The 4th issue of ProudFlesh: New Afrikan Journal of Culture, Politics & Consciousness is out. The theme is "Consciousness" and it includes an interview with Sylvia Wynter.

Articles include:

Editorial: Consciousness?

"Your Son, Too” [for Lee Boyd Malvo]

Marked Bowls, Cross Symbols & Petit-Maroons


A Raging Flood of Tears (September 11, 2005)

Art at War: Revolutionary Art against Cultural Imperialism

A [Class] Suicide Note

Ripe Mango
a philosophy of thought/emotion
Mud Woman”
disTorted noTions of fReeDom

Self-Consciousness: An Art Exhibition

Trapped @ Girlhood
Trapped @ Adolescence
Awakened Memory
Knocking (To the Ancestors)

A Healing Black Power Narrative: Who Is Erna Brodber?

Delayed Epiphany

The Geography of Death Row: Essays from Inside San Quentin

Review: The Consumption of Paradise

Review: Biko, Steve. Black Consciousness in South Africa. 1979. Ed. Arnold Millard

PROUD FLESH Inter/Views: Sylvia Wynter