Comrade Chidi Anthony Opara is a Nigerian Poet and News reporter. He was born on the 8th day of August, 1963 in Umude Avuvu in Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo State Nigeria.

Chidi Anthony OparaHe had his primary education at Community Primary school Umude Avuvu from 1971 to 1977 and his post-primary education at Enyiogugu Secondary school in Aboh-Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo state, Nigeria from 1977 to 1982.

He obtained a professional diploma in Advertising from Century Communications Academy in New Delhi India, from 1982 to 1985 and subsequently, worked in the private sector where he rose to managerial positions and thereafter, became a private consultant.

While building a career in the private sector, he was also writing poems. In November, 2007, he became a member of World Poets Society, a literary organization of contemporary poets from all over the world. In December 2007, he founded an internet based non-profit making public information project called "chidi opara reports", where he is the Publisher/Editor-in-chief. He is married with children.

Poems by Chidi Anthony Opara

Conversation with Christopher Okigbo

Why did you leave me
In this desert
With labyrinths of footpaths,
Without a guardian?
Dee Christopher,
Town crier,
Why did you leave me
On the paths of thunder?

I left you
In this desert
In this labyrinths of footpaths,
on the paths of thunder,
For your baptism.
I left you
To the guidance of Idoto,
My Muse,
I left you to fight another war.

Do you have to fight that war?
Do you have to strap
Assault rifles
And pebbles of bullets?
There are men and women
Trained to fight that war,
You are a town crier.

Begone apprentice,
I left my gong and stick
At the sacred grotto
Of Mother Idoto
For you and your ilk,
For generations of town criers.

(Late Christopher Okigbo, a renowned Nigerian Poet lived from 1932 to 1968)

Blood of Niger Delta

My eyes behold
From this hilltop,
Wasteland of Nigeria,
Niger delta,
Home of fish hunters.
I behold
From this podium,
Pipelines carrying petroleum,
Sometimes pissing its contents
Onto tranquil River nun.
Wrinkled, frowning face
Of Gabriel Okara,
Town crier,
Mouthpiece of Almighty,
Beholding the despoliation
I behold.
Far off from wasteland,
In the illuminated conclave,
I behold merciless merchants,
Haggling for petroleum,
Haggling for blood of Niger delta.

Homeland Melodies

Strain your ears now
to hear decibels
of sound,
sound of songs,
sound of homeland melodies
learned at feet
of pious mother,
sitting with me
in a dark
moonless night,
starless night,
with rain threatening
and thunderstorms scolding,
with bats hovering
and mother's lamp
our companion.

Poets Never Lie

How dare they lie?
mouthpieces of God,
with sacred gongs,
with sacred sticks,
messengers of God.
How dare they
swim in falsehood?
pre-ordained priests
of the Almighty
on mission to cleanse
this abode for mortals
littered with dirts
by amoral mortals.

The Just are Few

The just are few
standing on the precipice
of extinction,
bathing in the water
of humiliation.
In the innermost abode
of frustration
they dwell,
sulking and frowning
at ills,
ills of our society.
They are few,
fighting to cleanse
our society of decadence.
But alas now,
in the blue river
some converge daily to wash,
to wash away blackmail.
They are fewer
the just are fewer,
the hall
of stoic philosophy is full.
A part of us
is dead,
only a fraction
is living.


over chicks
and prowling.
Chicks prowled on
'cause no place to hide.
Alas hawks swooped down
and relish chicks
with monstrous claws,
with barbed beaks
and flew home
with joy in their hearts
and sadness in my heart.


This scene
of elephants
on mines infested ground
spoiling for a fight
shivers my spine.
Resolve differences
and tread softly
offthat ground,
lest you detonate mines
and unleash holocoust
and kill lifes
in few minutes,
and confirm
my premonition
of immenient extinction
of lifes.


I long for the day,
day the cord
binding men
cut by men
will be joined again
to bind all men.
I long for fraternity,
for one humanity,
for world citizenship,
for the day
black men
and white men
will meet
and proclaim
selves brothers,
i long for that day.


Boom boom i heard,
i shuddered
and swallowed bitter saliva.
Big vultures
flew past me,
my heart bled
for brothers in war.
I lay and longed
for peace,
for retreat to homes
from refugee's camps,
from war fronts.
And i slept
and dreamt
that wars
were no more,
but i woke,
'twas a dream.

Merchants of Misery

She sat,
mother's hen
laying golden eggs,
golden precious eggs
all day long.
Precious eggs,
precious to merchants
who came
bag laden
to buy precious
golden eggs
from across oceans.
But lo
one day
mother's hen
they stole,
those merchants of misery.

Lovely Dove

This lovely dove
under heavy feet
of darkness,
count me
one weeper
at your funeral,
count me
one dirge singer
at your interment.
This loverly bearer
of light
to illuminate men's heart
and light
this dark stage.

Angry Wind

The angry wind
hollered and hovered,
pushed and pulled
at my roof,
my heart sank
to my belly,
i held my mouth
with my hands,
my soul
prayed for salvation.
The angry wind
deroofed my abode
and my soul
petitioned my maker
about malevolence
of the vexatious wind.