The New Black Caucasians – Changing Meaning of the Caucasian – By Lion!

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The New “Black Caucasians” – Changing Meaning of the Caucasian –
New Caucasian Delusions

In 1937, Caucasians were defined as “the white division of human beings so called because the people are from the Caucaus mountains. They were taken from the highest type of the human family, the circassians, Jews, Armenians, Hindus and Persians.” See Webster’s 20th century Dictionary unabridged, 1937.

A more recent revision of the New Websters dictionary, 1981 defined the terms as: “Caucasian- pertaining to the white race as characterized by physical features. A native of the Caucausus, a member of the Caucasian race.”

In 1992, the American Heritage Dictionary, 3rd Ed,1992 moved this re-definition process even further for it boldly declared as follows: “Caucasian- of relating to, or being a major human racial division traditionally distinguished by physical characteristics such as very light to BROWN skin (??) pigmentation and straight to wavy orcurly hair, and includes people indigenous to Europe, northern AFRICA(??),Western Asia, and India, relating to the Caucasian region of its peoples.”

The definition of Caucasian that exists in Webster’s New World College Dictionary of 1996 is a 180 degrees turn around from the term’s usage in the early parts of the 20th century. In the Webster’s dictionary one finds the following so called explanation: “Caucasoid- from the erroneous notion that the original home of the hypothetical indo-europeans was the Caucasus of the major…varieties of human beings…characterized by…straight or wavy hair..loosely called the white race although it embraces many people of DARK (??) skin color.”

Motivation For A Historic Lie

We all thought that Caucasian meant the so-called white race, (actually a pink-pale coloured tribe from Central Asia) who today dominate Europe, America and the rest of the world. This tribe was the last civilized tribe of humanity, yet it claims to be the first world nation.

Until recently, it was quite understood that the essential difference between the pink northern European (Caucasians) and the brown African (Coloureds)was the colour of their skin. It appears that the Euro-controllers of the world, dominators of the world consciousness, have now redefined the meaning of Caucasian to include Africans.

Why would they do this: To keep Moors (so-called Africans) confused about their identity; to keep Europeans deluded about their abilities; to steal the legacy and achievement of worthier civilizations; to perpetuate pink-skin supremacy by erasing the collective memory of humanity and giving an impression of a collective mass that does not exist in fact.

They also lie to the rest of us, so that we do not know where we are coming from or where we are all heading to. And where are we heading to? To a world of sanity, equity, and balance. We are fighting for a world where white (pink-skin) supremacy is utterly destroyed. Our strenght is in numbers, and we cannot be conquered, as long as we are aware of their manipulations and underhand tactis.

Keep watch, Moorish children, the night is almost over and the false one is in a great panic!


See : Suzar, “Blacked Out through whitewash” at


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23 thoughts on “The New Black Caucasians – Changing Meaning of the Caucasian – By Lion!”

  1. Now someone is finally being revealed to the truth African Americans were the first race in earth , then cain being from satan brought on the white race which from the beginning of time has always been deceitful and LIARS.

    1. lol u ghetto nazi you. How can African Americans be the first race on earth when AMERICA (as in the USA) was non-existent at the time?

  2. Caucasian has nothing to do with skin. Its more about the cranial measurements and various facial measurements. I do agree that the word has lost its core meaning referring to those that crossed the caucasus mountains. I guess looking at DNA and skeletal measurements caucasians aren’t limited to white people. This doesn’t mean white people can suddenly take credit for what black people have done. Obviously our skin color serves as another reminder of our cultural heritage. It just means theres less of a devision between us than we thought. Do not hate the white man for he too is your brother.

  3. yea that’s true Caucasians are last Civilized people on this eart
    before that there were great civilization before Caucasians became civilize like Egypt,Indians,Chinese.! at that time Caucasians were barbarians though still some of them got that habit.

    1. first of all the fact that caucasians went from the last civilized group to the group that pretty much invented 99% of all useful stuff we use today is an achievemenet by itself fool. the things they didnt invent for themselves they perfected it so we can use it today. u think guitar looked like this back in the old china lol ?? so in the last 500 starting with da vinci, newton and others we made this world a technological wonder. the only thing other races have to do is whine about being retarded enough of not making those innovation themselves and leeching from the ground rules in science set by whites and other caucasian groups.

      1. @ wassupconan

        You agree that the White race is the parvenu race, the last race to have been at the forefront of civilization.

        I disagree with your statement about the world being a technological wonder thanks to the Whites and other Caucasian groups. This is so arrogant.

        The Egyptian civilization has no parallel like many other other brilliant ancient civilizations.

        Stop thinking that the so called Western civilization is the most advanced civilization on earth that ever existed. It is completely false.

        The so called Whites have lived a golden age as of the 16C but are on the decline and on the path of extinction with all these issues of ageing.

      2. We did it together. We work alongside one another. At times the government forcing a white to take credit because during those times this country wouldnt receive inventions from its black counterpart.

  4. The Truth is being revealed of really going in this world.Do not let dem fool you.Rasta know the Truth Yah Rasta HIM .Shalom peace One Love.

  5. To really go in depth on them look up CAGOTS this shows the real them, and how we now are the cagots.For once again we have been trick out of our indigenous status we are the people that were here before anybody arrived on any shores no one can claim that, we were followed from shore to shore by these CAGOTS to be persecuted like we did to them you will overstand once you read i,t the give away was the fountains one labeled colored the other white. We did that to them when they became afflicted with leprosy. Now it’s their turn and it’s up.It shows how they got the name the untouchables’ and they got that gangster Leprosy and it is still making us turn white. Read Elizabeth Gaskells Short Story of An Accursed Race also the UNTOUCHABLES of FRANCE &the CAGOTS of B’earn should shed a little light on these lepers.And it should be no doubt as to our next move.Then go into how they develop into Cretins they are truly cursed. Peace & Revolution to all 3 rd eyers. we are MOORS, THE ORIGINAL INDIAN.Check out Noble Drew Ali @ for the solution to our problem that has to be solved as we go into our future.

    1. White is Godloy , Beautiful and Holy. There i8s realy no need to describe Blacks. Ni’gers. God says, “All darkness is evil and of Satan.

      1. Bubba

        In God’s truth you are not white skin.

        Rather you are pink-red skinned or a red neck pig.

        I am not black skin. I am a beautiful dark brown chocolate-skin Muur.

        A red neck pig, and an Ethiopian Ras are not in the same category.

        Now, go back home to your sewer pit.

      2. Wow Bubba
        It makes INI sad that someone can be so ignorant in this day and age.
        Africa is the birthplace of mankind.
        Whether you like it or not, your ancestors were black.
        Separation is a wicked tactic of Babylon.
        All those who see any skin color as superior are victims of Evil Mind Control.
        The tree with no roots will surely rot and decay.
        Look within and may Jah grant you wisdom of the truth.
        Peace to I Bredren and Sistren of all shades

  6. i don’t want to question any opinions here, I’d just like to add mine-
    its very understandable that centuries of war and persecution, manipulation and terrorisation, by one cultural group to another, will cause anger, vengeful thoughts, etc. it is inherent within all of us to hate, possibly want to fight, our persecutors.
    If you stop to think, however, circles and cycles of war and hatred will certainly continue for decades and generations to come when we speak agrressively about each other, and this can hardly be a good thing. It is in all our best interests to be at peace, and seek harmony with each other. Personally I don’t follow a religion, however I consider myself a spiritual person. I refer as an outside observer, then to phrases such as’love thy brother/neighbour’, and strongly wish to express my belief that you have some interesting points, and that perhaps the way you have expressed them may unfortunately add to unneccessary disharmony. Imagine a prejudiced person with opposing views to yours – they find this page, and I can imagine it could add to their hatred of others. I suggest then, humbly, that you consider this: we are not red/grey squirrels, we are human beings, and there are some good and some bad. the best thing to do is stop squabbling over nuts. indeed, by persecuting another race, certain races have embarrased themselves. but by ‘punishing’ them a person is just continuing their own misery. Be happy. Peace.

  7. They used to think Caucasians were white, until they saw Indians from India, who are Caucasians, but are everything but white.

    That forced them to return to the drawing board, because Caucasian features are present in all skin colors. The U.S. Supreme Court even declared Indians are Caucasians, but are not white, so as to limit Indian immigration to the U.S.

    People like to discriminate. Even among all white people, people in Texas think anyone outside of Texas is a foreigner, and frequently yells Yankee Go Home!

  8. Actually the issue is due to a misconception. Historically, in America, “Caucasians” have been used by ordinary people and (racist) scientists to refer to white people. But for the world on the other side of the Atlantic (save parts of Africa), the term does not mean, and historically has not meant white Europeans. It is used to refer to a group of people with certain physical characteristics like skull shape.

    It is this same technique that has suggested that the Native Americans could be descended from Asians.

    According to this (non-American-styled) classification, there are negroids found in asia and australia and caucasoids found in india and africa. Both types are also found in the Americas.

  9. Utterly shameless.Pitifully amusing. Completely insane!

    Its all good though.

    The Beast of white supremacist ideology is wounded and dying.

    The monster of Inequity capitalism has its weaknesses exposed (GLobal Financial Crisis is yet unravelling presently)

    What it all is is Military-Industrial Savagery.

    Which-truth be told-many of our own Black Afrikan (mis)leaders are party to. Albeit in a junior-slavish-oppressor role.

    The truth is out.

    Their demonic delusions of granduer and our continued awe for aimless consumerism is the misery of the human race.

    But the fact remains, ever true, that the BLACK RACE built Kemet -providing the BASE & ESSENCE of ALL TRUE KNOWLEDGE.

    Its for we Afrikans wherever we are, to UNDERSTAND (not just believe) this HISTORICAL FACT VISCERALLY.Its in our genes. Awaiting a grand tapping……

    Then we will build a TRUE CIVILIZATION again-including the willing and sane from even the caucasians (whites) as not all of them are bad-just like not all Blacks are angels.

    Reality is “grey” ;opposites in tension. Never this or that absolutely. Never Black or white.

    One-dimensional philosophy is an shallow, ignorant and evil promoted by the children of Set (the red one) against the Cosmic Harmony of MAAT. The BLACK GODESS.

    It only promotes intolerance and exploitation of fellow human beings and nature. See the results today……economic growth for death of many & environment. This is not civilization.

    Refer to BLACK KEMET Afrikans. It is OURS!!

  10. the thought that so called whites are the mythical eighth day creation is out there is prominent in the southern church,and is a major source of confusion in equealizing the races

  11. I saw a while back on a PBS show called the Antique Roadshow where they displayed a painting by Franz Roubaud appraised to be about $100,000.00. Now, I do not know the title of the painting. However, I will describe a little of it. The painting has some men on horses chasing another man with either a sheep or goat. It was some type of game. They have to take away the sheep or goat from the man in order to win.

    Anyway, when I looked at that painting, I noticed how the people looked. Very interesting.
    Here are some sites where Franz Roubard is shown and his other paintings:, and

  12. It’s time for us to take a stand, and stop white supremacy, where ever it may be. First they try to take khemet away from us, then when theY saw that we weren’t going to let them, they make up false truths, and instead try to claim all of North Africa. We are going to beat them once and for all, and were not going to let them divide and conquer us, or our home (AFRICA) the truth is, no matter how the whites try to label us, and divide us up, as a people we are BLACK AFRICANS, not black “caucasians” once they realize this, and that we’re not going to let them divide our people, or our home, they’ll learn that they can’t take our history and culture. BLACK PRIDE, LION PRIDE. Once we are in power like the RAH intended, the world will truly be at peace, and balance. The whites have ruined this world with their “technology”, BLACKS will make things right once we are in power, and in control of the world. Because the first men (BLACKS) were always meant to be the true rulers of this world, and the ones in control. One might see this as being black supremacy, but it only makes sense that the original man should be in control.
    Human begins with BLACK, Khemet was BLACK, Africa is BLACK, We Are BLACK!!!!!

  13. This makes me very sad. Why can’t we all just live together in peace? I wish we wouldn’t fight about the colour of our skin. We are all humans, divine beings of love and light. Yes, there are those whom have been corrupted, but they do not matter. What matters is that we live together in peace and harmony.
    Your skin colour, skeletal structure and country you come from doesn’t matter. It’s not worth fighter over, for we all are of Earth, a beautiful planet.
    As a ‘white’ coloured person, I respect other ‘whites’, but I also respect ‘blacks’ and ‘browns’. I wouldn’t care if your skin was purple or blue! And neither should any one else.
    I’m truly sorry that you feel as though you have been wronged by an entire race, but please remember that not everyone is out to hurt you.
    I wish you all the best.

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