The Black Man Who Founded Chicago

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Point du Sable – By Oguejiofo Annu

There is no known record of Point du Sable’s life prior to the 1770s; his birth year, place of birth, and parents are unknown, though he is suspected to have been of Muurish American, or an original Moor of Europe, a Black American Indian (yes they are thousands of them) or a man of African descent. Anyway, he was a black man in the modern day sense.

Point du Sable married a Potawatomi woman named Catherine some time in the 1770s, they had a son named Jean and a daughter named Susanne….

Point du Sable is the earliest recorded resident of the settlement close to the mouth of the Chicago River that grew to become the city of Chicago.

He was equally an Indian chieftain, serving the Potowamami nation that owned the neighbourhoods adjacent to Chicago, as one of their wise elders.

He is universally acknowledged as the first permanent resident of Chicago and given the appellation “Founder of Chicago”.

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4 thoughts on “The Black Man Who Founded Chicago”

  1. Non white peoples helped build and shape america. Chinese, Afams, Hispanic, and others did the back breaking labor at little to no pay.

    The Hoover Dam employed afams giving the dangerous jobs, and other jobs the whites didn’t want, with lower wages.

  2. i believe that some white people did help shape and build America because what about the people who helped slaves? What about all the people who weren’t racist? What about Abraham Lincoln? Those were the white people who helped shape america

  3. Abraham Lincoln owned slaves. Yes they may have been help to slaves but as a nation if people, the “white” race has been nothing but a plague. They’ve stolen, rapped, murdered and colonized everything and everybody. The funny thing is they dont like to hear about themselves so they bring up the rare one out of a million instances where there was a possibility of a slave being helped. Uve been taught lies and should learn the truth. So called blacks, Hispanics, native americans built this god forsaken county, europe and the middle east but never got credit. There is over 400 years worth if proof

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