The Original Meaning of the “N” Word — by Pianke Nubiyang

The Original Meaning of the “N” Word

By: Pianke Nubiyang
27, January 02, at 12:50 p.m.


The word “nig…” used to be the most revered and sacred word in the universe. It was the “devine epithet,” and the people who began using the mother of all words that originated from this word which was sullied by the British, were the ancient Egyptians or better, the Khemites, who called their land, “Khemet” or “The Black Land,” and also used the name, “Ta-merri” or “The Beloved Land.”


The father of the “n” word was the word used by the ancient Egyptians for “God.” That word was “N-g-r” and as one can see, there are no vowels in this word. In the ancient African and even the present African languages (the Afro-Asiatic linguistic family) vowels such as “a,e,i,o,u” are not found in many translations, particularly of ancient Hebrew and Egyptian languages.

In the translation of ancient Egyptian and Hebrew (which is heavily influenced by Egyptian), one will not always find vowels, therefore, very few people will realize that the word for God, which is “N-g-r” pronounced “en-ger” was the Egyptian word for God. In fact, the Egyptian word for “nature,” is also the word used for God. That word is “ntyr,” (pronounced net-jer.” Now prounce the word “nigg..” and the word “net-jer,” and one sees the clear connection.


In many African languages particularly the Niger-Congo language family. Words that connects with people, Gods, and groups begin with “n” and that word is always the first word. For instance, the word “Nkosi” in Xhosa is “God.” The word “Ndaba,” in another South African language is “counsil” (or gathering of elders). Many common names also begin with “N”.


N-g-r (Egyptian;pronounced en-jer) = God
N-t-y-r (Egypt; pronounced net-ger) = God, Devine
Negash (Ethiopia; ne-gash) = King
Negus (Ethiopia; ne-goos) = Emperor
Nkosi (Xhosa; en-kosi) = God
Ndaba (Zulu; en-daba) = Counsil/Officials,
Naga (East Indian, Nubian = People
Nugarmarta (West African = People (See the writings of Ibn Buttata’s journey to West Africa)


The Romans are probably the first Europeans to misrepresent the word for God, which was “N-g-r”

About the early part of the First Century, Romans tried to invade Ethiopia. (see BLACK HISTORY CHART or go here for a list of Nubian Pharaohs and Queens.

The Romans who were speakers of Latin always knew of Blacks, there were Blacks in Rome, Italy had an ancient Black presence long before the Latins migrated from Central Asia and North Eastern Europe during the ‘Aryan’ migrations. In fact, the Latin ethnic groups is still in existance in the northern part of Italy even today. This part of Italy still grips about Hannibal’s invasion which happened about two thousand two hundred years ago!!!!

The Romans had a name for Blacks, it was “Niger” and it meant Black or people of African origins. Thus, Septimus Niger would have meant, Septimus the Negro. Yet, how did the Romans connect the word “Niger” to Black.

In ancient times, Blacks were worshipped as Gods. The Gods of Greece came from Egypt. The worship of the Black Madonna is connected with the worship of Isis, the Egyptian Goddes. Moreover, Blacks in Egypt called their Pharaohs “En-ger” or “N-g-r” he was literally referred to as “THE GOD.”

It is very possible that when the Romans tried to invade Nubia, they asked for the name of the God and the term “N-g-r” was probably used in place of “leader” or “king”. In Angola, the same also happened during the 1600’s when the word “N-gola” which means “King” (notice the “N” and the “g” in this word as well), came to be “Angola,’ the name of a kingdom in south western Africa.
(Read more on Nubian, Egyptian, West African and ancient American trade and commercial connections in ancient times; see the book, “Susu Economics: The History of Pan-African Trade, Commerce, Money and Wealth,” published by 1stBooks Library, also see


A Roman general invading Nubia from Egypt would probably have used the Egyptian term for Pharaoh, which was “N-g-r” (God). This term then was used to refer to all Blacks and as time went by, the word N-g-r became Niger. In Fact, the Romans also classified their Emperors as “Gods,” to follow the Egyptian style. Moreover, as the History Channel poointed out, “Rome was a collection of villages before the Egyptians built it up.”(paraphrased).
The word “em-peror” sounds very close to the word “en-jer.” That is not a coincidental connection…………

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Original: The Original Meaning of the “N” Word — by Pianke Nubiyang

68 thoughts on “The Original Meaning of the “N” Word — by Pianke Nubiyang”

  1. Originally, the word nigger meant “a filthy dirty person”. But, because blacks were called the word 95% of the time, it eventually came to mean a racial slur toward black people. But, because white people now call them buggers, that word will also one day become the mean the same thing and its original meaning will also be forgotten.

    1. I used to have an old dictionary. The definition of the word nigger said… a trashy person. That is all it said, nothing else.

    2. I’m 35 years old and when I was about 7 I asked my mom what a nigger was she said look it up in the dictionary so I did. It said in short an incompetent person, at that time I couldn’t figure out why blacks said it was a racist word. I knew a few incompetent people already. And I still think that way to this day. It’s not a color or a religion it’s just stupid.

  2. I am overwhelmed I see a mans heart ,not his skin Nor do I judge men God will judge me and man amen.

  3. why are u people so obsess by religion always quoting from the bible,quran,&EGYPTIAN animism,…….isit not the case that the word NIGGER ….is derived from LATIN..? take note NERO,NEGRO. ……italian,spanish……please can somone make sense?

    1. To peter,… we like it or not we do judge people by apperance,the first sense is the image through your eyes,…..his actions……….then sounds you hear which is speech which makes LANGUAGE &then&only then can judge what”s in a person”s mind………we all have preconcived ideas of people due to culture&media……..culture&media is part of the make up of a person”s mind so which ever part of the world you are from you are going to judge………..a german is………a french is… arab is…… american is…….a whiteman is……..a blackman is…….a chinese is…….an indian is……..or whoever is…….this seems to be the norm OK. stop refering to GOD or quoting the BIBLE

      1. WAYNE Was My Comment Not Good Enough, I Do Not Judge You Or Your Comment, I Will Talk Of GOD Your Words Have No Affect, But Please Comment Your Comment Tells Me A lot About You But Judge, Your Not Worth Effort If You Feel You Need To Troll Me Brill.

    2. So basically your saying that the word “niger/nigger” means just what the person appears to look like in colour as is”black” or dark for that matter. I do very much agreed from other extensive research. Peace!!!

  4. “nigger” is Latin for “black”. Al Wilson. This is not true. Negro is Spanish for blackman, and Negra, Spanish for black woman. There is another word in the Spanish language and that is moreno (a) Moreno is Spanish and Portuguese for a tanned or dark haired person.

    1. Kelli ….Negro is spanish for black….it has nothing to do with any man until it’s used in that context. It’s a fuckin color!!!!

  5. It was interesting the dietary laws of the time, because it proves the Rastafarian reasoning for a vegetarian lifestyle.
    1. To abstain from idolatry;
    2. To abstain from adultery;
    3. To abstain from strangled meats;
    4. To abstain from blood (keep the Laws of Niddah); and
    5. To go into the synagogues on the Sabbath and hear the rest of the Torah of Moshe being preached, with the intention of learning to obey it.

  6. I’m saddened. Over twenty years ago I met the renowned African American singer, James Ingram, and he basically said that many black people are reluctant to learn the true truth because they are used to lies that have been told for ages. I wonder how The Almighty can be happy with us when we can’t even tune into his truth. Anything negative about ourselves we are more than ready to embrace, but when we get the chance to be enlightened, we dismiss proud information as Afrocentric fantasy. This is why we suffer now and will continue to suffer. We think we know more than God. Black people, open your eyes and pay attention to the mystic, spiritual clues all around us. They have never disappeared. White people aren’t that smart or powerful to undo The Creator’s works. It is we who cause our own strife by disobeying the true master!

  7. Just finish writing our thoughts on the word Negro for our book “Ankh Chi Tao” a collection of 156 poems

    N-G-R: NEGRO =

    Negro: Part of the root is N-g-r but first let us play, for some people this word Negro is classify as a bad word, a negative word, in fact in some areas of the world and in some era of time uttering this word Negro it would often lead to death due to antisocial patterns of installed programmed in both full-blacks and lesser-blacks. It has reach a stage where in some states nationally and internationally it’s a hate crime to utter the word Negro, some even refuse to say the phonic instead they address it as the “N” word. From these patterns we question the logic of this phonic Negro. In this quest one will find the standard reports. Such as Negro refer to a person of black ancestry or appearance, “negro” means “black” in Spanish and Portuguese, from the Latin niger (“black”) and Greek ?????? Négros (“black”) Sometimes it was colour but until the Civil Rights movement in America it was an accepted classification on all black people. Due to the associated thoughts and memories of “Slavery” Kidnappings the word Negro was closely linked to segregation, discrimination, induced religions, amputations, flogging, branding, hangings, chaining, burnings, dog bites, fire-hose water spraying, police brutality and death.

    After the Civil Rights movement many choose the term Blacks instead of Negro and later on when that also became obsolete socially the term African American was accepted. In the language of today most forms would have question on ethnicity with the returning of Black, Black African, Black American, Black British, Black Caribbean and so forth, until recently, 2010 Census Bureau in The United States of America, before most forms would not have the word Negro on it. The Bureau announced that the word Negro would return alongside “Black” and “African-American,” because some older Black Americans nevertheless self-identify with the term.” And Negro” superseded “colored” as the most polite terminology, at a time when “black” was more offensive.” Many people are in state of shock while some are in a state of jubilation. Well in a scholarly mode we are happy, while some may shy away from the reflective tone on the word Negro, when they start to dig deeper they’ll discover the truth on that word and the reflection it will show is a deify state of blackness in which the being of most esteem grace was called Negro but the phonic was spelled N-G-R which was equated to status and epithet of Goddess or God in modern mentality.

    Through the works of Cheikh Anta Diop “Origin of the Ancient Egyptians” his sharing revealed the word Negro represented the chief beneficent of the gods & goddess of ancient Egypt/Khemet as such their surnames, we learned was expressed like this in “hieroglyphics/ Metu Neter” =kmwr= means “The Great Negro for Osiris”, =km= the black + the name of the god, =kmt= the black + the name of the goddess and kmt= the black woman=Isis. In the shared sentiment on the topic: an article posted by Pianke Nubiyang so titled “the original meaning of the “N” word.” The tonal association on the word Negro is, it’s a most revered and sacred word, a revealing note many were not aware of, is the fact that in our ancient thought patterns concerning language of the Blackland there were no such thing as “a,e.i.o.u” what we call today as vowels, as such phonically the expressed frequency on the sigil Negro was also represented as N-G-R and pronounced en-jer, which is one of the phonic for GOD in ancient Egypt/Gypt. In final conclusion, N-G-R: NEGRO = COSMIC DIVINE BEINGS.

  8. etymology and philology are implicit in this interesting essay, languages evolve and diffuse for various reasons, especially early cross cultural contacts spurring adoptions of foreign words into other languages, vice versa, we can see that from some of the essay and from the comments that are not merely hostile reactions. In America we have the slang term in common usage a “schosh”, meaning a little bit more of something, which was taken from Japanese “s’koshi” meaning the exact same thing, brought back by conquering soldiers to the west coast of America. Unfortunately, with a “new” generation of internet slaves and anonymous blogging, you have “threads” like this contaminated by dis-info specialists and just plain cowards who never in their lives sat in a large group of people to discuss anythting of merit, face to face, because they don’t know how, indeed, does anyone under the age of 55 or so understand how things have changed in this regard? Internet is OK but no substitute for physical life and confronting you brothers and sisters with this kind of information in the flesh. Go to the park, get on a soap box and broadcast this stuff with written handouts (like the good old days), just watch out for the taser equipped thought police, growing ever stronger because so many are lost in cyber space. We are being pushed into a virtual world away from the real thing, computer is a useful tool but don’t forget the fresh air and talking to someone on the street – ON THE CORNER….not with a bandana over your face throwing rocks at cop cars for a cointelpro payday.

  9. The origin of the insult in American history stemmed from the fact in old English “nigger” ment uneducated or idiot and that’s were it started it had nothing to do with skin color as so many think that is why when the Irish first came to America they were called it to

    1. I have an old English dictionary of my Grandmother’s from around 1930. It defines “nigger” the same way – an uneducated or ignorant person. Basically, most of the White racist rednecks running around in sheets and lighting crosses on fire were niggers.

  10. The fact of the matter is this, this earth is designed for people with hi levels of melanin it’s not a black or a white thing it’s all about survival, the more melanin you have the more in tune with the universe you are and you also will reap the intended benefits of the creator. The powers that be know the truth, they know that melanin is the key to divinity which is why anything associated with black is negative this is done to insure that the heavier melinated Peoples of the earth feel inferior and to insure the existance of the less melanated races. In truth we are all one and if we were all heavily melanated what would be the harm, instead of looking at it as the White race dieing look at it as a purification of the human race melanin = the truth. One love one People

  11. Call me a nigger call me a Negro deep down I know why my skin is this colour and no amount of abuse not matter how far it stems back from will change that, it is a blessing to be melanated as such aslong as we teach our children the real meaning and use behind melanin you can call me a piece of shit if you like. One love one people

  12. Nice try to semanticize a word that probably just means black, and turn it into god. Just doesn’t add up that so many people were calling blacks “gods”. I wonder if the AfroAmericans of the 60’s would have grabbed that word today as the token or icon of solidarity? i mean we know know it was just from latin and Italian, covoluted over time and miles by our Americanized english.

    1. Why is it so odd for black people to be called Gods? You fucking ignorant ass piece of shit cracker. Fuck you and your white privilege, white supremacy, tiny ass peanut brain, clapping off beat, rythmically challenged, stealing from other cultures for a living with your mayonnaise ass melanin-less skin.

    2. such a weird comment to the point of racist. the people we are talking about had their own language. I am not going to apply the Greek definition,I know those people were very spiritual. Black means God whether you like it or not

    an u never learned past vulger being inferior mentally as u brand the nubians ,,that is nigger really u alabaster man,,whatever u call theM was the albions first whaT WE CALLED U,JUST LIKE TO GET AWAY WITH TYPING NIGGER ,,NOW HERE THIS THE FIRST NIGGERS NEGROS FROM TROGLOLYDYTE CHIMPANZEE MONKEY WAS ARYANS ,,THE ORIGINAL ONES CALLED NIGGER NEGRO BY THE MOORS FROM BORNEO,,YUCATAN PENINSULA PATAGONIA,,caucas mountains wasnt even ur land ,u migrated there from the west/ south america, muslim,patagonia blondes who created the cross an lost it to patriarchy in europe fighting the male muslims from peru to alaska first for their amazonian freedom,aka amazom woman

    in latin black adjectives are the words niger,NIGRANS[MISUSED TO NIGGER],ATER,PULLJACEUS,FURVUS,PULLeIACEUS,,perniger,atricolor,,,ALL OF THESE WORDS ARE ADJECTIVES ,,SO BLACK DOES NOT MEAN NIGGER AS A NOUN LIKE ASSHOLES WITH MOORISH TITLES CLAIM,,PEOpLE NaMEd AL DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT THE TiTLE MEANS as christian slave name OR THAT LATIN WAS OUR NATIONAL LANGUAGE V BEFORE WE TAUGHT POPE,THE NOUN FOR A SO CALLED BLACK MAN IS CARBO carbon in english the element THE ONLY NOUN THAT MEANS BLACK,SINCE mAn is a noun ,then the others dont mean shit unless misapplyed by random assholes callin themself white an others black.i wish inside there body would turn white so they cant reproduce no moor since they so obssesed with color.when we hgad matriarchy the creator was the nighttiome sky ,so the called the men the gods cause we was dark likdee where the creator came from ,when wse fell to patriarchy an god was now in blue ssky with white clouds then albions started saying they were the penis god or penis god is white cause where god comes from now looked like them as before it was in the night which is what dark skin is carbon so in latin carbo

    1. It’s seems like you have a lot of interesting information to share. Would you mind repeating it in English? Or German. I can translate that into English for you.

  14. please note what dave said he is right also an remember middle english bleac turned to black with that,the brother who wrote the post went back deep into egypt,many wont agree cause its only known to be derogatory but the albion in europe did call us men god at one time which that changed in the patriarchy,,egypt was matriarchal at one time or in the beginning with maat justice

  15. Here’s another thing I hear people say,”It doesn’t matter” If it doesn’t matter why would the Government fill our brains with lies then?Why won’t they tell the truth?

  16. Back during the American civil war Abraham Lincoln witnessed a master slave driver calling his assistant a “nigger” he was white and he got a bad attitude with his boss. So nigger has nothing to do with being black or being from Africa….any man of any race can be called a nigger simply because of their attitude. I wrote this comment on a short version, but when I was 12 yrs old I wrote a full 2 page essay over the term nigger and of slavery. I found this information in a book at a library in Huntsville, Tx in 1987. I wish I would have purchased this book !!!

  17. his is absolutely true.
    In Luo, God is known as Nyasae
    In Kisii he is known as Nyasae
    In Kikuyu, he is known as Ngai
    N word and God are connected. Freedom.

  18. Some people are missing the point. It’s about the distortions of the truth. We often want to ignore the fact that civilization began in Africa, and then to the world. ALL OF US HAVE AFRICAN ROOTS. It is a scientific fact The name “Khemet” (the land of the Blacks) was used by the Romans and Greeks to describe the Inhabitants. Most of your Greek Scholars studied in ancient Khemet (Egypt). The Moors (Black People) brought Europe out of the dark ages, after the fall of the Roman Empire. The Romans were defeated by the Nubians and Ethiopians at the height of their power as we’re the Hunt when they tried to invade. THESE TRUTHS ARE NOW BEING TAUGHT AT COLLEGE’S THROUGHOUT AMERICA. If you research for yourself you will find the truth. The truth will set you free from BIAS, RACISM AND PREJUDICE.

  19. your all a bunch a kings….NEGUS….praise J*HS vision……biblical n holy..upful n right…..tell the other side of the coin…all history taught me in my life…has been false…….praise the wailers…all isms are learnt behavior…..rascism………Erasism……..lazy gravel speech changed…negus to negguz…….word revealed…….give thanks

  20. I understand the word Negro means black, yes it’s a color, I understand the definition given to the word Nigger in dictionaries; It was and is a word that was cool to use around the house or with anyone else who looked like me, mainly meaning, you and I are cool with each other; it was rarely used as a word of hatred; but now that certain people use it for hatred and gave it a negative definition, now blacks want to change up; point is, too often blacks allow themselves to be swayed from the left or right by others, what is your own truths? does it take people who are not even black to convince you of what you should believe? I have my own meanings/labels. I don’t need someone else’s dictionary to tell me the meaning of that word, I am the darn dictionary, I create my own world in my own space, and I say the word Nigga means……Nubian Intelligence, Great gods Approaching.

  21. People of color worldwide just need to focus on erasing the erasure of our collective history. Whites just got here basically in the scale of time and they have stolen and re-labeled everything to create this phony Matrix of white superiority. People of color have been here forever. That is why we are called indigenous. Whites lost their melanocytes that produce pigmentation and this ended in severe calcification of their pineal glands. Without a functioning pineal gland your connection to God is muted and severely reduced, as you can tell from their general behavior of obsession with material things and domination of everything through violence. The problem is getting whites to admit there is a problem because they are so arrogant because the Matrix lies to them and tells them they are the greatest people ever on Earth.

  22. I was taught and raised to believe “nigger” meant an ignorant person. Nothing about color or ethnic background.
    It was interesting to read this article and dispel some of my own ignorance.

    1. You were taught right. It not a race or color thing. ALL OF YOU PEOPLE should sit down in a library like Cambridge and READ and LEARN your history. All of it. Not just the last 300 yrs but the last 3000. Nigger in its original text and terms was to call someome ignorant trash. It was twisted and stomped and rolled as the years passed and people created new words or old words with new meanings. Its sad that society uses history as a crutch to call someone a bigot or a racist over a word that they really havent heard or seen IN ITS ORIGINAL AND FULLY HISTORICAL TERMS.

  23. Having read this. I would believe the misaapropriation came from greeks not romans as Alexander the great was named God King in Egypt in order to complete his conquest and it was done through politics and diplomacy.

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