Dire circumstances drive a brilliant school girl into the seedy world of prostitution. "Working Girl" explores the social issues of poverty, prostitution, maternal sacrifice and the duplicity of people at higher levels of society. It's a riveting, emotional drama, interspersed with moments of comic relief.

Lotus White is an impoverished but intelligent sixteen year old student preparing for important final exams. Her life becomes a nightmare when she finds out that her mother, Moira White, who works as a prostitute to support the family, has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and has only a few months left to live.

Born into an environment where she had little choice, Moira has worked all her life as a hooker, but she is determined that her young daughter should have a good education and a better life. When she finds out that she is dying she must dedicate all of her waning energy to one last battle to ensure that that her lifelong plans for Lotus are not suddenly derailed. Will Lotus be able to maintain her virtue in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds or can she rise above the plenteous dirt and grime that constantly engulfs her.