Roman Catholic Pink Vodoo – Mazi Omeife Jideofor

This is the flower-crowned skull of St Valentine exhibited in the Basilica Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, Rome.

This is not some “African with-doctor” business. This is necromancy of the virgin type, before the world.

Who have eyes should see. Behold Babylon, Babylon the Great Whore who fornicates with all the Kings of the earth….

Come outta her my youths, leave her desolate for her time has come. For the Angel with the seven seals has declared that Babylon will soon come down!

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2 thoughts on “Roman Catholic Pink Vodoo – Mazi Omeife Jideofor”

  1. Interesting Euro- “white magic”artifact,similar to Saint Thomas I believe who isdisplayed in Goa,India his petrified foot because of some miracles he performed over 200 yrs ago.
    Great post on Euro hypocricsy…thank you Mazi Omeife Jideofor.

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