The Original Black African Arabs of Arabia (Part 3: Black African Kingdoms of Arabia) — Ogu Eji-Ofo Anu

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The Black African kingdoms of Arabia


Ogu Eji Ofo Anu

The Himyarites: Yemen, Hadramaut, Oman

Yemen is one of the oldest inhabited portions of the Arabian Peninsula. It includes the entire southwest quarter, which possesses many advantages in climate and soil. Yemen was a colony of early Black Africans until the Arabized Arabs who are described in the preceding paragraph gradually infiltrated it. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, the Himyarites/Yemenites (and Hadramutians) are the same group of peoples as the African Ethiopians.

They are genetically, linguistically, and physically identical with Ethiopians. This may perhaps explain the reason why the ancient Greeks and Roman writers believed that Arabia was a political extension of Ethiopia Kush. (See Catholic Encyclopedia: Arab)

Even today, the similarity is so striking that one cannot fail to observe the clear connectedness between the Ethiopian tribes who live on both sides of the Red Sea.

Encyclopedia Britannica states that: “Yemenis of “northern” origin are thought to have descended from Mesopotamians who entered the region in the 1st millennium BC (mixed breed Arabized Arabs). The “southern” group represents the South Arabian stock (original African Ethiopian peoples), and the Arabic of the rural areas of former South Yemen is still heavily influenced by the ancient African Semito/Cushitic (i.e.South Arabian) languages.

The two groups maintain disparate genealogies and historical traditions concerning their roles and origins: The northern Yemenis trace their ancestry to Isma’il (Ishmael) through his descendant ‘Adnan, whereas their southern countrymen claim descent from Qahtan (the biblical Joktan).” As has been amply demonstrated, a branch of the Cushitic Ethiopian people whom later historians named the Sabeans settled South Yemen. They are a kindred nation of the Ethiopian Amharas, Tigreyans, and Eriterians (with possible addition from the Oromos) sharing a similar language, culture, architecture, religion, literature and written scripts.

Migrating from Ethiopia Kush, those Africans first settled in extreme southern west of the Peninsula. They then spread northward and eastward over Yemen, Hadramaut and Oman. Those Black Africans were later called the Himyarites after the name of one of their more famous states. The word Himyar is a synonym for dark or dusky, indicating the racial origin of these ruling peoples of early Arabia.

The Black Ethiopians were renowned international maritime traders of the ancient times. In the 1st century BC the coastal Himyarites, with control of the sea routes, established their dominion over Saba, and over the other south Arab kingdoms during the 1st century AD. They effectively monopolized supply of both indigenous resins (frankincense and myrrh – sought after by every temple of the ancient world) and imports of spice, textiles and ivory from India and East Africa.

The Ethio-Yemenite/Himyarites were a highly cultured people, masters of engineering and architecture. They were also a highly literate society that exhibited a great love for literature and written records. The Himyaritic language had a written script which for the most part is lost, but the few discovered fragments of the script suggests that it is African in origin and character. Its grammar is almost identical with the written Semitic languages of Ethiopia.

According to older versions of the Encyclopedia Britannica: “The institutions of Yemen bear a close resemblance to African types. The inhabitants of Yemen, Hadramaut, Oman and the adjoining districts, in the shape of the head, colour, length and slenderness of limbs and scantiness of hair, point to an African origin.” Even in these modern times, these Himyarites (Yemenites) still identify culturally with the Black (so-called sub-saharan) people of African Ethiopia. Arabia Kush and Arabia Musri

Even today, it is accepted that a common tread of language, culture, religion and physical human type occur in the Arabia as well as East Africa. Hack writers and imperialists intelligentsia have tried to explain away these very phenomena because they destroy the foundation of their racialist assumptions. Yet, some obnoxious racist historians and their unsupported lies cannot erase 50,000 years of African ownership of the Arabian Peninsula.

To further buttress the thesis of this article, it appears that they were two principalities in Arabia known as Kush or Ethiopia and Musri or Misraim. The two names are synonyms of very famous nations that existed in Africa from the dawn of time. Mizraim refers to Egypt whilst Kush refers to modern day Sudan and Ethiopia.

Ancient Assyrian, Greek, and Roman writers regularly referred to Arabia as part of Ethiopia populated by the same race of people. Assyrian, Greek and Roman texts also confirm that at least two Kingdoms of Arabia were denoted similarly as two of the most prominent undeniably African countries. Although not much is known about these principalities of Arabia Kush and Musri, there are sufficient snippets of information gathered from different ancient fragments including Assyrian text to give one an idea of these principalities.

In 1320 BC Shalmaneser I, began ruling Assyria. He subjugated many tribes and brought them within the political sway of Assyria. His records have him as having marched against the land of Musri (i.e. Arabia Musri or Mizraim also known as Arabia Egypt), in Northern Arabia. This is a clear reference to a polity in Arabia that shared certain deep connections with Egypt in Africa.

Assurbanipal a king of ancient Assyria also repeatedly spoke of his various successful expeditions into and conquests in the lands of Musri, Magan, Meluhha, and Kush in Arabia. This is another very important reference source on the existence of a Kushitic political establishment in ancient Arabia.

About 1120-1110 B.C. Tiglath-pileser I, became King of Assyria in place of his father Asshur-resh-ishi. Tiglath-pileser also recorded his exploits against the Musri or Mizraim of ancient Arabia. See “A Brief Overview Of Assyrian History From Early Beginnings To Sargon II” by Lishtar: Gateway

However one sees it, the ancient African Arabian connection cannot be escaped. In those days, it was the Black Africans that set the initiate and determined the agenda.

Their colonization of Arabia is obvious from the fact that they knew to name those settlements in Arabia after the names of the African regions from where they originated.


Important Kingdoms of Arabia

The two most important kingdoms of ancient Arabia were that of the Mineans and that of the Sabeans. An African Kushitic branch of people who migrated from Ethiopia established those two principalities and many others which we shall presently consider.



The Minean Kingdom seems to have flourished in southern Arabia as early as 1200 B.C., and from the various Minean inscriptions found in northern Arabia they seem to have extended their power even to the north of the peninsula. Their principal cities were Main, Karnan, and Yatil. The Sabeans, after two centuries of repeated and persistent attacks, succeeded in overthrowing the rival Minean Kingdom and thence became the central power in Arabia.



The memories of the Queen of Saba retain some of the greatest national legends and inspirational themes of the modern Ethiopian state. The Queen of Sheba was actually a real historical queen of Ethiopia known as Makeda. She was the founder of the last Ethiopian dynasty, which began with Menelik the First and ended with Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia in 1974. Her dynasty lasted for more than three thousand years and her name is etched in gemstones in Ethiopia.

Whereas the memory of Empress Makeda is so pervasive and dominant in Ethiopia’s historical and cultural consciousness, there is virtually no living memory of this great Empress in Yemen. People of Yemen have no living traditions on the Queen of Sheba nor of any dynasty based on this great Empress of Africa. Thus Ethiopia appears to be the more plausible center of her historical empire.

According to tradition, and the Kebra Negast, this Empress had inherited a farflung and powerful empire from her father Anagbo and built it to greater extents. Its reaches stretched from Arabia to India. Her capital was located on the Ethiopian mainland, and ruins of her palaces are top line tourist attraction for anyone who has ever visited Ethiopia.

Sheba/Saba appears to have been one of her principalities that was established in Arabia. It also served as a major trade center for the caravan route.

Without doubt, the Sabans were as black-skinned as the Ethiopians whom the Greeks thought were the blackest people in the world. The Shebans were an Ethiopian people, who had long lived in fertile parts of the Arabian Peninsula close to the coast of their African homeland. Sheba was as much a part of Ethiopia as Scotland is a part of Britain.

The Sabean, or Himyaritic, Kingdom (the Homeritae of the classics) is thought to have become increasing independent of Ethiopia and to have flourished either contemporaneously (D. H. Mueller) or after (Glaser, Hommel) the Minean Kingdom.

Its administrative center was Marib (the Mariaba of the Arabian classics) famous for its dam, the breaking of which is often mentioned by later Arabic poets and traditions as the immediate cause of the fall of the Sabean power. Saba, however was still prominent till about 300 A.D., when it was regained by the African Ethiopians.


A third kingdom was that of Kataban, another Black African established principality, which gave rise to the modern Oman. The capital of Kataban was named Timna and was located on the trade route which passed through the other kingdoms of Hadramaut, Saba and Ma’in.

The chief diety of the Katabanians was Amm, probable connected with Ammon or Amun the chief God of Ancient Egypt and the people called themselves the “children of Amm” hence the modern day Arabic name Oman a cognate of the name Ammon.

Oman is one of those Gulf States still predominantly African in phenotype despite years of miscegenation. The Katabans were shrewd international traders of spices and perfumed which were primarily sourced from Ethiopia and Mozambique.

Together with their neigbours in Hadramut and Saba and Ethiopia, Kataban was known as the land of spices. The Sabeans destroyed the Katabanian state, with its capital, Timna, around the second century after Christ.


Hadramut and Habashah

A fouth Kingdom, Hadramaut, is also a very closely connected with Ethiopia and Somalia. Ethiopian/Kushitic Arabs built another kingdom called Habashah. The nexus between Habashah and Ethiopia is demonstrated by the fact that in Ethiopia there is a tribe of people known as Habashah who are kindred to the Habashas of South Arabia.

Tradition holds that the Ethiopian Habashah crossed over to Yemen and established the principality of Yemeni Habashah. These two Habashahs still maintain very close cultural links and there is virtually no difference between the Habashahs of Arabia and the Habashahs of Ethiopia.


The African Axumites and the Black Arabs:

The land of Punt was recognized by the ancient Egyptians as the land of the gods, of spices of incense and sweet perfumes. It was said the gods loved to be in that land due to its aromatic pungency. Punt was in those days the most prolific and ancient source of spices and incense. Punt was not only a sacred land it was also a country of great wealth which came from its ancient maritime trade through which it supplied incense and spices to the world.

The land of Punt was said to be located somewhere in the current modern state of Ethiopia. It was located just across the Red Sea close to the Bab-El-Manden. It was peopled by Black African Kushites. Many principalities rose on the surge of it’s pre-eminence.

One must note that Axum was neither the first nor the greatest Ethiopian civilization. Adulis (a famous sea-port of great antiquity), for instance had an older existence than Axum. Moreover, there are archaeological discoveries illustrating pre- Axumite civilization and culture, located at Coloe (some 20 km from Adi Qeyih), Yeha (near Axum), Tokanda (near Coloe). Axum is an indigenous African civilization which harmoniously blends in the proto-Afro-Semitic cultural complex of Ethiopia with the Afro-Cushitic Ethiopian cultural strain.

The Cushitic/Semitic- Black African Axumites had long dominated the coastal Red Sea trade before the establishment of the first Black Arab principality. They had grown successful off the lucrative ancient trade in spices and perfumes. Frankincense and myrrh, cinnamon, precious stones and metals were indigenous to their country. International trade was second nature to them since Punt was one of the oldest, if not the oldest maritime capital of the world.

The civilizations of Ethiopia was characterized by the practice of agriculture via irrigation and terracing. Ethiopians had knowledge of wheat and barley long before 1000 B.C. Soft wheat cultivation was concentrated around the centers of Axum, Harar and Addis Ababa. “The farmers of Arwe used the plough and the hoe or digging stick to prepare their fields for cultivation.” From here the plough was taken to South Arabia. (Winters, 2006).

Moreover, the expertise developed by the Southern Arabian monumental stone builders could have only been worked out in Ethiopia because in Ethiopia was the nearest and the most abundant stone quarries of the region, whereas Arabia being mostly desert and coast had little source of natural stones. It is logical to assume that stone building traditions must have developed in a region that had abundant stones even though it may later have dispersed to outlaying areas.

The African Ethiopian-Axumites, began ruling parts of Himyar (e.g. the Tehama/Tihama district) way before 1000 B.C. although grudge-filled western historians with an agenda against Black Africans would only concede A.D. 378 as the beginning of the over lordship. Yet there is repletion of evidence suggesting Ethiopia’s historical overweening influence over Arabia.

According to Fattovich: during the late 2nd millennium BCE, a cultural complex arose in the Tihama region of Yemen and northern Ethiopia and Eritrea (specifically Tigray Region, central Eritrea, and coastal areas like Adulis). Based on the profusion of archeological, cultural and textual evidence an African origin has been posited. (Fattovich, Rodolfo 1997)

By 525, when the Black Ethiopian Axumites regained dominance in Arabia, overthrew the upstart Himyarite power, and destroyed its fledging ambition, Ethiopia-Axum was entering into its waning period of political dominance in the region.

In 568 the Black Ethiopian-Axumites were lost their political dominance in Arabia. Political power became more localized and the native Yemenites gradually replaced the Ethiopian aristocracy. Eventually this nascent kingdom was again conquered by the Persians, and it became a vassal kingdom of the Persian Empire until the year 634, when it was absorbed, together with all the other Arabian States, by the Mohammedan conquest.

To be continued.

January 22, 2007

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  1. Forget about mmelanin in ones skin; have you noticed that everything near the poles are whiter? Like white bears, people with blond hair, blue eyes are that way because they do not need melanin because the sun is absent NEAR THE POLES most of the time; people with dark skins live in countries near the equator and the tropics so that they are protected from the sun rays
    Does that make sense and stops all this racist stuff?

  2. Ham, Shem, and Japeth references no race, as they all had the same mother and father. The racist are the ones who desginated race to them. It is claimed that GOD cursed Ham’s descendants to be black. If we really want to know the origins of peoples, the source would be the Vatican archives. Knowlege is never destroyed, it is hidden. This is what “occult” knowledge means. Hidden. Hiding knowlege (power) keeps other powerless. It is obvious that there was much mixing of peoples since ancient times. There as also much moving of entire populations from one region to another after slaughtering the original inhabitants. We have the example of the America, Carribeans, Mexico and other places inhabited by so-callled Indians. Also, there is available, the information that those who rule Europe as royalty today were NOT the original people there. To the poster who claim a defective gene to explain whiteness. This is true for some, but may not be true for all. There was at one time a banishment of albino africans, also known a lepers, who inbred. I can guess about who they are today, but it is only a guess from historical sources. Scratch a royal and you might find a pure african albino.

  3. Its about time for governments in Africa to reform their education curricula to teach our children these true facts of Istory.

    Any Kenyans of a certain age out there will recall some stupidity in their primary school history class eg:

    1) The first man to discover Mt. Kenya was Ludwig Krapf (a harbinger of the comming devilry)! As if the Agikuyu, Ameru, Akamba and all other Black people living around the mountain had not noticed Kirinyaga from whence they believed God sat!

    2) Undue emphasis on Dr. David Livingstone and John Speake scavenging around sweet Africa looking for the source of the Nile! What idiocy! What about the Luos among others who were daily swimming, canoeing, fishing in the lake they (Luos)called Lolwe?

    After being guided by Africans to it, Speke turns around and calls the long known source of the lake after his queen victoria. Rapacious, presumptious, pomposity!

    So one can see that even after “independence” we have continued to have snippets of brainwash education that makes I and I fool even with phd etc!

    The African Rennaisance will leap forward once the ruling classes in the Motherland strategically adopt the so-called “afro-centric” bias in history and other humanities in teaching our children.

    No more apologies. No more treating I & I Story like novelty. Trying to relegate it to the periphery.

    Let the thieves and hypocrites tremble with fear and shame. The truth is out and BUILDING WAVES ALL OVER THE WORLD!

    Jah Rastafari!

  4. Can we get beyond the ‘Crayola Crayon’ mentality?

    All this fixation on skin hue and how light or how black someone looks.

    The Brotha’s work is impeccable!

    I realize the AfroCentrists have been taught to hate all things Arab, Muslim and Islam…but relax people..breathe…its a new day….

    Allah in Nubia Video Download here:

    *thats Runoko Rashidi on the video, who when asked denied that he saw ‘Allah’ and stated the Brotha was ‘biased…because he is Muslim’. Then is shown ‘praising’ the Brotha on the video!

    Runoko’s denial recorded: Go To the 48 min – 52 min mark

  5. I agree with what ‘The Truth’ has said. ( earlier commentator)

    It is good we are coming to understand our past and what happened in the past. I think it is important that the new generations learn the truth and this knowledge and understanding is past on and not lost. It is clear to me that most if not all the prophets of Allah (SWT) were born in a region of the world which was near the equator which would more than likely make them of coloured skin. However and more importantly their teachings were the same i.e. to love your brother ( regardless of creed, colour etc). We may have coloured skin but everyones blood is red. People migrate and their skin tone does change according to the environment they live in. If you lived in a mountainous region your more likely to be fairer. According to Islam their were twelve tribes and these tribes must have migrated at some point in time to settle in different places. ( not sure according to which time this happened ). Anyway i have enjoyed reading everyones comments…lets continue.

  6. Some believe that the Prophet Moses married a black woman called Zipporah. Yet her genealogy goes as follows:
    Father: Reul Ben Esau
    Grandparents: Essu Ben Issac and Bashemath Bas Ishamael
    Paternal GGrandparents: Issac Ben Abraham and Rebekah Bas Bethuel
    Paternal GGGrandparents: Abraham Ben Terah and Sarah\Sari Bas Terah
    Zipporah Bas Reul
    Father: Reul Ben Esau
    Grandparents: Essu Ben Issac and Bashemath Bas Ishamael
    Maternal GGrandparents: Ishamel\Ishmael Ben and Ra’la Mudad
    Maternal GGGrandparents: Abraham Ben Terah and Hagar
    Hagar was supposedly the daughter of an Egyptian Pharaoh and one of his concubines.
    Now everyone in this genealogy goes back to Adam & Eve.
    If you believe the Bible and Adam & Eve being the start of the human race, where did the black people come from. Or maybe Adam and Eve were black and we all descend from them.
    Now this is going on the presumption that we believe the Bible to be factual. I do not. I believe it is basically Jewish history and is full of errors, omissions, fabrications, embellishments, falsehoods, and the like. Why have there been so many translations, it it was inspired by God. Which one was and which one wasn’t. Some do not believe in parts that were left out of the current version.
    I believe that everyone goes to Heaven. I do not believe you have to believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ. His father Joseph Ben Jacob is my 61st Grandfather; his mother, Mary Bas Levi is my 62nd Grandmother. In genealogy terms, I happen to descend from them, but I believe there were people way before Adam and Eve, and they were not walking on all fours.
    You see . . . . Supposedly Adam and Eve were born about 4000 or about 3980 BC and this was the beginning of the human race according to the Bible. Yet, Native Americans lived in Marshfield, Plymouth, MA for thousands of years before the white man came. These First People included members of the Wampanoag Tribe of the Algonquin nation and members of the Massachusetts Tribe. Evidence of Native American habitation extending back to 9,000 to 10,000 B.C. has been found extensively in the area.
    Go to this link. It is under History, Native Americans:,_Massachusetts
    I guess something is obviously wrong here, because according to the Bible, God created man (Adam 4000 years before Christ was born) and yet today (4:05 PM Central Time, United States, Monday, February 16, 2009, the earth and man have been here about 6008 years. And really much longer than that.
    Now take Eve.
    Golly, Gee Whiz, she is the mother of all those people that lived millions of years before she was formed. Now how could that be!
    Fossils of modern humans found in a cave in Israel at Qafzeh were dated 100,000 years ago. However these humans seem to have either gone extinct or retreated back to Africa 80,000 – 70,000 years ago, possibly replaced by south-bound Neanderthals escaping the colder regions of ice age Europe. All other fossils of fully modern humans outside of Africa have been dated to more recent times. The next oldest fossil of modern humans outside of Africa are those of Mungo Man found in Australia and have been dated to about 42,000 years ago. These remains are the oldest anatomically modern human remains found in Australia to date. The body was sprinkled with red ochre, in what is the earliest incidence of such a sophisticated and artistic burial practice. A Mitochondrial DNA study was made of these remains, and they descended from a different direct maternal ancestor than the most recent common ancestor in the female line of all living humans, the so-called “ Mitochondrial Eve”, this mtDNA is not entirely extinct, however, as a segment of it is found inserted in nuclear chromosome 11 of many people today.
    Notice the “ICE AGE” mentioned. There is no age such as this mentioned in the Bible. The most recent Ice Age occurred 20,000 years ago. Yep! That was way, way before Adam and Eve were created. Did you know there have been at least four major ice ages in the Earth’s past. Outside these periods, the Earth seems to have been ice-free even in high latitudes.
    The earliest hypothesized ice age, called the Huronian, was around 2.7 to 2.3 billion years ago during the early Proterozoic Eon.
    The earliest well-documented ice age, and probably the most severe of the last 1 billion years, occurred from 850 to 630 million years ago (the Cryogenian period) and may have produced a Snowball Earth in which permanent ice covered the entire globe and was ended by the effects of the accumulation of greenhouse gases such as CO2 produced by volcanoes. “The presence of ice on the continents and pack ice on the oceans would inhibit both silicate weathering and photosynthesis, which are the two major sinks for CO2 at present.” It has been suggested that the end of this ice age was responsible for the subsequent Ediacaran and Cambrian Explosion, though this theory is recent and controversial.
    Sediment records showing the fluctuating sequences of glacials and interglacials during the last several million years.
    A minor ice age, the Andean-Saharan, occurred from 460 to 430 million years ago, during the Late Ordovician and the Silurian period. There were extensive polar ice caps at intervals from 350 to 260 million years ago, during the Carboniferous and early Permian Periods, associated with the Karoo Ice Age.
    While an ice sheet on Antarctica began to grow some 20 million years ago, the current ice age is said to have started about 2.58 million years ago. During the late Pliocene the spread of ice sheets in the Northern Hemisphere began. Since then, the world has seen cycles of glaciation with ice sheets advancing and retreating on 40,000- and 100,000-year time scales called glacials (glacial advance) and interglacials (glacial retreat). The earth is currently in an interglacial, and the last glacial period ended about 10,000 years ago. All that remains of the continental ice sheets are the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets.
    Ice ages can be further divided by location and time; for example, the names Riss (180,000–130,000 years bp) and Würm (70,000–10,000 years bp) refer specifically to glaciation in the Alpine region. Note that the maximum extent of the ice is not maintained for the full interval. Unfortunately, the scouring action of each glaciation tends to remove most of the evidence of prior ice sheets almost completely, except in regions where the later sheet does not achieve full coverage. It is possible that glacial periods other than those above, especially in the Precambrian, have been overlooked because of scarcity of exposed rocks from high latitudes from older periods.
    Why I do believe this was way, way, way before the 6,000 years ago that the Bible says that the Earth was created by God. According to this view, about 6,000 years ago God spoke everything into being in six literal sun days and then rested on the 7th 24 hour period.

  7. Thank you for telling the truth ,.I agree with you the original aravs were pure black.Even to thid day , the original people of egypt , the very dark skin people are discriminated all the time , by the mixed , light skin ones and by the so called “fake egyptias” who immigrated long time ago in egypt and didn’t intermarried with the origina north africans.Most arabs have sickle cell anemia , , but still in denial of their black blood.Who cares , thank you for educating every one .

  8. A number of photos have been altered others misidentified to align with afro centrist supremacist views. Genetic DNA testing proves almost everything pushed here is shot full of inaccuracies. The Ainu and Arabs have NO BLACK haplo markers.There is admixtures in ALL cultures. In Africa, two forms of Homo sapiens existed at the same time-Idaltu(Negroid features and Cro Magnon(Caucasoid features). North Africa(1/3 of Africa) is ARAB SEMITIC WHITE -Berbers and Moors are essentially Arabs with 8-15% Black heritage(genetic haploid testing),Hamites are considered 50-50% Black/Arab mix,the INDIGENOUS African peoples of Maghreb are Aboriginal Caucasoids(White/appearing White the Negritos(Adamese) have ONLY Asian haplo markers, but what are deemed Negroid features. The Ainu have ONLY Asian genes, but have what are termed Caucasoid features. Black Nubians are often claimed as the Ancient Egyptians. The list goes on. This is only the top-do you want thewhole 100-I suspect this will not be posted or will be removed so I have posted it elsewhere.

  9. ClydeTnass

    You are indeed very depressing with the ignorant nonsense you spew. Depressing with your vacuity.

    Now where do we start? According to you “the Ainu and Arabs have no Black genes”. What is a Black gene? Is there a gene for colour? Does your haplogroup determine your colour? Does race have a genetic basis?

    You continued with your idiocy: “In Africa, two forms of Homo sapiens existed at the same time-Idaltu(Negroid features and Cro Magnon(Caucasoid features). North Africa(1/3 of Africa) is ARAB SEMITIC WHITE -Berbers and Moors are essentially Arabs with 8-15% Black heritage(genetic haploid testing)…”

    Please cite some sources for your dumb racial classification. Cite some validated scientific or anthropological sources.

    Rastalivewire is not a website for some drop-out internet troll wannabe genetic scientist to spew foulness, stupidity, and boring vapidity. We know you are an irrational hater by your petty ramblings. Yet we wonder if your low brow jabbering is the result of IQ, psychological or emotional problems.

    All the “half negros” and “half caucasoids” you see in every nook and cranny are just your imaginations gone off the hook. In any event, these are discredited terms from a modern anthropological and genetics viewpoint.

    So we want citations, sources, and references. We need to see peer reviewed academic journals, archealogical and cultural evidence, linguistic and proper analysis of genetic information. Not the spunk that stinks from your sickened guts. Not your vile and ugly jealousy. Not your impotent anger.

    Give us and the world a properly reasoned refutation, not some unintelligible mutterings of a vile and rotten racist.

    Put up or shut up!

  10. Arabs? Which Arabs are you talking of Clyde. The Arabs are a nationality today and not a race. The Arabians today also comprise a number of different people and both early Arabic and Arabian sources and modern books speak in detail of the many people that came into peninsula just as they came into North Africa.

    As for Semites that is also not a race of people and certainly not a European one. Nevertheless this is what an Rabbi in Israelite Rabbi had to say before the population that is now called Jewish came to be comprised of from 70% converts (90% in the words of one recent History or Discovery Channel documentary on Israel) or peoples that had adopted Judaism.

    “‘Shem was especially blessed black and beautiful
    Ham was blessed black like the raven..”
    from Pirqe de Rabbi Eli`ezer, pereq 24″ 1st to 2nd c. A.D. Israel

    Arab tradition makes numerous references to Biblical confusion including Moses who was supposedly “dark brown” “like the Zutti” (Jats).

  11. Also meant to say the population that was anciently called Jewish and “not now called Jewish” , as people in that day apparently that were known as Jews had come from all over the Roman Empire.

  12. Jahdey, here is the proof you requested(incuded is a DNA link):





    Jews and Arabs are Semitic versus Indo European Aryan Whites.Jews can be Semitic White by ethnicity(Middle Eastern Jews) or by religious conversion, MOST European and Non White Jews(i.e.-the late Sammy Davis, Jr. Black actor/comedian).

    DNA test has also shown that all Semites carry J1 or J2, both of which are from J. J (Y-DNA) mutation is 30,000 years old originated in Yemen (according to some historians).
    The fact that one has dark skin does not make them black. As a matter of fact, having Negroid features does not always make one Black. The Negitos(Adamese) of the Phillipines have Black features, bu genetically, only Asian haploid markers. The ancient Olmecs have features of all ethnicities, but no haploid markers placing them in any of the known ethnicities. At first xeperts had thought this was a mixed group that became isolated and became homogenous with limited mating options, but evidence does not back this theory either. Berbers and Moors are are Arabs with 8-15% Black heritage. Hamites are now believed to be a %0-%0% mix of Arab and Black.Famous mixes-models Iman, Lila Kebede, and the late Anwar Sadat all had Arab Semitic White fathers, and Black mothers. Afro centrists often attempt to claim other culture’s heritage as Black, in particular, Arab and Jew. The ancient Nok civilization was in present day Nigeria, was Black culture, was advanced iin poteery making, herbal medicines, had advanced agricultural techniques, and, most importantly, mastered metal smelting.

    To the links above, add http://-leave no space-my comment was repeatedly marled as spam and I was not allowed to post using links.

  13. Clyde said:

    “The fact that one has dark skin does not make them black. As a matter of fact, having Negroid features does not always make one Black.”

    Jahdey responds:

    So why would a similar logic become inoperative when you falsely seek to expand the so-called “white” peoples? How come then you claim that “Arabs” are some semitic “White” people? By what measure? You just said that Arabs have J1 and J2 Y-DNA Haplogroups…are those haplogroups European in origin? Are those haplogroups somehow “white” in origin?

    You need some basic lessons in logical consistency!


  14. Jahdey-Arab Semitic White have Caucasian features-this according to anthropologists measuring the skeleton , mainly the skull. The J groups are Semitic-Blacks do NOT have them. Semites and Europeans are classified as Caucasian. My logic is not in error.The Negritos(Adamese peoples) of the Phillipenes, have Black features-NO BLACK, ONLY ASIAN, genetic markers-no flawed logic . DID YOU NOT READ THAT.Curious-Arabs do not have Negroid features, so why do YOU feel they are Black(even their skin tone on the average, does not match the average Black-does Jamie Farr, Arab American look like the same ethnicity as Bill Cosby-don’t give me the false resson Jamie Farr is mixed or his skin is dark(actually lighter than Bill Cosby).Present DNA inormation that Arabs are mixed. The late Anwar Sadat, models Iman(Somalian), and Lila Kebede(Ethiopian) have Arab Semitic WHITE fathers and Black mothers.

    1. referring to the word “semite” and it’s meaning?. Semite was never found in the bible.
      The black israelites were the original hebrews and descendants from “shem”, noah’s
      son through abraham and his son isaac and through Isaac’s son jacob. Israel had 12
      sons who were all hebrews (deuteronomy 29:13) . Not abraham, noah, isaac nor jacob gave birth to a son named seme or sem. This means that they semites could not be the descendants of israel. They can not be israelites according to scripture. Semite is of relative recent origin. It comes from the 18th century (along with the word jew). One of
      it’s uses was designate those who spoke a certain language, such as syrian, hebrew, and arabic. Over the years semite has come to mean “jew and jew only”. If this is what they claim themselves to be then they are not descendants of abraham, isaac, and israel, which means they are not israelites. Semite is a word made up by deceived men with little understanding of the bible and should never be used in reference to biblical hebrew israelites. God (Yahweh) never refers to israel as: jews, israeli or semite, nor should we. Future egyptologist/biblical historian…

  15. I would be interested in understanding by what is meant by all “semites”. Does that mean all “semitic” speakers. Semite is only used for speakers of certain dialects today who are of various biological and cultural origins as are Arab-speaking people, speakers of Latin dialects, Berber-speakers, and speakers of so called “Indo-European” .


  17. At its peak, Aksum controlled territories as far as southern Egypt, east to the Gulf of Aden, south to the Omo River, and west to the Nubian Kingdom of Meroe. The South Arabian kingdom of the Himyarites and also a portion of Western Saudi Arabia was also under the power of Aksum. At this point in time the majority of the citizens of Aksum were one of the ancestors of the present day Amhara and Tigray,the Biher-Tigrigna (also Tigrinya speakers) and Tigre of Eritrea. That is correct and they were BLACK PEOPLE and they still are to this day.

  18. Genetic DNA testing proves almost everything pushed here is shot full of inaccuracies. The Ainu and Arabs have NO BLACK haplo markers. Yeah clyde produce you dna evidence! Lets take it there. Haplogroup E. Only three haplogroups (E,J, and R) display frequencies above 5% in the three populations (United arab emirate, qatari and yemen) occupying the southern portion of the arabian peninsula and combined account for 74-98% of the chromosomes within theses collections.(Y-chromosome diversity characterizes the gulf of oman). This report states that a ancient arrival from EAST AFRICA is responsible for the Y-chromosome haplotypes. East africa being the origin of haplogroup E with its clades and subclades are present in the arabian peninsula. We know where these people came from now when in the ancient times did they arrive there? The people that posess these haplotypes are black people.

  19. You people need to stop being so hung up on race, I mean honestly, you all sound ridiculous getting deep into it like this. It only makes things confusing, and this is what’s hindering us–all this “negroid”, “semitic”, “caucasoid”, and chromosome business, I mean, who really gives a shit? Human beings are human beings, period. Studies have shown that there are actually more similarities between people than differences, regarding DNA. The percentage that accounts for the differences is quite minute–like .5%, and there are actually more differences within races than between them. The only reason why these things seem to matter is because we make them matter and we behave like this.

  20. Let’s face the truth, fact and biblical evidence people. Everything that mankind is, was
    and will be in the end was started by the forefather of humanity, my brilliant, beautiful
    and strong khmetic (egyptians called it), africa (greeks called it) ancestors. I always
    knew that asiatic indians, arabs, persians, europeans, armenians and indians,asia latins camefrom black blood. So when the world is fed to believe the erroneous lie
    that khmet is either a farce or european descendent, I laugh my head off!. A True knowledge is very respectful of it’s original god given heirs, the claimants of modern
    day heirs to israel, mesopotamia, babylon, sumeria, egypt is a joke and the truth must be told once and for all!. Man change change the writings, but he can never change the memory or true history and it’s original inhabitants. God has a solid memory of who is who? and those who try to rewrite his creation out of jealousy, greed, envy and lies with godlessness will most definitely are going to have to come clean or else!

  21. Arabs are not Africans. Arabs are Arabians. Arabs didn’t come from outside Arabia. Any one claims that Arabs came from Africa, he must provide historical or archeological proof ,otherwise he is only speculating. About skin …Arabs are not Europeans …their skin color is dark or light dark ….but Arabs are not Africans . Yes many African blood entered Arabia through war , trade or marriage but the Arabs are not from Africa. They are from Arabia.

  22. The writer of this article must make a distinction between his own opinions and facts. Not that I dont agree with the general thrust of his argument. It is more than legitmate to argue that the similarities between Ethiopian peoples and Yemeni peoples was a result not of Yemeni colonisation, but simply the biproduct of these two peoples sharing the same geographical, ecological, cultural and historic spaces— a very long time before the Sabaeans who according to Eurocentric legends landed from Yemen around 500 BC to civilize the black African savages.

    But the writer goes too far. For instance in regard to the Queen of Sheba, he claims that she ruled lands ranging from Arabia to parts of India. Historians are not even sure if the Queen of Sheba (either Yemeni or Axumite) was real or just national myths. But again i donot disagree with the idea of Subsaharan Africans playing a central role in middle eastern culture. The best examples are the Mushabeans (originally from sub-saharan Africa) and even the Natufians who more than 12 000 years ago were in ancient Palestine creating a potent mix with other groups indigenous to Palestine which led to among other things the invention of Agriculture which spread eventually to Europe.

    So as far as i am concerned the idea is not preposterous at all. The writer simply needs to rely more on scientific fact and study as opposed to simply making bold assertions.

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