Was Julius Ceasar White, not on your life!: The African Roots of the wrongly painted Ceasar – By Masach

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Face of Ceasar

Golden Coin of Iulius Ceasar
The face of Julius Caesar on his gold aureus, Italy, Rome, 46 BC. From Palmyra Heritage – The Manhattan Art and Antique Centre New York

sorry adam, sir, for being a victim of white supremist editing, but allow me to enlighten you on the wrongly painted caesar.

his significance in history cannot be correctly established without visiting his origins, he was a descendant of the Trojan Aennas, the only descendeant of Priam that left that besieged city with his breath.

when Aennas fled the burning city secretly by night, he carried with him all the idols of the temples and most of all his royal black Trojan genes, Priam’s brother was the Ethiopian king father of the black Memnon so work it out, you white lackey if that makes him white.

his first stop was africa in Libya, safely welcomed by the black empress Dido who fled Sidon to her ancestral home Africa for fear of her murderous Zidonian black brother. he survived the great tempestous winds Hera sent to devastate him and his crew such that he lost many ships on his fleet but by mercy of tar black Zeus he reached Africa.

after a good rest at the courtesious reception of the black empress, he set sail for italy where he conquered the land and established the Roman empire, even the poets regarded caesar as the avenger of troy who came to humble the greeks for their cruelty in troy. by no means can a black descendant be deemed white even if he may look white, if thats true.

the Romans were nothind like these false Gauls that took it over after it fell many times. to even rely on statues shows much ignorance, who in this day and age does not know of the concocted history Gaulic whites came up with as an excuse for ancient history.

you can continue believing that nonsense you regard as history and let those who choose to discover differently in peace. there is very little history of the ancient world that remains undiluted by white lies, is it not that even Napoleaon could not take it to see the sphinxes black and bombarded the noses in anger of discovering that it were not whites glorified in that history but the same undermined blacks. to perform the acts of history and to assume plundered glory are different things.

Adam should know that now missionaries or teachers will be sent to correct history and put blacks in their proper significance like the way the lies were propagated, blacks should stand up for themselves and seek the truth, which unfortunately lies among lies.

Silver Denarius of Julius Ceasar
ANCIENT COINS. ROMAN. Julius Caesar, Silver Denarius, 3.87g, 10h. Struck by P. Sepullius Macer, February-March, 44 B.C. DICT PERPETVO CAESAR, veiled and laureate head of Julius Caesar as Perpetual Dictator facing right. Rev. [P] SEPVLLIVS MACER, Venus standing left, holding Victory in her right hand and a long sceptre in her left, a shield at her feet (Cr 480/13; Syd 1074; BMC 4175). Well-centered, good portrait, choice very fine. Rare.

Estimate: $5,000
The New York Sale

aureus of Ceasar with his face on the front and goddess Clementina with the numeral LII or 52 on the obverse. This is a copy not the original.

And here below is the world famous fake statue of Ceasar, fake like the pictures of the white Jesus:

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6 thoughts on “Was Julius Ceasar White, not on your life!: The African Roots of the wrongly painted Ceasar – By Masach”

  1. The internet has blocked the images of the Black caesar coins. See if you can unblock it. You must realize that they really dob’t want this information out there… Good Luck!

    1. Yooo that’s crazy … that’s what led me on this search of Black Caesar. I was watching part episode of “ Pawn Stars” from History Channel. Some guy was selling a Caesar coin and he looked like a black man. While searching online for his Busts I come to realize he was probably black or bi-racial because every bust had the nose broken off OR had a fake nose attached to cover it up .(cracks and different color stone than the rest of the bust). If you look at ANY of Europe’s original regal dynasties , Yu will find that they were ALL black or bi-racial. Their faces and eyes look Negroid, and that their noses r broken off and fake’s r produced to cover it up.

  2. Interesting article. But one edit:
    The story that the nose of the sphinx was broken off by Napoleon is simply a myth. There are depictions of the sphinx with a broken nose from long before Napoleon’s conquest of Egypt.

  3. The statues and busts of Caesar are no more fake than today’s native Italians are black. Caesar might have had some black ancestry way way back, but it would not have shown in his features; just as in the eighteenth century one tenth of the population of Libon was black (as a result of migration from Brazil) and yet by the first half of the twentieth century the black features of the citizens of Lisbon had been diluted out. This “black Caesar” coin is the result of the way the artist made him look, it is ineptly done, and not a true representation of the way Caesar looked.

  4. The Roman historian Suetonius provides us with some insight into the character and personality of Julius Caesar:

    “He was tall, of a fair complexion, round limbed, rather full faced, with eyes black and piercing; he enjoyed excellent health except toward the close of his life when he was subject to sudden fainting fits and disturbances in his sleep. He was likewise twice seized with the ‘falling sickness, while engaged in active service.”

    So fair complexion by our standards would be white. Thus he was white.

    1. Fair in complexion so it is possible he was light skinned because fair can be used for people with light skinned tone and alot of black people are light skinned

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