The Neanderthals’ Genome: European, Asians and their other Ancestor – Oguejiofo Annu (Genetic Stories)

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The Neanderthal’s Genome: European, Asians and their other Ancestor – Oguejiofo Annu (Genetic Stories)

A few years ago Rasta Livewire had released a most important write-up by one of its researchers entitled “Black Like the ancient Europeans.”

In that article, a statement was made that certain of the Africans who had migrated to Europe mixed with archaic humanoid neanderthals and that the present day Europeans still bear those genes, it might have been offensive to some but it was holy truth.

We recall the theory of Hon. Elijah Mohammed who revealed that the hairy pale Europeans of the northern climes were a group of African albinoes who were grafted unto the genes of the Troglodyte humanoids of southern and central Europe by gene-splicing Professor Yakub near the Island of Patmos, it was concluded that he was a hate mongering racist.

But was he? Or was he one of the wisest and most fearless teachers who ever walked the face of the earth? The truths he revealed, the facts he preached have been accepted today even by the main stream science.

The Neanderthal’s Genome:

It turns out that scientist had been working on cracking the genetic code for the Neanderthal man (people), using their skeletal remains found in European caves.

Ten years later on following the mapping of the human genetic code, European and American scientists have unlocked the secrets of the genetic code of Neanderthals.

It turns out that just as Elijah Mohammed had revealed to us in his mystically tantalizing parable, indeed European whites (so-called) are actually part Neanderthal.

Decoding the Genetic Crypt: the other ancestor

According to the report released by those so-called white scientists, published and re-published in various authoritative scientific and political journals, neanderthals are the ancestors of Europeans.

Those so-called white European researchers, searching for their ancestral links had compared the Neanderthal genome with the genomes of five living people: one San from southern Africa, one Yoruba from West Africa, one Papua New Guinean, one Han Chinese and one French person.

To their amazment, those scientists discovered that 1% to 4% of the latter three sample DNA (being the New Guinean, the Han Chineses and the French genome) is shared with Neanderthals — indubitable scientific proof that Neanderthals were part ancestors of Europeans and Chinese.

The west African samples were found not to have any neanderthal genes confirming that black west Africans are the original pure human beings. The ape gene lies with the other nations, Africans come from the original human stock.

Again to demonstrate the truth of Professor Yakub’s theory of gene manipulation, the scientists admitted that the gene flow of Neanderthal DNA into European and Asian DNA was found in only one direction: from Neanderthals to those humans. The study found no early modern human DNA in the Neanderthal genome.

According to the scientists, the Neanderthal DNA does not appear to offers any evolutionary benefit and is merely a genetic relic.

Erik Trinkaus, an anthropologist at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., states: “The fact that they found it across the board says that the evidence must be very widespread across modern humans… If you can find evidence [of Neanderthals] after 30,000 years of [human] genetic shifting, then it must have been pretty important or prominent then.”

Trinkaus speculates that the genetic flow between Neanderthals and early modern humans might have been as high as 10% to 20%.

Human fossils dug up in France, Romania, the Czech Republic and other places support the mixed ancestry theory based on skeletal studies and craniological measurements.

One human Race Despite Differences:

However, researchers at Rasta Livewire had concluded about four years ago when the article “Black Like the ancient Europeans” was written that though Neanderthals are the other branch of humanity, who fathered many Europeans and Asians; the fact remains that neanderthals are still a branch of humanity, that was either banished away from, or left Africa voluntarily.

They were still human enough, to have been able to interbred and reproduce biological self-perpetuating functional humans beings.

Furthermore, years of further interbreding and genetic mixing have crowded outed and diluted down the neanderthal’s legacies. According to experts the genetic flow between Neanderthals and early modern humans might have been as high as 10% to 20%, but today it is at 3% to 4%.

That is still enough to result in different cognitive, and psychological make-up, even to some extent in physical makeup.

Yet, as was taught by Noble Drew Ali of the Moorish Science Temple of America, the uniqueness that makes us human today, is more than the differences that separate us.

Ogu Eji Ofo Annu

July 11, 2010

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34 thoughts on “The Neanderthals’ Genome: European, Asians and their other Ancestor – Oguejiofo Annu (Genetic Stories)”

  1. Brother Oggu,this is not true.This information is false.
    This is the His-story of the PINKMAN(INDO-EUROPEAN).
    These theories are garbage put out by the oppressors.
    The Black Man is the Supreme Being.
    The Black Man is the Maker and Owner of the Universe.
    The Black Man Created the PINKMAN.We grafted them.
    They were grafted by YACUB,A BLACKMAN 6000 years ago.
    They are known as the TAMA-HU.
    Champollion and his gang has these documents from the ORIGINAL TEMPLE OF ABYDOS.This is reason why the ORIGINAL TEMPLE was demolished and was secretly rebuilt,right now,the TEMPLE OF ABYDOS is not the original.
    They are a bunch of mechnical people.The soulless ones.
    Please checkout these books;
    1.MAKING OF THE WHITE MAN by Paul Lawrence Guthrie
    2.Message to the Blackman by Elijah Mohhamed.
    3.The Soulless One(cloning a counterfeit creation) by Mark L. Prophet.
    We must make sure that the right information gets to our people ,not to be confused with lies from the devil(indo-european)pinkman.

    1. It seems the white,(able to appear pink or blush), people are part black. So does this mean Africans were enslaved by part albino Africans?
      I am white, (Norwegian/Swedish), scientists haven’t been able to figure out our beginnings. It was thought we’re Asian in our beginnings, but even gene slicing shows different.
      You’re very upset about this evidence. You shouldn’t be so ignorant. Learn to have an open mind. If life started in Africa and this evidence isn’t true, then did white people come from another planet or just spring forth from the ground?
      I like to think people evolve over time. White people are just the next step in evolution. No one is inferior, it just means we’re white and you aren’t. We really have no difference after that!
      My daughter is half black, her biological dad an idiot. Yet my daughter is great at many things were my older half sister’s 4 white children are brats who use drugs, sleep around, and quite school by 8th grade. They think their superior to me as my daughter is biracial.
      It doesn’t bother me because in real life people like good people. No one can walk in a building and get something by saying can I have this for free, I’m white. If that were the case I’d live in a mansion on the coast.

  2. Tibikimi

    At Rastalivewire we try to tell publish the truths that are revealed to us each day by different masters and teachers. This is not a supremacists site though some undiscerning ones might so believe. Rasta tell the truth as it is knowing that the light shines for everyone.

    Until the philosophy, which holds one race superior and another inferior, is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned…..warrrrrr!

    Beware my brother, we all want the same thing on this earth, peace and justice.


  3. Peace and Justice for who?
    Meanwhile Africa is been decimated with vaccinations,aids,etc.
    What you did put out,I REPEAT IS WRONG.
    Sometimes people are afraid of been called names.
    I don’t know if you are an ALKEBULAN(AFRICAN) or a false european rastaman.
    A coward must not be on the frontline.If want peace and justice for those who goes about killing,destroying and falsifying our story then i overstand.Don’t be an apologist for the europeans.You think we must forget and forgive for what they have done to us.
    Germany is paying reparations to ISRAEL for what happen during WW 2 till today.
    But your type want peace and justice for everyone right?
    Please stay out of the game,if can’t be bold to tell as it is.
    Who is paying reparations to any AFRICAN COUNTRY?NONE.

    1. Tibikimi

      You sound like a spoilt lil brat that has never step out of Niger-Delta.

      First you come to Rasta site pretending to be a revolutionary but all you do is vent vitupreation and hatred. Take your lil idiot bald head self and go and hide.

      I have been keeping tabs on you and this is time to let it rain… First you dare insult HIM Selassie with your lil weak hearted pseudo-communist/Muslim philosophy. Then you insult a well tested fighter and researcher for African rights by babbling some stupid jibberish about fire and more fire… Then you insult a poster…then you insult the entire human race….then you insult justice… what is wrong with your irritable disaffected arse?

      To demonstrate how stupid and illogical you are, how illiterate and mischevious you are beginning to get, you criticize and insult writers on the board without basis. Just cut and paste one section of the article above that is wrong in your bald-headed mind.

      So it is not obvious to you that to the writer Elijah Mohammed was right in his theroy? You did not read these passages in the article:

      “It turns out that just as Elijah Mohammed had revealed to us in his mystically tantalizing parable, indeed European whites (so-called) are actually part Neanderthal. ”

      “…Again to demonstrate the truth of Professor Yakub’s theory of gene manipulation, the scientists admitted that the gene flow of Neanderthal DNA into European and Asian DNA was found in only one direction: from Neanderthals to those humans. The study found no early modern human DNA in the Neanderthal genome. ”

      So what is your belly acheing for? Are you looking for a forum to tarnish with stupidity and gutter type hate mongering? Do you know what is entailed in the concept of JUstice that you so flippantly dismissed. You are a foolish type governed by simulated wrath.

      Do you think Rastafari is about hate? You are one bloody foolish Nigeria constipated from eating too much “kpokpo-garri”, and I think it is time you go take a laxative and clear your polluted guts.

      Shut up bald-head! If you have a solution provide it, if you have action let’s see you, write your own article, develop your own theories, but for God’s sake, put up or shut that meaningless noise trap of yours.

      When you come before Rasta you better humble up or be gone!


    2. what about afghanistan,and the middle east,asia and the rest of the oppressed and tortured souls in this fuckin shitstem! spreadin your racist ego inflated garbage around dont help no 1 u fool,the oppressors are a select few and by the way your probably mixed we have all been fuckin oneanother for thousands of years,the male ego is a plague on humanity and its idealogies are stopping our awakening as a species in this genepool. speaking as a half nigerian half pakistani pashtun,i say we must unite and fight not devide and preach.educate yourself and humble yourself cos ur arrogant!

  4. You can call me any nameit doesn’t matter to me.
    Revolutionary is not in my vocabulary,i hear from you.
    I am writing to you from Amsterdam.
    I can give title of books you can go to study.
    I am not misleading nobody with wrong information.
    African scholars have opened the books for us to get the facts.
    I am on your blog to put out a balanced information for brothers and sisters to learn.
    Not from our oppressors point of view ,which is always false.
    Blackman must know the truth about himself.
    This type of His-Storical information is a junk news for the Blackman.
    First you read,research before you can argue a case with me.
    I am not at war with you,but information warfare am ready for it.
    I am for the TRUTH of Blackman.
    Please go to read the books i put out and, then you can come back to prove me wrong but right now you can’t.And i bet you, that you dare not challenge me on this because iam
    on a very sound ground with more evidence to prove my case.There are other books from i can quote from like ALESTER CROWLEY,DIONE FORTUNE,RUDOLF STEINER etc.My duty is to spread what i know with other brother and sisters.Please if you feel offended that is not my problem.If your blog is for the truth then you should not use abusive words for me telling the truth.I AM FOR THE TRUTH OF THE BLACKMAN AND DON’T GIVE A DAMN.MAY BE YOU HAVE NOT HEARD ABOUT THIS BEFORE.

  5. Making of the Whiteman!!! pt.1
    Between six and seven thousand years ago, signs of disruption began to appear throughout the ancient civilization of the Near East. For nearly a thousand years the cultures of that region underwent a change; a period of regression. As chaos and dissatisfaction grew, problems intensified and the ancient societies of the Near East slipped deeper into despair. Then about 6,000 years ago, the inevitable happened–civilization fell apart.
    What caused the breakup of civilization six thousand years ago? Some historians had speculated that a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or some similar event took place, but they were unable to find any evidence to support their claims. Besides, all of the clues pointed in the direction of an event quite different from that of an earthquake – a condition that grew over an extended period of time. The picture is on of communities in turmoil, of societies collapsing and falling apart from within; of chaos, dissatisfaction and unrest. The most accurate summation would be to say that the people just began fighting and killing one another – this is the best way to describe what was happening in the Near East 6,000 years ago.
    Soon after the unsettling of civilization, another interesting change began to take place. This change occurred in the area of the Caucasus Mountains. There, in West Asia, a previously unknown group of people suddenly appeared as if from out nowhere. Collectively they are known as the Indo-Europeans, Caucasians or white people. The facts show that they first entered the area around 6,000 years ago. 2,000 years later their invasions would bring them into contact with the civilized nations to the south. Because they had no fixed homes and wandered about from place to place, historians usually describe their way of life as ‘nomadic’.
    Since they were so backward, it is very difficult to use archaeological evidence to help pin down the original home of the Indo-European tongues .With the arrival of the Caucasians into that cold and sparsely populated area of the world, the few older communities, which earlier had been established there in Europe were either abandoned or destroyed. The evidence clearly suggests that the original inhabitants of those settlements either fled or were killed off by the newly arriving whites. After the whites showed up, drastic changes started to occur in the region north of the Caucasus.
    A time period around 3500 B.C. forms a caesura between Old Europe and Indo- European Europe. It is a time when life in the large villages and townships either stops or is markedly changed. The degenerative changes in the settlements of the Old European Civilization may be assumed to indicate the beginning of the Indo-European presence.

    1. Tibikimi

      Please send us authors’ name. If you are the author add your name and we will re-publish your work. I choose no side in the argument. I just re-publish all views.


      Don Jaide

  6. Mr Tibikimi

    Please answer these queries:

    Is Alester Crowley, or Dione Fortune or Rudolf Steiner a black man? Yet those are the teachers that provide you with your truths.

    But HIM Haile Selassie I, Noble Ali Drew, and Elijah Mohammed, are villians and fools who cannot teach you.

    So much for your blackness. You diss the gods of blackness for some stupid so-called white authors who leave you confused, disaffected with weak false philosophies. Do you really know who Aleister Crowley was? You are such a child.

    I have challenged you to present your arguments, lucidly, eloquently, and authoritatively sourced. Research real black authors. Leave crazy so-called white witches and mystics alone.

    Rasta livewire will publish it. But having never published anything of your own, you must be humble towards other accomplished writers and philosophers until you ripen like them.

    Until that time when you start writing your own pieces with proposed realistic solutions, I will repeat again shut up quietly and learn!

  7. Please don’t get me wrong,i did not disrespect Haile Selassie.
    My educators are all BLACK AUTHORS like Dr,John Henry Clarke,Dr.Ben,Dr.Diop,
    Dr.Chancellor Williams,Arthur Schomburg,Frances Wesling, and many more.
    But when it comes to the creation of the pinkman(european/whiteman),then i have to quote from their own books,because they HAVE access to the secret documents that were stolen from KMT(EGYPT).I am telling the truth from their own books while you are argueing with me for nothing.The pinkman(european)is telling you how he was grafted and you are saying no because you have some junk information.I have given some information just go to research first and then come back to me.For the moment you are just ranting for nothing.
    Why should any BLACKMAN take so much pain to argue with me about the DEVIL which is the pinkman.Elijah mohammed is not a fool as you might think.

    1. Tibikimi the FBI informant claims:
      “My educators are all BLACK AUTHORS like Dr,John Henry Clarke,Dr.Ben,Dr.Diop,
      Dr.Chancellor Williams,Arthur Schomburg,Frances Wesling, and many more…”

      Jahdey roars:
      Informer, you have never read any of those great authors. As a response I challenge to post a line, just one line where BLACK AUTHORS like Dr,John Henry Clarke,Dr.Ben,Dr.Diop, Dr.Chancellor Williams, Frances Wesling, have claimed that “pink-white man is a graft”. Just one line!

      Secondly, though Elijah Mohammed wrote the Message to the Blackman it is clear that it went ver your bald-head. Have you taken a look at the picture of Elijah Mohammed’s God, Hon. F.W. Fard? Go and look at Fard, the Allah of the Nation of Islam, he was a white man….(lol). Elijah Mohammed told us to be very careful when analysing the whiteman. As Asiatics according to him, we come in all the colours of man. As such there may be our own blood that looks white, because we are the world.

      But a foolish FBI informer like you takes a simple line and runs out to the street to entrap and report and sell out serious Black sites like Rasta Livewire.

      This website is international. Known all over the world as a leading source of Rastafari information. We do not peddle the junks of Alesiter Crowley and his followers. I and I follow Haile Selassie as our leader not Aleister Crowley.

      So go on, to your white witches, and FBI friends, and your cheap white trash women that you suck their under, but please get lost, get lost among your own kinds.

      Rasta don’t need your jealousies and neurosis.

      Again this has clearly demonstrated

  8. Jahdey,Haile Selassie is and was not a god.He oppressed his people.Ask Ethiopians who lived during his reign.He was a Dictator.ANY INTELLIGENT PERSON WILL NOT WORSHIP ANOTHER MAN.

  9. tibkimi wasini the FBI informer says:

    Please don’t get me wrong,i did not disrespect Haile Selassie.
    My educators are all BLACK AUTHORS like Dr,John Henry Clarke,Dr.Ben,Dr.Diop,
    Dr.Chancellor Williams,Arthur Schomburg,Frances Wesling, and many more.

    TIBIKIMI WASINI the FBI informer says Jahdey:

    Haile Selassie is and was not a god.He oppressed his people.Ask Ethiopians who lived during his reign.He was a Dictator.ANY INTELLIGENT PERSON WILL NOT WORSHIP ANOTHER MAN.

    Jahdey Roars

    I told you little weak heart fake bald head bwoy, that you are a liar and a fool. You also have very little exposure to real life. You need to stop eating too much “kpokpo-garri”, find a life outside Niger Delta and learn.

    Rastaman don’t and never “worshipped” anyone. It is weak minded fools like you that need crutches and someone to worship…like your mohammed or your jesus christus. For your little bald headed mind I must remind that Rasta sees himself as a living God and worships himself. As a result I and I respect all great Blackmen and women. I and I haile up Haile Selassie as the foremost liberator of the Blackman and the Black continent, but Rasta cosmogony and philosophies will always remain conceal to yoour heathen man.

    Elijah Mohammed, Brother Allah, Louis Farrakhan, hails up His Majesty. I am sure that is a new information unto you, but search Rasta Livewire and you will see Farrakhan in his own words give Hailings to HIM Haile Selassie.

    You are quick to call me a false Rastaman but a foolish constipated and corrupt Nigerian like you would not know what a Rastman is even if he were your father. A fool does not know himself even unto the day of his own death.

    You accuse me of spreading false information because I straightened out your demonic irritable arse, all full of its own gas, and constipated with information from white witches and warlocks like Aleister Croweley.

    You talk about Auset, Horus and Thoth and Ogun and again it shows you as a pretender. What do they call Horus in Nigeria delta? What do they call Ogun in kalabari language you fake bald head?

    Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King junior, Nelson Mandela, R.A. Rogers (the chief black historian) Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, all those great African men loved and hailed HIM Selassie I when he was on his throne. Again your problem is miseducaton because if you spend all your time reading white witches like Alesiter Crowley and gang, you would not have time to learn your true history of current affairs.

    Dr. York of the Nuwabians taught us that there are devils in all races. There are white devils and black devils. Black devils are harder to spot but you know them by their words and deeds.

    White devils are easier to spot but Black devils are those like you Tibikimi. Black dogs in the night. You come like a friend but you are full of hate and spite. You are ruled by jealousy and covetiousness. You come to pollute Rasta Livewire with your constipation.

    You acts, your malice, and your jealousies demonstrate that you are a real Black devil like so many other of your compatriots Nigerians. Which is why your Niger Delta is a complete mess, run by corrupt leaders and criminals.

    You say you are in Amsterdam. Supposing I were to believe that, which I still find hard, my question to you then is what are you doing in your so-called Land of the Devils? What? Probably sleeping with white women, eating their under (like regular Nigerian boys) begging them for money (like a weak hearted bald headed fool) then running out to the Internet to spread your guilts and misery.

    We gave you a challenge, write and publish your own work first before running off your demoni mouht about white people being devils or not. Go take a look at your own self. Remove the log in your eye before you seek to help others with the speck in their eyes. Seek cure for your spiritual blindness before seeking to lead.

    Finally, having never published, nor written any article for anyone whatsoever, you lack the credibility and the authority to ccomplain about junk information or not.

    Go build a website and write, and see who will come and read your miserable trash that your junk filled mind turns up.

    STOP READING WITCHCRAFT BOOKS! ASLEISTER CROWLEY WAS A WITCH. And you Tibikimi are a bald-headed FBI informant, seeking to trip the hard works of black scholars with bald-headed and weak-hearted conceptions.

    Run devil, run informer, run FBI agent.

    Fire fi your blooooo’clat!

    1. Karmic debt paid. we must first acknowledge this is our fought. we fell, violated the law given by our mothers and fathers, now look at the hell we’re in. NOW STOP this fighting, we will remain f-up if we continue this hate. we must know the only solution is for us to get back to caring and respecting one another. you really don’t know who you are and what you’re capable of, hell we split the planet because of all this disagreeableness. how about directing these energies towards healing us, the planet, humanity. we the parents are the ones to fix this and mother must be put back in her rightful place, she is the key to all this. and to the brother making the disrespectful comment about Noble Drew Ali. he was not a traitor, those that betrayed him are the traitors, they didn’t carry out his instructions to teach the people about who they are and that this is our land.and their are those traitors still around today trying to keep the truth from the masses. all moors need to know who they are and those that choose to remain slaves well, so be it, but we all need to know that those that are governing are not the heir to this land, hell the whole earth is our home yet we all started in the area of what they call africa today. The pale man will continue his havoc as long as we continue this hate. we must claim our nationality and unite with our family here in the united state of america republic and everywhere, we have been sleep for far too long, we messed up, have paid the price, now lets clean this mess up. and yes, brother malcom was mudered also for the knowledge of knowing this truth, and FYI brother KIng (Martin) and Malcom was meeting in secrets, Dr. King knew also, when Dr. King was in jail mother Coretta had met with brother Malcom. You see they saw the ability of these two to bring the masses together and feared that they would tell the people the truth, so they murdered them. You must know those around you for a friend can very well be an enemy. Also all mason aren’t traitors, there are those that don’t know the truth, and there are those that do. You must know that all male are mason (I am the son of Ma), we all come through mother and she is the star gate, the first, and she must wake up and get back in her Divine State of Mind. The (G) in the compass and square is she, and she. mother is she and he. You my son is she turned inside out. I.S.L.A.M (I Self Law Am Master), I am in all and all is in me I am apart of all and all is apart of me. Peace and Love to all.

  10. Jahdey,you seems very angry and agitated.
    Truth hurts.And i suppose that you are not a BLACKMAN.
    Are you a BLACK MAN or a PINKMAN?
    You know that i am a BLACKMAN.
    Well, it doesn’t matter what name you call me, but for as long as i keep spreading the right knowledge that is what counts.
    FBI agent;very childish not worth a response.
    About Niger Delta,petty and no comment.
    I think you are afraid of the facts that the BLACKMAN grafted the PINKMAN.

    1. FBI agent aka Tibikimi

      Rasta don’t deal with CIA, FBI, or M15.

      Talk about grafting…what does that mean to you? FBI instigator and informer, what does grafting mean? Answer!

      Tibikimi, you a rat from the Niger Delta. Do you recall that Niger Deltans were the biggest exporters of their fellow Africans as slaves in the entire history of the African Slave Trade. Do you recall how many hapless Africans that your gin-addicted ancestors sold to the west for another bottle of rum? Go check your history sources and come back. Too much sell outs from your place.

      That is why I call you a sell out, a slave dealer and FBI agent. Because like your ancestors you want to come sell I and I again down the river…to the CIA although you come playing a “radical”….lol! And making mockery of intelligent Black people with the foolishness you vituperate.

      Go build a web-site where you can trash talk all day long. But not on Rasta Livewire…we burn and shock!

      Be gone! Foul spirit!

  11. Ofcourse Tibikimi is right. You are Albino devil created by Prof. Yakub. That is what Tibikimi was trying to argue and here comes your pale pink arse unschooled arse to confirm Tibikimi’s theories.

    Hello Albino Devil…..

  12. MR TIBIKI SHUT UP YOU ARE STUPID AND VITRIOLIC. There’s really nothing more to it…. i have a question completely unrelated, why aren’t rastas tewahedo christian like selassie told them to be when he sent abuna yessehaq? Coptic christianity has been alive and thriving since the first coming, why make new american version that’s no reflection of his church? it reminds me of mormonism in that light — though much more fun! To be oriental orthodox like selassie I, consider: If it was not for his faith, he would never have been made emperor of Ethiopia, for it was Jah’ people who raised him up. How then can rasta InI coronation of InI if InI am not coptic? The truth is the ancient faith of peace that HIM established and has continued on after those babylonians crucified him. So i know that copts do not worship selassie I, but then why disregard selassie I? to me it seems to escape the liturgy, patriarchy, discipline, and cannons of the church. For me, i cannot submit to what i see as the heirophant. like in the tarot. i think the heirophant is the liar, and i think the hermit is the one who knows god’s will. InI rasta or InI neanderthal pinkman? Well let me tell you, i’m descended of the first slaves, white men who were trapped by turkish jews and sold regularly for sex and labor to arabs and nordics and others. Say that all pink skin is evil, it’s just a color like the color of a rose bud. I agree with the writer of this article. What unites us isn’t our skin race, it’s that we are freed slaves and all of us are men. as freed slaves we must fight the english and the khazar babylon (elena kagan supreme court anyone? >:|) slave traders whoever they are today and wherever they exist. but it is not by skin color, if you think so you are a fooooooool. if you knew history of the oriental orthodox church, selassie’s church, you’d know that many have historically opposed a judaization (see coptic saint john chrysostom’s homilees: against the judaizers) of said church. I tend to agree with them for the very reason that jesus nor selassie I was/is a talmudic pharisee. so please, stoppit with the squabbling now or HIM come slap you. one love <3

  13. btw, mr. “his-story” there’s more than one account of white history too. suggestions otherwise are truly laughable.

  14. Jahdey,you don’t have the interest of BLACK PEOPLE.
    This is another proof of the creation of the PINKMAN (european)

    The Egyptians identify themselves on the monuments as the RUT. A pictorial representation is found on the tomb of SETI 1 of four races of people arranged in groups of four men each. These are the NAHSI (negroes); the HEMU, men of a light brown hue, with blue eyes, and hair in a bag; the TAMAHU, who are fair as Europeans; and the RUT, who are Egyptians.
    These are typical groups, not meant merely for conquered races, as may be gathered from the signification of their names. The TAMAHU are light-complexioned people. In Egyptian, TAMA means people, and created. HU is white, light, ivory. The TAMAHU are the ‘Created white’ people. NA is black, ink. NEH, a blackbird. Su is the person, or birth. The NAHSU one black born, or, in Egyptian phrase, black from the egg (SU).
    These are the facts but you may not like.

    1. Do you got any more solid proof about the white race being created in ancient times? Any strict archalogical evidence to support this claim? If so can you list them to me? I want to look into this some more. I been hearing about this theory for the longest.

  15. This is a trick family. There are no such people called NEANDERTHAL. Lets do a breakdown. The tricky-devil is at it again. The attempt to say that Blacks are not Neanderthal is a pre-stage attempt to remove Blacks from Ancient Europe as I will explain that there is no such thing as ””NEANDERTHAL GENETICS”’.

    Neanderthal “Neander Valley,” gorge near Düsseldorf where human fossils – the oldest fossils of human remains found in Germany of Black Negroid. which was found in place called ”””’Neander Valley”””’ named after a Germany Pastor ”JOACHIM NEANDER” NEANDER-last name of Joachim. The actual place of the discovery is called THA/valley.

    Thal comes from the old GERMANIC word ” THALWEG”.

    THALWEG – German world meaning “path along the bottom of a VALLEY-”
    Neander- from 17 century -last name of JOACHIM NEANDER, a pastor/preacher of 17th century from DUSSELDORF, Germany were the human remains were found Pleistocene period which is an age period dating 2.5 Million years up to 12,000 years ago..
    There were no Caucaisan on the planet during the Pleistocene period 2.5 million years ago – 12,000, remember this is also the date of Ancient KMT (12,000) and they were not on the planet. Caucasian mutation into an albino state is a recent and not an ancient event. Blacks were craving statues and erecting Stone in EUROPA(the name of an Black Queen) from 40,000 years ago and have live in Europe since the their first migrations out of Africa up to this very day.

    Remember, investigate everything…

  16. The Neaderthal is actually a Hybrid human. He is a mixture of the Modern Man–Black African (who is much older than the Neaderthal and the Cro-Magnon) and the Homo-Erectus. The Mongoloid and Caucasoid who are not races at all, but are sub-species. Only the Black race is actually a race. Caucasoids came from Central Asia, they were an admixture of Albino and Black African that caused them to not be Albino anymore. Modern Whites are actually a melaninated people.

  17. Hello,
    I read an article published by a news paper about genetic research done at where they were explaining the European mutation gene. They concluded that all mankind came from Black and Brown people. I think it is possible that the first Neanderthal may have been Black or brown and slowly died off in the Caucasus Mountain region and left the White skinned Neanderthal that was better suited to survive extremely cold winters.

    Also, the geneticist at stated that Black Africans and East Asians share 97% of ancestral DNA. However, Europeans share 0% or no Ancestral DNA with any Asians nor Africans. They didn’t explain what this meant. I wonder if they are stating White Europeans developed separately from the people of Africa, like from Homo-Erect-us, instead of Homo-Sapiens. I wish someone would investigate this further.

  18. It has been theory that all humans evolved from apes. Apes have pinkish skin and anthropologist believe that they shed their fur in Africa and developed dark skin. Well, since we now know White skin is a mutation (Washington Post, Dec 2005), why do we still hold on to this theory. Apparently, we didn’t come from apes. They separated from humans some how. Elijah Muhammad stated, when Yakub (Jacob) grafted the white race, some scientist wanted to return them to the original Black/Brown man, but something went wrong with the experiment and it resulted in Apes. I’m sorry, but this theory sounds retarded. There has to be a better explanation why apes share 97% of human DNA. We also know that melanin cannot be created by being exposed to sun for generations. There is only one way to acquire Melanin and that is through intermarrying highly pigmented people. We know when pigmented people bleach there skin, that once the melanin is gone, it is gone forever. So, I conclude, it may be possible that pink skin Apes evolved from Humans and not the other way around, because they would not have turned Black or Brown skin over a long period of time of sun exposure. Once pink skin is a result of the loss of pigment, not the other way around.

  19. Garbage! I want you to prove your claim. This article is not prove. This article is part of the indoctrination that has been started on the internet. Everything you search for on the internet goes to the poor blacks being victimized by white slavers. You search for whites being attacked by black racists and it comes up the opposite. Search for those things whites have given the world and you receive articles showing how blacks invented it all and racist whites trying to destroy them. Get real. This is just another race card by blacks. And it is obvious how those in power use indoctrination on gullible Americans.

  20. muurish science that this all comes from is being ignored,,noble drew ali taught of yacoub in 1913.notice you get black history after murder on noble drew ali , negro black history is christian science that excludes muurish science an changes sht like horus to jesus,so when you deal with any of the three heads of ceberus judaism islam christianity you dealing with giving the albion a place from heaven which he only ggot through the muurs woman like nicky minaj on grammys ritual.they had to use her n killllwhitney,,anywho elijah changed it to the east to go with the bible but the muurs he learned that from caucasion master fard muhammad was in muurish science temple in chicago with noble drew ali until he was murdered 1929,then they said he met elijah selling silks from door to door,,no one mentions he was in msta first muurs do in america ,,,master fard,,,taught elijah ,,,,, they are now telling black peope in america that akebulan had neanderthal or cro magnon from south africa come up an cross into europe who lived in trees then caves,cm bey books are not read either about patagonian blondes,,we are arguing about lies thy told clock of destiny vol1-2,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,now we slept with the beast after we created it ,you can c that by the sudden appearance of all new blood types 6-7000 years ago,the murs told us what happened but the gave us bible washington irving hizzztory to put the last man raised in the position of the first thats the issue,we were far muur advanced then our creations who now say they from heaven only cause we gave the dark matter black inside for man kind to reproduce an after we bestow them this they call us colors reversed from middle english we taught them to speak. the cave man story with out yacoub give the albion creation by the bible god which is the race card that has been dealt ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, accusing the involuntary player an not the kidnapping dealer in this race where negroes run from police an kkk ,muurs taught that grafting was in yucatan mexico not india first but it fit better after ali was killed to change it ,,,we was victimized in the west by you taking land falsely calling yourself white from bleac an changing carrion an cagot to negro colored an your n word which is the original race card indictrinated by religion an i spelled it right with a penis god they reared to replace the primordial waters from which rose ptah .,,,,,,,,,,,how many albions have been killed by black racists in america or akebulan in europe you say attacked ,,,how many have we lynched to ,you need to prove your claim first .we did sleep with the beast an we kept doing it until the children were born beautiful thats how you got here to call people black ,then 1800s the beast only wanted to sleep with each other an make inbreds to keep the race we created pure they said ,strange cause thy come from monkeys genes an then said we did,troglydyte chimpanzee monkey is the only ape/monkey from akebulan an we used it to graft the aryan race blue eyed blonde hair patagonian blondes like i dream of jeannie,,atlantis an lemuria fell like world trade center but it was there we come from there, lowlife alistar crowely hides his teacher was a muur named pachal beverly randolf who wrote gettysburg adress for lincoln a muur named general hitchcock introduced randolf to lincoln .lincolns friend

  21. noble drew ali was the only one not a mason elijah ,,malcom x were malcom was fooled an wasnt told about the muurs unti he got to mecca ,he then took his el an was killed before he could explain why in harlem malcom was gonna go in but they killed him before he could say what im saying cause people would have listened .put in your search engine the muurs an the 1929bankrupcy an see why 1929 stock market crash happened an in pt 2 how we lost land again when bill clinton moica llewinsky scandel distracting itrct america into voting a de facto democratic form govt to stay in instead of changing to a reppublican form thats in constution we taught them to rrun,,,not party form of govt if democrat is wrong

  22. This is a subject that needs much research as there is not much info
    Out there on it. At the end of the day it is just a theory the same as we
    All come from monkeys /Jesus/or aliens. But in my opinion at least
    There is some type of evidence there to support the theory where as in the case
    Of the others there is not much evidence just faith and belief. I am of mixed race and
    Find this subject fascinating. And I’m always open to different theory’s of where the whiteman
    Originated from as he dose not seem to no him self. Lets just say an open mind will be closer
    To the truth than a closed one. No one knows for sure so the best we can do is to look at everything and dismiss nothing only that witch we can determan witch is untrue by process of logic reasoning and understanding. We are all in this together and it is sad to see what I believe to be grown up people act so close mindid. That is why we are in
    The position we are in 2day. May The Truth Find Us All In This Life.

  23. Studies suggest that the DNA of modern man is only 10% different to that of the great apes and Caucasians have 4% Neanderthal DNA that Africans don’t have.

  24. There have never ever been any accounts of “alien” space-travelling humanoids resembling blacks or asians, yet the presence of off-world white people that visit in advanced ships has been discussed many times and many people have seen them. A more likely theory for how white and black are different physically, would be that Black people are the original Humans and Whites are the mixture of Blacks and the (white, extraterrestrial) Watchers as described in the book of Enoch. The first hybrid offspring used to be giants, especially in North America before the native Americans hunted them and killed most, incorporating the strongest ones they could capture into their bloodlines as well.

  25. Why do you keep calling us “so called” ?? Are white , Neanderthal , African or mix of them all ? .. I can’t keep up with it .. Which are we ? Related or not ?

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