Issue of 17 of JENdA: A Journal of Culture and African Women Studies has been published. This special issue, "African Women in Dimensions: Part 1 & II" has been guest edited by Dr. Azuka Nzegwu.

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No 17 (2010)

African Women In Dimensions: An Editorial Statement
Azuka Nzegwu

The Tape
Emmanuella Celestine Nduonofit

Gambling With God, The Driving Lesson
Cordelia Salter

A Journey Through Seasons
Catherine Kokorwe

Fermented Dish-Water
Naomi Wanjiru

Eight Years And Forty Days, On The Mat
Sandra A. Mushi

Attempt, Hairpiece Crown, Unbreakable, Watching Auntie, A Passage To Belize In America, Small Revolutions
Shayna SheNess Israel

911, Wasted, War Crimes In Rwanda, 1994, Traveler
Azuka Nzegwu

In The Line Of Darkness, Eyes In The Window, The African Woman
Nana Fredua-Agyeman

Wabi At Last?!, My Mother, Wo(e)men
Abdulaziz A. Abdulaziz

Tradition, The Joy Of Womanhood
Prisca Chukwu

My Slave Sister Myself
Gwen Ragsdale

Because Bones Are Solid; Permanent
Suzanne Ondrus

The Plight
Rachael Bassey

I Rise
Odun Dare

Why Am I A Maid?
Khalid Imam

I Live In A Big House
Zuki Vutela

A Living Africa
Marilyn Patricia Johncilla

Thoughts Of A Nigerian Venus
Omenka Helen Uchendu

Invisibility Spell
Odilile Ayodele

Another Year Closer
Pamela Gwishiri

This Much I Know Is True
JuneƩ Barringer Hunt

Who Am I?
Thelma Migue

thinking of love in south africa
Alicia Lochard