The Berbers of Algeria – Video

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Watch especially from the 30th minute…

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5 thoughts on “The Berbers of Algeria – Video”

  1. Hello

    I stumbled across this blog tonight and I’m finding it really interesting.

    I don’t suppose there’s a version of this video with English subtitles is there?

  2. Very interesting indeed. People of the West need to be able to see and experience the people of the Middle-east so we see we are all the same – humans.

    One thing that is troubling, there is still this idea that the Moors were “Arabs” and that they were never Black – that the Berbers enslaved the Blacks. People truly misunderstand when evidence is right in Europe of what the Moors looked like. They were whitish to black and a great many or majority of the paintings and portraits of them are of Black Africans. It’s not “either/or” but inclusive regarding the history and races of the people. We’ve allowed the West to erase the truth that is right before us.

    1. Do your research before you people try to show off with OUR HISTORY (HERE CLEAR EVIDENCE). See wikipedia or whatever book or site (Only real source’s of course) and go to moors or berbers. It is common knowledge we used black people as soldiers and slaves in Spain but we where and still are white (see the evidence below). I mean come on the kings of morocco had until couple hundred years ago in tradition the same slave army see Black guards morocco also called The Black Guard ( Arabic: ???? ?????????, meaning “servants of al-Bukhari.
      The RULING dynasty who conquered Al andalus (Our name for Spanje and after that Portugal) was called Almoravids from my tribe Sanhaja (reseach berbers or almoravids ). See art where you see the white berber knights like Tale of Bayad and Riyad, Or on the castle from where Spanje was ruled Depiction of three Moorish knights found on Alhambra’s Ladies Tower. Or see the Moorish kings like this Castillian ambassadors attempting to convince WHITE Moorish Almohad king Abu Hafs Umar al-Murtada to join their alliance (contemporary depiction from The Cantigas de Santa María). Or berber troops painting Depiction of the Moors in Iberia, taken from The Cantigas de Santa Maria. And many more and research the Dna haplo group research about berbers especially E1b1b1b (E-M81). How much more information do you want that. Taking glory with my people history ridiculous. Never forget we the berber’s had the US pay us 1/6 of their federal budget cause of fear. They formed the US navy because of us. We where Egyptian farao’s and Roman Emperors. We where the biggest threat to Rome hence the name Berber (of barbarian) in the form of Carthage with Fenician’s thus forming Punics people who almost destroy Rome. We where the only people ever to conquer and threat West Europa. And as last who won WO2 by conquering the Gustav line in Italy well research the the Moroccan Goumier in the WO2 and you’ll have some respect that one of the oldest people and the only original white people in Africa. We are the descendants of Atlantis never a Island in see but a Island surrounded by the Atlas mountains (according to century old oral tradition in our tribe the Sanhaja. But losers of wars are whiped of history and we did fight but never with ally so defeated and divided. We fought and conquered the blacks, the ancient Egyptians, the Romans and finally Spain but finally where stabbed in the back by the Arabs like they did with the Turks in favour of the West.

      1. Averros

        Read and learn:

        “For different natures must have existed in all those thing that among the nations were to be differentiated. Thus at any rate is seen, if one observes, how very different in their bodies are the Germans and the Scythians (the white tribes) from the Libyans and the Ethiopians (the black tribes).” – Emperor Julian the Apsotate 331 – 363 AD

      2. There’s no such thing as white folks indigenous to Africa. The fact that some of you have E1b1b Y-DNA Haplogroups only proves that some AFRICAN Berbers had sex with white Vandals, Visigoths, Romans & Byzantines + the white slaves imported from all over Europe. That is all. You are not tropically adapted, therefore you cannot be indigenous to our continent. Stop spreading lies, oshilumbu. Take off your shirt, go out in the sun and see if the sun loves you!

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