Pork is very dangerous for you!

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“Snakes can’t poison hogs, they eat them and fatten. The bite of snakes doesn’t harm them, because they eat the biter. The pig is so poisonous and filthy, that nature had to prepare him a sewer line and you may find the opening on his forelegs. It is a little hole out of which oozes pus. This is the filth of his body that cannot be passed fast enough.

His poison is that of a live nature, in the form of a parasitic worm that is called trichina (commonly known as pork worm), which is found in the stomach and intestinal walls — until it finally breeds and works itself into the muscles of the body of the eater. From there, the trichinae work themselves into the spinal cord and travel the spinal cord toward the brain, at which time there is no possible cure.

They then cause the victim to suffer with rheumatism, backaches, stomach aches, headaches, fever — and even change the color of the eyes of some eaters to a dull brown or dull red.

They fill the eater with a drowsiness, laziness, slow thinking, slow moving and the tendency to be easily irritated. The swine eaters are always ready to rise up for a dispute and fight other people and among themselves.”

(from “How to Eat to Live” by the honorable Elijah Muhammad)

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