Africa Resource Center is a multi-purpose and multi-dimensional educational online portal offering a range of products and services on Africa and African Disapora. We also offer publications, information archive, reports and records, arts, culture, creative and intellectual expression.

Africa Resource is a strategically managed organization that meets its objectives by dedicating resources and staff to the provision of information on and about Africa. In producing and disseminating materials on the various regions of Africa, Africa Resource Center encourages national, regional, continental and global debates on issues that are specifically pertinent to Africa. It brings together databases, streams of research analysis, and cultural productions that are largely separated from each other. In so doing, it promotes socioeconomic evaluations, and cultural and political interpretations with substantial African content.

If you're looking for research material on Africa, or would like to meet with resource people with the right expertise, we'll help you meet your objective. We will link you up with scholars and professionals who would be interested in working with you on your project. If your need is strictly informational we will help you procure the needed data. We can be the affordable research department you always wished you had. We will provide you with the kind of professional guidance few small organizations can otherwise afford. Just call or email us when you need us -- for a single project, or a series of projects.

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