The Original 13 Signs of the Zodiac – Don Jaide

The original calendar had 13 months, 13 months of the Zodiac. Ethiopia is the only country still using the original calendar of 13 months.

The Roma Catholic Church changed all that to 12 with the introduction of the Gregorian Calendar, the fake calendar that we use today.

The Roman Catholic Church changed the times to mislead all of us with its magical 12th number fake zodiac symbolism.

The original Zodiac has 13 houses yet the Church Catholica Romana teaches us to fear the number 13th as a bad luck number.

The number 13 is a good number. It is your number oh ye children of Israel, original Zionites from I-tyopia.

There were 13 sons of Israel, the 13th one is called (the tribe of) Manasseh/Ephraim.

There were also 13 Disciples of Christ. The 13th was Matthias..see the book of Acts.

Who have eyes should see.

– Don Jaide

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