23 PM)

mirror of my heart
breath of my shadow my soul my companion
like the marrow deep in my bone

you capture the sprout of my affection
flowering my innermost with whiffs of roses

I can hear your heart and mine!
speaking a language of their own
and need I say more?
for just as you inspire my lips with these words I speak...

if I ask for water
would you quench my thirst
with the abundance of your river
would you hold my hand into the moon night

...and while we're engaged in the mysteries of the night...

would you smile at me with the telling of the waterfalls?
would you keep me warm with the spread of your petals
and bless my tongue with the sweetness of your nectar?

would you!
let me carry you into my arms and safe
O! would you!
whisper into my ears and sing my name and say...
"yes darling yes, you and only, I would marry"
When am gone
Forget me not

Divine Connection

I’ve seen the sea
I’ve heard it sing
The Atlantic Ocean

Passionately so
In rise of waves

I never heard this song
Not this voice!

I’ve dreamt away
And if I dream again
It won’t be the same

Between you and I
Is what connects us,
The thread;
But words cannot suffice to tell

It’s beyond the streams of dreams
Beyond our mental comprehension
Beyond what I’ve seen and what I’m yet to see

It’s in the heart
It’s real
It’s divine.

It Was A Dream

The earth grassed in green
The sky light in blue
The moon full and rounded
Mirroring blue at twilight

Under a coconut tree
Hand in hand
The atmosphere set right

One small beautiful world
Two lovely people

While the birds hovered in merry
Chirping and singing sweet

She looked into his eyes
He looked into her eyes

It was I
It was you

It was us
It was a dream

Mother Africa Speaks

(September 27, 2002. UG.)

And the response must be: “Ye!”

Mother Africa Speaks
My children
She says
Listen when I cry
Hear my call and respond
For far too long you slumber
Awake Africa awake!
Stand up on your feet
And say I am free
And indeed by deeds it must be

Not by rhetoric not by mere words
Nor by blames shifted at will
No! Enough is enough
The white one you have labeled vulture
For scrambling over our motherland

Have you ever considered what label to tag yourself?
When brother against brother you stand
Guerilla wars, civil wars, ethnic conflicts here and there
Slashing throats like barbarians and savages

Have you ever considered what to label yourself?
When after we have empowered you
Shamelessly you steal the whole of our coffers abroad
Stashing it away in the white one’s bank in your selfish name

Have you ever considered what to label yourself?
When after we have empowered you
And you, thinking that you know better than we do
Entrench yourself on the seat
Imposing on us to no avail
And yet refusing others the way

O have you ever considered what label to tag yourself?
When after naming the white one vulture
The very one with whom you connived
Selling your own blood into slavery
Your own brothers and sisters
You have not repented
Instead you slumber as though all is well
Awake Africa awake!
Mother Africa is calling
She’s wailing yes she’s crying
For the many evils you perpetrate against your own soul

And the response must be: “Ye!”

My children
Mother Africa is calling
Saying, stop my pain stop my tears
Purge yourselves of all the many evils
Stand up on your feet and respond ye!
Say I am free
And indeed by deeds it must be

I Am A Poet

I am a poet
I discovered
In my mind’s eye I capture
The essence of the past the present the future
In the day and in the night
In the rain and in the sun
What I see and what I feel
With the flow of my ink I pen
Words into lines into verses into stanzas
With the sound of my voice I recite
Chanting and singing
Songs that poem into stories;
Our cherished history
A poetic reflection of humanity
Our environment and how we live in
Learning from our winnings and our failings
Applying to the now and
To the hope of what is to come