The rise of the albinos in Europe – by Mike111

Here is true history;

The first wave of Albinos from central Asia were the Albinos who invaded/joined the Greeks and Latins in southern Europe.

The second wave of Albino tribes (Germanics/Slavs) migrated/invaded/were driven from the east circa 200 B.C. to 600 A.D.

It is very important to understand that this whole movement of Albino peoples from Central Asia may have originally been forced by the Huns.

As the Huns chased the Albinos into Europe, the indigenous Blacks of those Areas were forced westward also.

After the Huns left, the Albinos rampaged throughout Europe, and even North Africa. Culminating in the destruction of the Western Roman Empire in 476 A.D.

The Black Franks (probably Celts from Germany) and now ruling in France, rose up and drove the Albinos back as far east as they could. They later became the “Holy Roman Empire” and controlled central and Western Europe circa 800 A.D.

Meanwhile the Black rulers of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine), were in constant war with the Black Persian Empire for control of the East.

The first great blow to Black rule was when the Arabs in their great stupidity destroyed the Persian Empire in 627 A.D.

The problem:

Though the Romans and Persians were constantly at war with one another, they both kept the Albino Turks at bay: who were being chased westward by the Mongols.

The Arab victory over Persia, gave the Turks, who were allies of the Arabs, free rein over Eastern Europe and Anatolia.

In 1453 the Turks succeeded in destroying the Eastern Roman Empire.

With Persia controlled by Albinos, and the territories of the Roman Empire controlled by Albinos, it was just a matter of time before the weight of all of those Albinos was just too great:

Black rule in Britain fell, and then Black rule in Europe fell; There was just too many Albinos to successfully fight.

It wasn’t that Blacks in Europe got soft: Central Asia was completely emptied of Albinos, that’s millions upon millions of people. (A few small tribes were allowed to stay in Asia).

Those damn slanty-eyed devils changed the Albinos from being THEIR problem to being OUR (Blacks) problem!

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  1. Mike111, I question the sincerity of your post since you refer to Asians as slanty-eyed devils. I also, doubt that you are black. Like so called black racism, Black people rarely ever resort to name callings and other such acts which are hallmarkss for beings (Albinos) who are vibrating at an unusually low frequency. There is no need to refer to Asians as slant eyed devils because slant eyes like many so called features some so called races claim to gives them their unique identity, are also found amongst African phenotypes. The Asians were just smart enough to get rid of their problem – fast. I wish black Africa could do the same to their Albino wannabe Arabic and the Central Asian Albinos now masquerading as Europeans. And for anyone who will make reference to so call Asian racism against black people, when was the last time Asians headed a campaign of mass genocide, degradation and has tried to strip black people of their humanity? Name callings from Asians do not exactly equate to the type of Albino racism that has devastated untold black lives. Although, I am not fond of foreign elements resource grabbing in Africa, the Asians in their resource grabbing are more favourable to Africans and has created some semblance of a symbiotic relationship with Africa than what Albinos have done and continue to do over the past 500 years.

    Additionally, the Huns were another one of black tribes residing in Asia. Albinos later applied/stole the name Hun and use it as their own like they did Latins (Italy), Hellenes (Greece) and etc as their own.

    1. i know plenty of people some black who are eat up with racism. it exists under a thin veil of indignation. What is your source for albinos as a tribe. Where do you derive your knowledge? Its redundant but there albinos in Indian and white races. Explain it.

      1. References can be found here:
        Origin and Evolution of the Human Race by Dr. Albert Churchward

        Megalith: Black Builders of Stonehenge by Almer Von Fleischer

        Dr. Churchward also penned the Origin and Evolution of the Primordial Man

        …Greatest reads on the chronology of human kind that I’ve found, thus far…

      2. hey Deidre, it is obvious that you are an enemy of the world…baker is a surname given to the much later descendants of the albino’s and are of the whores of satan who are destroying our world, called anglo-saxons or OF CAIN/KANE, which is the mark of KANE and his whores…research that YOURSELF, if you are even capable and by your illiterate post, I think not! Oh and perhaps educate yourself in migration and real history, not the bullshit we were taught in our anglo-saxon whore schools! The Dutch, Norwegians, sewedes, irish-scotts-english-welsh whores of today, are the children of satan, the illuminati, the NWO, whatever they want to call themselves, the truth is they are of reproabte minds, like you and as my CREATOR said, something else they messed with, the bible, half truth and half bullshit, anglo-saxon bs!
        They are the GERMANIC CLANS of red and blondes, with blue eyes, these are KANE’s line! The mark of Kane is ALBANISM! And now after all the destruction and slaughter they caused, they now live n islands away from us, ever notice that?? Cowards hide and royalty is what they hide behind, but most don’t show their “royalty”, they become politicians, presidents, prime ministers, actors, actresses, singers, athlete’s, all those famous people only make it because of who they are…FACT, HELLywood was created by these anglo-saxon viking-germanic CLANS, not tribes!

  2. “Sansani” means a war camp, an army camp in Hausa language.
    We have the town of Sansanin Mangu in Togo Republic found by Hausas and Sansanin Hausa in Niger. This word “Sasanid” can be related to the word above as well as the word “Assyria” because “Assyri” means “Magic secret power” in hausa, which was
    common in ancient Mesopotamia.
    In Hausa oral tradition, Nimrod’s name is Na-Muradi(The one from whom people can solve their needs). Till today, princes are called by the title of “Biya-Muradi”(who can solve our needs).
    Daura chronicles tell us that it was Abdul-Dar, grandson of Nimrod that had came and governed in hausaland.
    But the history of King Kabrin-Kabra(Who kick with horns) elucidated more about Nimrod, Because Ariwa (Sons of Ary) may be the true Aryans version, gave more details about King Kabrin-Kabra who had done the same did as Nimrod.
    In Arewa version, The king tyranised his people, he went further by asking the youth to kill all the wisemen in order to maintain firmly his reign and possibly to be seen as the only wise.
    He asked to construct the tower in between the earth and the sky.
    In his city, only one young man did not allow to kill his father and hided him elsewhere. The hidden wiseman gives always solutions to Kabrin-Kabra’s tricks.
    It is said that he overcame many wild animals. On a day of feast, the hidden wisemen told his son to tell griots to pump the king. Griots praised him by saying that he was so Great that a horse is small for such a king he was, that a Rhino would be his best rid. When he accepted, hunters had just prepared the plan. They put him over the rhino and proposed to tied him very well with ropes . They made a circle, but after they leaved a gate to permit to the rhino to escape.
    Kabrin-Kabra died in the bush, his people went after to find his remnaint for burial. A Jackal took his throne and placed it near the decapited head. In the past, an Arewa king is selected by the choice of “Jackal” a ritual done by the high Priest.
    The bird of Kabrin-Kabra may be a kind of Araeus was found in another place which gave the name to a village called “Fari-gueme”: The white bird.

  3. A jackal put the “Crown” near the decapited head of the king. A group among Kabrin-kabra’s dead body seekers went astray and hence, lost their primary language. This group of Ariwa is idenyified nowadays by the “Mauris/Maoris”: Ariwa who speaks Zarma/Sonrhai language.
    The term “Mauri” is used because they are identified as leopards when it comes to war.
    Dierk Lange talked about their coming in Africa in one of his book on Kebbi kings as Near-eastern rulers/Assyrians. Ariwa were led by a certain Damuzu(Damuzi/Thamuz) leader of Bagazawa, ancestor of Sar-kin BauRA. They came at the time of fair-skinned people, they came from East and built wells every-where.
    There is an article in french concerning them on the web: ” Maitres de la guerre, maitres de la terre”/ “Lords of war and masters of the land” written by a french historian

  4. Laouali Yahaya if the Sassanid Persian dynasty is similar to the Hausa word Sansani meaning Army camp, the Assyrian kingdom name is similar to the Haussa word Assyri meaning magic secret power and King Nimrod name is similar to Haussa word Na Muradi meaning problem solver then there is a possibility the Sassanid Persian and Assyrian were descendant of black African. The Mede people of Persia name sound like the Mande people of Africa.

    1. Mena7, all of the indigenous peoples of North East Africa (today, it’s called “Arabia/Levant/Mesopotamia”) are African peoples.

      1. @MandumeYaNdemufayoPatriot, where’s proof of all of the Arabian peninsula, Levant and Mesopotamia being Black originally? Thanks.

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