Our Venerated Ancestors… the Masterminds who changed the world

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6 thoughts on “Our Venerated Ancestors… the Masterminds who changed the world”

    1. Respect for the feedback. I never realised it was an actual photo it looks like the images were put together. My thinking was around historical influential leaders of the pro-Africa movement.

  1. Changed what?

    Halie Selassie, like many others from Ethiopia, was a mongrel, a product of East African (Nilo-Saharan) and South Arabian (Caucasoid) stock. You make him a symbol of Africa, but he was a Christian emperor; He lost Ethiopia twice, first to the Italians and later to the Derg.

    Christian and Muslim culture are both foreign to Africa. Ancient Egypt civilization is indigenous to North Africa, and they spoke a language that was distantly related to that of the Hebrews and Arabs.

    There were native civilizations in Sub-Saharan Africa, nations founded by Black people instead of Caucasoids. The Nubias were East African in origin, although they gradually mixed with the Egyptians, creating mixed people. There were a lot of non-Islamic kingdoms in West Africa (including Ashanti, Dahomey, Oyo, older Ghana and Kanem), and the largest societies in Southern Africa were those built by the Shona people, including the city of Great Zimbabwe.

    They’re a much better representative of indigenous African culture than the Egyptian, Muslim and Christian kingdoms.

  2. Ps. remove obote’s photo in the background and replace with Musaazi’s one. Obote was an opportunist lumpen and evil. The first President of so called “Uganda” was Kabaka (King) Muteesa and not obote.

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