By the Historical Research Group of the Nation of Islam

Apr 28, 2011

( - The U.S.-led attack on Libya is an American operation of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), planned and initiated long before any “protests” started in Libya this February.

Under the guise of “protecting innocent civilians,” the U.S. military, Africom, NATO, and the United Nations are now bombing Libya, raining destruction upon the Libyan economic and military infrastructure and killing untold numbers of innocent Africans. Here are just 10 of the many obvious reasons why this so-called “spontaneous” protest was from beginning to end another CIA operation.

By Biko Agozino

The War on Drugs Done It.

The uprising and the looting that occurred across England recently have renewed calls for zero-tolerance policing and get tough approaches to law and order. The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, set the tone when he suggested that police tactics were ineffective and he reportedly threatened to cut off social media and authorize the police to use water cannons and rubber bullets. He blamed the ‘riots’ on hooligans, criminals and badly brought up kids who had no respect for the authorities. This was quickly followed by newspaper opinions suggesting that the police did nothing to stop the disturbances whereas the police protested that they did the best they could in a democracy that prides itself with policing by consent rather than by force. In this chatter, it is easily forgotten that the disturbances were ignited by a police killing of a black man.

One word of truth shall outweigh the whole world – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

With all our faults as a state rife with top corruption and our inadequacies as a people, there is still something irrepressible about the Nigerian spirit that would not allow Mubarak, Mobutu, or Gadhafi be a possibility in Nigeria. Inspired by the Tunisian uprising and the success of Tahrir Square, Libyans in the UK rose to join their voices with Libyans at home to press for democratic reforms and the exit of Gadhafi. I went to join them. I seized the moment to ask a question that had been disturbing me for a while. ‘How come you guys allowed Gadhafi to rule for over 40 years?’  The leaders of the protest were unwilling to speak to me. They said they are not sure whether I am for them or for Gadhafi since he has spies all over the world. We were a few metres away from the home of the prime minister. Behind us is the MoD – the symbol of British Military might and these Libyans are still afraid of the embattled Gadhafi thousands of miles away.

By Biko Agozino

The political violence and geopolitical dichotomy that emerged with the results of the recent general elections in Nigeria compel me to recommend a program in scholar activism similar to the one led by Comrades Eskor Toyo and Bassey Ekpo Bassey in the late 1980s. The program was called the Directorate For Literacy and I was one of those involved in the organization of weekly literacy classes for workers and monthly public enlightenment lectures in Calabar municipality in addition to the National Literacy Conference with delegates from all over the country. We also published the free monthly cyclostyled newsletter, Mass Line, that was edited by Eskor Toyo with me as associate editor, following my appointment as the unpaid Director of Administration for the Directorate. Other leaders of the project included Comrades Akpan Ekpo, Edwin Madunagu, Bene Madunagu, Okonete Ekanem, Princewill Alozie, and leaders of trade union branches, all working on voluntary bases without payment. We even had a Youth Corps Member assigned to the project and we eventually acquired an office building with a clerk and a messenger on the payroll.

By Joseph Edward

Rampant cases of marriages were reported in Southern Sudan where by the girl is sold as properties and considered as a sources of wealth their families in the southern Sudan, the system is said to be traditional or culturally, and most of these marriages were done in respect of religion, but ladies denied that its not traditional and said that the system was adopted from the decolonization of the Arabs, in the Arab world women and ladies are not recognized and even sold out to men just like any property, and its exactly happening to day in South despite of the separation of the region from the Arabs domination, ladies who fear to be victims of this marriage discloses.

By Joseph Edward

The allocation of the 94,713,396 millions pounds for the celebration of the 9th July 2011 southern Sudan independence, sound as wastage of funds to the opposition and the southern communities because this funds might cater for services delivery to the citizens who voted for the independence as most of the funds is going to used for the benefit of diplomats and some individual in the government, the leader of the opposition in the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly, Hon.Onyoti Adigo disclosed to the press.

Jay-Z is an amazing rapper.  Some think that he’s been in the game for a bit too long, but I don’t agree.  Personally, I think “Jigga” simply reflects the fact that hip-hop itself is aging.  Jazz was once solely the domain of rebellious teenagers, but now you’re sure to hear it playing in every old folk’s home across America.  The same is going to be true for hip-hop.

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